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Farm Wars

“… the most formidable military machine depends ultimately on the obedience of its soldiers, … the most powerful corporation becomes helpless when its workers stop working, when its customers refuse to buy its products. The strike, the boycott, the refusal to serve, the ability to paralyze the functioning of a complex social structure–these remain potent weapons against the most fearsome state or corporate power.” — Howard Zinn in The Progressive magazine, January 2000, p20

When the government tells you that you cannot grow your own food, and slips pesticide-ridden GMOs into the nation’s food supply unlabeled, it’s time to discard the system.

When government agencies tell you what you can and cannot eat, then enforce that compliance with armed goons, it’s time to discard the system.

When you are forced into bondage in order to merely survive, then get taxed to death so that survival is at a bare minimum, it’s time to discard the system.

When “too big to fail” corporations stomp on “consumers” like they are just so much rabble to use up and throw away, it’s time to discard the system.

When you go to a hospital to get well, and that hospital kills you through incompetence and outright malice, it’s time to discard the system.

When Big Pharma poisons are legal and natural plants are not, it’s time to discard the system.

When poisoning the nation’s water supply with a known hazardous waste is standard operating procedure, it’s time to discard the system.

When poisonous chemicals are dumped from the sky on an unknowing populace in the guise of “protecting” the people, it’s time to discard the system.

When the media routinely lies and hides the truth, it’s time to discard the system.

When people are routinely maimed and killed  by government approved drugs that are made mandatory by that very same government, it’s time to discard the system.

We the people want something real, not televised hype and brand marketers telling us what we should do, think, and feel, while counting the profits raked in through stealth and false advertising.

We the people are sick to death of being told what is good for us and what is not.

When I was born, I did not sign up to be property of the state. I have one mother and don’t need another in the form of Big Brother.

If you the power brokers want a fight, you’ve got it. This will not be a fight calling for bloodshed and ruin, but for life. For independence from tyranny. For self-sufficiency and hope. For a breaking away from the ties that bind us to a corrupt and dying system that was designed from the onset to fail. This will be a revolution welling up from the tortured soul of every man, woman and child who has woken up to the oppression we are living under, which is so tyrannical in its nature that we the people are being suffocated. This revolution will be one of empowerment of the individual over corporate interests and the war machine.

This revolution is personal.

Nobody is waiting in the wings to save us.  The cavalry isn’t coming.  The cavalry is here.  If you’re still looking for your hero, check the mirror. (Nick Brannigan)

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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28 Responses to “This Revolution Is Personal”

  1. JTD says:

    Hi Barabra,

    Virtue and Courage are necessities and not luxuries, but they are two very expensive and indefensible character traits.

  2. Erato says:

    It takes virtue and courage to be free, says a great Greek poet. (and, look: Both virtue and courage are free for everyone!)

  3. Yossarian says:

    Why stay?

    What difference will it make?

    This country is sucking big time.

    Go to Doug Casey’s La Estancia
    de Cafayate (Argentina)


    Jeff Berwick’s Galt’s Gulch (Chile)


    Simon Black’s community retreat (also Chile).

    If things in the USSA bother
    you, why talk about it?

    Yossarian out.

  4. Barbara Talbert says:

    The analysis of our society is spot on and I say amen to that. I agree that we should withdraw from that agenda but many people do not own land. The big landowners that do not revere the present system could rent small portions to those people. We need to grow our own food and get back to what God intended for the earth. That would be progress.

  5. christine says:

    To follow up in agreement on Mark of the Wild West comment:
    Moving on, what we have here is a failure to communicate…(a favorite line from Cool Hand Luke). We, The People, are confronted with a choice. Freedom or slavery. Silence by acquiescence, gets you the latter. Read:, only 80 pages. Find the time. (or just read the Declaration of Independence for Pete’s Sake!) Remind yourselves who your are and what you rights are. (There is some argument as to the definition “We the People” verbiage, but leave that for another day. Until I can verify otherwise, I am, We the People).
    Let me share my personal experience in withdrawing my consent. I currently have two court cases in litigation. One Criminal Traffic and the other a contract with alleged lender. Without getting into all the sorted details, this is not fun. I am not headed to the Supreme Court on the Criminal Traffic. And I will prevail. The contract litigation is pre-trial, with all the bullshit, run of the mill filing. On both cases, I am Christine L. Fitzpatrick, the live, living, breathing natural person..Not the fiction. This goes to JURISDICTION.
    Bottom line is this, the system will do anything to make me go away. The courts, the banks, the attorney’s, Judges, politicians, law enforcement and every other of the gazillion $%&$@ agencies of the government/corporation, of which I have NO CONTRACT with, trying to make me go away. In the previous comment I made, I referred to sacrifice. I know of that sacrifice. My family knows of the sacrifice. And I know this is just the beginning. There will be consequences forthcoming, and I am afraid: but “I have no fear! what is in store for me
    Shall find me self-reliant, undismayed. God grant my only cowardice may be:
    Afraid to be afraid!”
    ~Everard Jack Appleton, quoted in Journal of Education, vol. 81, Boston University, 1915
    So, for those of you with A-holes, everyone has one..thank you for sharing. However, speak of your opinion in the form of action. “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything”. Alexander Hamilton

