Waiting for the government to save us in the fight against unsafe, unhealthy genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) in our food supply? Don’t hold your breath. It’s time to take this issue personally, and fight the GMO takeover from the ground up… literally. Want to make a difference? Sir Julian Rose shows us the way.

Julian Rose

Farmer declares estate “GMO-free zone”

Henley Standard

Sir Julian Rose, who owns the Hardwick Estate, fears genetically modified organisms could harm humans if they make their way into food.

He has erected a sign outside his estate stating that it is a “GMO-free zone” and wants neighbouring farmers to follow suit.

Sir Julian, 65, said: “I’m urging farmers and landowners who are growing GMO-free foods to make the public aware of this fact by putting up a sign.

“We don’t trust or want GMO food. The public are interested in seeing and finding access to good-quality, flavourful and local foods grown by environmental farming methods.

“They no longer trust the big corporations and supermarkets or the Government with these issues.

“Cross-contamination is not just a threat to the environment, where neighbouring crops could be polluted, but also a direct threat to animal and human health.”

A recent study in France showed genetically modified plants were harmful to rodents. GM maize was fed to rats over two years, their normal lifespan, and the animals suffered kidney failure and tumours.

Sir Julian said: “The results produced conclusive evidence that we’re endangering human health by allowing genetically modified organisms into the food chain.

“When a maize crop is sprayed with herbicide, it destroys the weeds in the field but not the genetically-modified crop.

“In effect, it means that we’re getting both the negative effects of the herbicide and the GMO if we ingest it.”

In France, GMOs are banned but Britain supports further research.

Sir Julian wants the Government to act and said: “It’s so important we take a position on this and declare that the food coming off our farms will not carry the risks to our health shown by this study.” READ MORE…

It’s way past time for all of us to take a stand and declare our bodies, homes, gardens, farms, ranches, and all the earth GMO-FREE ZONES!

Barbara H. Peterson



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11 Responses to “Farmer Takes Public Stand Against GMOs”

  1. irene says:

    Join downsizeDC This is the official email newsletter of DownsizeDC.org, Inc. & the Downsize DC Foundation. subscribed or write Congress using our Educate the Powerful System. Seriously this conact system set up by jim babka is really useful and easy. I highly recomend it for easy contact of your personal represenitives.

  2. Eric Watson says:

    Now this is a real topic not gun control Of course there both the same on many levels as its all about control GMO controlling the seeds from growing from one season to the next making us sick with tumors so we demand gov help and more seeds for money each year ! They want control on water oil medicine for god sake wake up people ! Gov don’t care about you they don’t care of we kill each other ! They want it they engineer it ! So they can control the people and no chance we rise up ! Global enslavement

  3. Avanti says:

    After Richard Salent, former Pres. of CBS News said: “Our job is to give people NOT what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
    To avoid this, I think, we have to say many times for others something referent what Thomas Jefferson said:
    “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

  4. CINDY says:

    There is NOTHING humane about corporations– STOP FEEDING THIS DEADLY MACHINE!
    IN reply to Sammy S -something is better than nothing But I believe
    we need to REACH THE CONSUMER!
    GMO’S are something an average person can EFFECT, unlike many other covert projects going on!!

  5. Carole says:

    We all know something is not right with what is happening with our food system, and we can’t seem to grasp how or why it is happening.
    I urge everyone to read the book ‘Seed of Destruction’ by Engdahl

    You will then understand it all and how it came to be. It makes sense with all that they are doing to us now.
    You will not be able to put it down. Buy several and get people reading them. Well researched and documented. It blows the cover off and you will never be the same.
    There is power in masses, don’t forget that.

  6. Abe says:

    Who ever said you are what you eat was right!
    Them Self Serving Whores in DC are against us!!
    The lame stream media and there presstitutes and there sponsors are against us! Simple!
    Follow the money!
    Every one needs to grow a pair and start screeming at these bastards! Call them out!!
    Take a stand and speak out!
    These ShXX Bastards are not only poisoning our foods!
    There poisoning our water, air, and minds!
    And now WTF is this Big Pharma got up there sleaves? Biosimuliarity? WTFIT?
    This for the “safty of our children” BS has got to be called out!
    I know…. I’m Preaching to the choir.
    Yet listening to the presstitutes the last 24 hour screeming “More drugs less guns”, makes me really wonder how far we’ve regressed!
    These senseless killings never get into the root cause!
    These quack shrinks and there never ending prescriptions!

    Sir Julian My hats off to you for having a pair!!

  7. Karin says:

    Now, on the GMO battle. My hat off to Sir Julien and it is a good thing that he has the SIR title for our sake. He will get far more notice and this is a good thing for our No GMO agenda.

    @Sundown I can’t answer the whole of WHY other than to say that they have this belief that the Earth is Overpopulated. Now, this is and has been disputed by many groups giving very good arguments.

    I’m beginning to think that it all boils down to Greed. The less people on Earth the less they have to share with. According to The UN Agenda21 Plan (which all people should research ) they have come up with a comfortable number to service them, pay carbon, water, air etc. taxes and they have vast expanses of lands for Nature and their pleasant frolicing along with certain (possibly) Continents strickly for growing food and resource mining.

    Not a very pretty picture to our age group but doesn’t seem to bother the younger people nearly as much ! Stak and Pak housing seems so much easier to them and “ecologically sound” Carbon Footprint and all you know :)

    Meanwhile, the do care about what they eat, quite alot of them, so at least we can hope good numbers stick with us on GMOs .

    It’s always an uphill climb I’ve learned :))

  8. Karin says:

    If I may answer the weed pulling post on “prisoners pulling weeds”.
    Along with a MIC Military Industrail Complex we also have in this country a rapidly growing, for profit

    Prison Insustrial Comples (s) system. The United States now holds more people in their prisons per capita than even Russia.

    These are total lock down units. Prisoners do not labor any longer in them and rarely see light of day or breath fresh air.

    Turth be known, the prisoners would probably love to go back to the old systems but there was no PROFIT for the State ( or so it is argued). All the food, laundry etc are contracted out to sub contracters who also make a profit.

    Corporatism is truly Fascism.

  9. Sundown says:

    It is plain to see that they want to cause us great harm..WHY??

  10. Sammy S. says:

    There are ways to keep weeds out the way they did decades ago and that was to pull the weeds by hand. People walked out in their fields and pulled the weeds by hand. I pulled tons of them and that is how you thin out weeds. So why not maybe all the prisoners in jail have them walk fields by the hundreds and pull weeds? Also, you can keep pests off your crops by spraying them with hot pepper dust and other ways. The truth be known all this stuff isn’t needed.

  11. Sammy S. says:

    Barbara, I sent this message to every congressman and senator in my stste. I told of the poisons and the testing and I wanted to know what they were doing about it? I suggest everyone should do the same. I am considering sending the message to every representative. I would like to bombard them with emails.