Propaganda does not require evidence to prove itself. It simply utilizes the ignorant masses that believe what they see and tend to repeat the lie as fact to their friends, family, [and] repost to message boards, comment threads, social media sites, which prop up the lie until the truth no longer matters. Susanne Posel

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13 Responses to “Libor Hearings, School Shootings and Disinfo, Oh My!”

  1. nedlud says:

    I (and our family) have been a small (very small) farmer for over 30 years. I have watched, depressed and oppressed and generally silenced by the PTB, as our local community or network of small farms (mostly dairy) has disappeared, replaced by giant ‘farms’ that exist because they obey the technocrats and exclusively follow their orders, believing this to be ‘progress’. Neighbors that invest in giant machines and that stop considering the needs and the travails and difficulties of others in their midst–ruthlessly wiping them out–spread the system of total technocracy, total bureaucracy and total tyranny and are fully culpable despite their ignorance and any and all beliefs to the contrary. This has been going on for a long long time, always under the guise of so-called ‘progress’ (wiping out the Native Americans was ‘progress’) and has only one final outcome: HELL ON EARTH.

    I call myself nedlud, or NED LUD, in honor of someone who recognized this problem of technocracy long ago and like a few others, fought it valiantly. But there have been far too few…

    I appreciate this site and the work of Barbara Peterson, but there are so very few.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone I guess.



  2. paschn says:

    Simply by virtue of the fact that you folks are at this site, I’m going to assume you’ve all become aware of the poison they inject people in this country with. It still amazes me how many people will blindly allow “them” to control what they believe.

    It’s much like the AMA, gonna cure your cancer by giving you chemical cocktails loaded with carcinogens and frying your immune system with yet another one, the people flock to ’em by the millions, hang on for 5 years or so, then die. Strange.
    An objective look at things they do in other countries is food for thought. AmeriKa’s “leaders” apparently feel a bottom line is more important than their constituents’ happiness/health.

  3. Tyranny says:

    I Agree Visionaerie, I just wanted to alert people about the disinfo I came across. “Society today is paying a heavy price in disease and death for the monopoly granted the medical profession in the 1920’s” Harris Coulter

  4. Visionaerie says:

    Regardless of whether Adam Lanza had been taking Fanapt, SSRI and other psychotropic drugs are clearly linked to acts of homicide and suicide — it’s right on the drug packaging materials! But what is being too often ignored is the link between vaccines and autism (like Asperger’s) — AND violence. Dr. Harris Coulter has written extensively on this, and at least one of his books is available on Amazon. With American children receiving so many vaccines, it is little wonder that they are having all these neurological issues — including violence. It would also help immensely if kids were fed a proper organic whole-foods diet, as Barbara Stitt’s Wisconsin cafeteria experiment proved. Let’s feed our kids right instead of letting Big Pharma use them as guinea pigs!

  5. paschn says:

    In my opinion,

    I’m afraid writing letters, voting, peaceful demonstrations, (until cops beat you unconscious), have all become pointless.

    We the people have had our sovereignty usurped and are nothing more than a footnote in our “own” country.

  6. Tina says:

    Also, read Karl Denninger’s blog from the day after the shootings: the ‘definitive text’ on what’s going on.

    Good article.

  7. Tyranny says:

    Correction: The Apparent Release Date was Of Mr Riches was Apr 30th Not Aug 30th.

  8. Tyranny says:

    There is also disinfo in regards to The Schizophrenia drug Fanapt being involved somehow. Here is a note at the bottom of NY Magazine,”Editor’s Note: This post originally cited a report in the Daily News that quoted Adam Lanza’s uncle as saying he was taking an anti-psychotic drug called Fanapt. The Daily News subsequently deleted the quote. It is now unclear whether Lanza was taking Fanapt.” And Business Insider (On Dec 18) went with the headline: The Anti-psychotic Adam Lanza was taking had a troubled history all of it’s own” About three or four days later when they learned that was disinfo they posted this update, “UPDATE: Since the publishing of this article, New York Daily News has removed the reference, the originator of the quote from Lanza’s “uncle,” because they believed him to be an “imposter.”Although they know the story to completely and utterly false, the headline remains. Since the posting of this headline dozens if not more of news sites and blogs have ran with this story.

    Read more:
    The Democratic Underground appears to have discovered the original source of the Disinfo. This is a man named Jonathan Lee Riches who appeared at the crime scene who was a former Federal Medical Prisoner that has been convicted for wire fraud and has been featured on CNN, “How to rob a bank.” And is known for being the most litigious man. He was released on Aug. 30th and is reportedly suspected for mail fraud involving James Holmes. This guy is more than just an internet troll. He took a plea bargain with the Feds to get released early and upon release he becomes obsessed with James Holmes and even has his own you tube channel (Ihomieholmes) Where he films himself driving around Newton with Dolls with cutout pictures of Holmes and Lanza attached to their faces. He is driving around Newton the biggest crime scene in America right now and he is suspected for mail fraud and he is making bogus claims and apparently has gone undetected. Something stinks here!