  6. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    I really do not know what to say … China proves itself to be more ethical and respectful of their children’s heath then America. What good was the fight against Hitler when, considering the actual evidence of forced childhood vaccinations, gmo dangers, perpetual war, the NDAA total nullification of the Bill of Rights, geo engineering experiments on you and the like so much that you have become him (Hitler)?

    Should any sensible German, knowing since 1932 what was coming, remained in Germany?

    See this …. it is important to know.

  7. Mark of the Wild West... says:

    The UN’s Agenda 21 is not even needed, what is needed is the end of all taxation. Do you realize how much time and energy is used up to earn money for taxes? Why you could say the half of all industrial waste and pollution is generated by taxes… Taxes fund all the wars, so it goes beyond industrial waste if you think about it… Can’t make nuke without tax money! Can’t send army into start a war without taxes… Back to Agenda 21, it’s the wet dream the international bankers, hey, they run the UN!!!!

  8. JTD says:

    Barbara, Let me see if I got your response correctly. You are saying I have judged the American people. No! I have judged their conduct. Its God’s job to judge each and everyone’s eternal fate, some sooner and some later, but make no mistake about it judgement is coming.

    I have not condemned the American people they have done a good job of doing that themselves. I asked the question will God save America and I answered a resounding No… Why? Because our people refuse to turn away from their selfish desires and and in my judgement they will not repent.

    I hope I am wrong. I truly hope the American People will turn about. Not all will go the way of destruction, but for Americans to abandon the destructive path they are traveling is highly unlikely. Not one nation, kingdom or empire has repented and dodged the bullet?

    Wait! I know of two nations that repented: Israel repented a number of times through their history and the Lord healed their land and vanquished Israel’s enemies. Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar repented and God spared Babylon and he…. There are probably more nations that repented, but they are the exception. Will America be one of those exceptions? I hope so.

    Barbara, there is great war bearing down on America and life as we knew it has changed. There are many Americans that are and will continue to resist tyranny and many will die. I am one of those Americans that will not die on his knees. I do not fight for any political ideology. I fight for the Truth and Truth is an idea and ideas are bullet proof, but I am sorry to say I am not. ;)

    Good day

  9. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    What saddens me is some peoples reaction will be to accept a subsistence future in the style of Agenda 21 rather then ….. (you can fill in the blanks).

    I am further saddened that like minded and motivated people do not seek each other out and live in a geological location where they collectively can control their own political processes.

    For the UN Agenda 21 to work exactly as is planned, you need only act as you currently are … in small pockets of isolated individuals seeking a subsistence agrarian existence which is spread all over the country.

    Sorry again because, in my view, some people’s reactions to flag and country and personal survival are little more then what is both planned and expected by those trained and skilled in creating the desired conditioned response … ie – what you are trying to do. Think on it.

    An aside, by means of an outside opinion … for those who treasure their nationalism …. it, more then anything else, has been exploited by the corrupt to fleece and control you.

    Governments are NOT benevolent associations and all people should constantly fight to limit government. Given reality, it is my view that that fight has now been lost to the corrupt within the US.

    It was said here that every day you looked for the WMD in Iraq was a day when you spread your nuclear radioactive waste throughout that country. That is true.

    The first nuclear war in human history has been waged and it was done in your name, using your nationalist symbols and your children and an entire foreign country as the guinea pigs and yet, you really don’t even know it.

    Recent history destroyed the symbols of Nationalistic Germany, Stalinist Russia, Saddam’s Iraq and Muammar’s Libya because they were ‘stained’.

    It is my opinion that it is time for decent people in your country to look for new symbols.

    You must understand, if you fail to completely destroy the enemy, I know I shall lose my country too.

    How So Very Sad.

  10. Mark of the Wild West... says:

    From a previous post:

    …Stop buying cheap crap from China and you will bring the NWO down, if a good majority gets on board… And stop using their money system as well… These are things that can’t be attacked or defended against… Non-violence is what you should be thinking…


    The system will let go when it fall apart… The only way it stay together is by it’s monopoly on the food chain… We cut it out of the food chain and it’s dead. People who, barter, use hard currency and refuse to buy the wage slave products are no longer in the system. Mandatory taxes is the way they force you to work to obtain their Fiat money… So, throw a tax revolt in there as well… So, a boycott, a tax revolt and a secondary or black market economy is the only way to bring the tyrants down! This could happen only when the desire for freedom increase among our fellow citizens… Maybe soon or a thousand years from now… You are up against an emerging world wide “system”, it’s not just the USA… So, the NWO’s is more precarious than one might fear… Already, People are turning away in Europe and elsewhere…

  11. Abe says:

    @ Ter Ber
    Damn straight! Great tune and worth a listen!
    ..And I looked and behold a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and HELL FOLLOWED WITH HIM….