  9. Tanya: thank you for telling us like it really is in today’s Russia. I was in the USSR in 1977, traveling for a month. I remember going through the border and being scared because they searched every single molecule in our suitcases etc. I remember that there were at least 4 KGB on every street corner in Moscow and that there was no decent food to eat. I also remember walking on the streets and seeing no one, not one person, smiling or laughing. Everyone looked deadly serious and they were all afraid to draw attention to themselves. I remember showing a postcard I had of a Turkish mosque, to a woman I had met, a schoolteacher. She immediately started crying. I asked her why – she said because she knows she will never see anywhere outside of the USSR. In the last 11 years, I have watched as America becomes more and more like 1977 USSR. People ridicule me when I tell them this. The one difference is that when I had to have my appendix removed at Botkin Clinic in Moscow, the medical bill was zero, everything was paid for and I stayed 3 weeks in the hospital. In today’s America, one hospital visit can bankrupt a family. I just got a bill at the emergency room; all I had was one shot and it cost ovr $600 – and that’s the sliding scale charge for people with zero income, like me. I’m sick but can’t get disability and am forced to rely on my boyfriend for support. This is far worse than USSR’s medical system in 1977.

  10. Kevin says:

    Lies, damned lies and statistics. Did you know that algorithms are a form of statistical analysis?
    As for the powers that be building the cage to house you in its already built. Only the door isn’t shut yet. Still a few stragglers to get in.

  11. irene says:

    I visited Moscow shortly after the Berlin wall was dismantled. I crossed into Poland with Berlin wall pebbles in my pocket. Moscow in December is dreary, and the streets were greasy in the rain. There was a crack down on home grown food sold illegally at Arbat street . Icecream sold only in wintertime to save having to freeze it in hot weather. For 70 years the place was sytematically milked of all resorces . Food was practically illegal and there really was nothing to eat! The state of things were so bad that old ladys prayed for anarchy so that they could function without the state terrorizing them. It was to the point that vodka stills were made out of dryers to hide them from neighbor children and nosy building supers. It was far worse than pot growers here as you could be beaten and exposed by the neighbors, let alone the police. A whole 100 unit apartment building would suffer searches and armed gaurds if even evidence of a vodka still was found. I was there to witness the rise of the black market for everything. It took 70 years of theaft , oppression , lying and murder but eventually the Russian people just learned to function on lies, theaft and deception growing a black market that completely locked out banking, industry , and the law of any kind. New different mobsters took over and millions exited the country when they could, bribing whoever they had to.
    The joke goes: What is a woman walking through the airport in nothing but a bed sheet ? Answer: She is a Russian.
    Yes, I can see the writing on the wall but I have to have faith that even though we have been bullying the whole world the whole world will rise up and call foul on this bankster / industrial fake out.
    When it gets so bad that the line for a bag of McDonnalds hamburgers wrapps all the way around Grand Central Park we’ll know we have achieved what Russia had in the 1990s.
    No wonder Christ was so angry at the money changers, calling them vipers and theiving snakes.

  12. Tanya Dmitrieva says:

    You Americans just don’t get it. You are slated for extermination. In Russia we had nothing to go on. There had never been a time when the people had their guns taken and their borders sealed and tens of millions shot. Every day thousands were killed. You people saw what they ddi to us. You have some education. You are voting and writing letters to people who want you killed. It’s like going to the Wizard of Oz.
    You people have three choices. You can fight the government. You can do nothing and maybe if you play ignorant they will not put you in FEMA camps. Or you can leave the country. I would take the the third option and let the revolution go on without you.
    Revolutions are nothing but controlled chaos. We Russians experienced it for 70 years. For 70 years they killed us and today they still have the checkpoints in place and they still use them. At night they stop every car and you better have your papers. Poor Russians can’t buy a ticket and board a plane and fly to the USA like Americans can fly to Russia. We have to get a work or student visa and it takes months. Once the government controls you like that it never returns to normal.
    In Russia not long ago the government blew up several apartments and blamed it on Chechnya. The country was on high alert and someone notice in Ryazan three people stopped in the late afternoon and put several large bundles in the basement of an apartment. They alerted police. The police found explosives and cleared the area. The government claimed it did this to see if the people would be aware enough to notice. They wanted people to believe the government would send three people from Moscow and drive 5 hours to Ryazan to just conduct a test. It was total hogwash. Those people are lucky that someone noticed this activity and the apartment bombings stopped after that.
    If you had a beef with the government what would you accomplish by blowing up apartments pissing off the people and the government. Your beef would be with soldiers and the police. This is the kind of stuff Russia and the USA try to pull off. They drag the smaller counries into the war.

  13. irene says:

    Who is adam lanza’s doctor and what medications were perscribed ?

    The financial intrigue makes me think of building seven durring 9/11 disaster. I remember wondering why it fell, then I learned it was a storage house for Federal reserve banking records and CIA history as well as desk jocky agents who lived the korean and viet nam wars. World trade center was erased , much like one might erase a naughty parrot, a chicken killing dog, or a gossiping friend.

    So the war on whistle blowers leads to a money trail and killings to serve two agendas or three possably. One is to strike fear in the whistle blower bankers community ; Two is a gun ban with reflexive protection protocols like security checks before entering kindergarten, and Thirdly what a great excuse to chip medical records to prevent perscription mistakes, and incedently open those medical records to interested partys like the CDC, WHO, Glaxo smith cline, Phiser, etc.

    Don’t go silently, Join and send letters to Everybody. This problem reaction solution is so obvious we need to squeal like pigs at slaughter.
    of, Inc. & the Downsize DC Foundation