  12. Abe says:

    Damn right Barbara! Look in the mirror!
    BTW you forgor using Depeted uranium weapons looking for WMD’s. But you know that the sheeple are being culled daily, so what will the puppet masters do when they run out of sheeple and have to deal with awakend and cognative thinking people?

  13. I apologize, I normally catch race-baiting comments and remove them. There is no room for bigotry on this site. Thanks, Brown for catching that.

  14. Brown says:

    @Steve B.

    “The white race builds up a country and each time one by one they are destroyed. Either by wars or brown people destroying them.”

    You need a history lesson. It was the “brown” people who were displaced, disenfranchised and slaughtered to make room for this new country. It happened everywhere the white race expanded into with all their british financial backing. Look what happened in Canada too. Now, they’re bringing in the demolition experts and you don’t even know who they are!

  15. Passing judgement on humanity is not my job, JTD. In fact, it is no one’s job ;)

  16. suss says:

    the agree statement meant the article not a comment made btw. Lawrence i know what your saying is true- yet if you run in fear and hide- that is called being a coward- biblicaly it is really shunned and god hates a coward- so if you want to live free you have to be willing to die for it! I too am not good at running so i will take my stand and if i loose my life on this plain for doing so- its God’s will. I believe in the life after and tptb will simply go to hell for causing the suffering of billions of people thru out the ages, so that is my solice they will not know peace in eternity, that is the price of doing evil- period! So this time on earth is short- if for some reason i get put away for being a “good” freedom loving person then so be it. Being a coward just isn’t acceptable to me. So I will pray to God that he should help us all and look after those of us who love him and his tenents, and may his will be done on earth as it is in heaven- God help us all.

  17. Jerry says:

    Barbara- I agree whole heartedly. I also am taking my own steps towards independence and self sustainability for myself and whole family. My wife and I have recently purchase a few acres in the middle of nowhere. We are in process of developing it into a self sustainable mini ecosystem: water well, solar, garden, greenhouse, etc. We have been stock piling heirloom seeds. It isn’t a lot but it will provide for us and our family when shtf (and it will). I stopped to write this because it gives me hope to read others who feel similarly. Keep the faith Sister and as we say in the Marine Coprs- Semper Fidelis!

  18. ter ber says:

    You have done it again Ms. Peterson. This is an outstanding wakeup call to all Americans who love freedom and liberty. Hopefully everyone will send it far and wide. I have spent some big bucks to obtain 100 copies of Charlie Daniel’s new video ‘Behold a pale horse”. It’s a great DVD. It’s Americans last chance. It’s fast moving and powerful. Great Christmas present everyone if you have not seen it. It’s broken down into easy swallowing baby food and I think even Joe six pack and Bertha bag of doughnuts will understand it. My people perish for lack of knowledge.-GOD.

  19. JTD says:

    Revolution?! What form of governance will fill the vacuum of a successful revolt? Some other form of “Centralized Power?! I am not up for any form of new government that does not recognize “Liberty” as the number one priority! Socialism works until it spends everyone else’s money. Capitalism works until “monopolies” become the status quo. Dictatorships work until individuals become scrutinized by the dictator.

    No! We had a good government until the people figured out that they could vote themselves a paycheck and the lazy and greedy little varmints figured out that the federal tit was their easy street.

    Jefferson and Madison, arch political enemies, both agreed that no foreign army would prevail against the United States of America, rather the people would destroy their Liberties. The people have done a royal job of destroying the last best hope of the world.

    To take back our Liberties peacefully is impossible. To take back our Liberties violently is hopeless.

    The World is holding its breath in hopes that the American People will rise up against the present tyranny that is running wild in congress and in the 50 states at large. Sadly, Americans have sorely lost their liberties, not by the tyrants in political garb; Americans gave their Liberties away for unearned and borrowed prosperity!!!

    We get the government we deserve. Will God Almighty save this nation? No! Why should God save our land? We have not repented of our greed and perverse desires. The sicking phrase Americans often heard right after 911 was “God Bless America.” What?!!! Why would God do that?

    No what Americans need to do is get down on their knees and repent of their own selfish habits. And the “Citizens of the World” had better do the same and quickly if its not already too late!

    Americans should pray: “May We Americans Bless God!” Make God happy folks and then He might, and I say might, bless America once again.

    Sorry if I offended some of you atheists, but that’s life. The last breath we take and the last image we see will mark the beginning of a new existence. Ask yourself will you be embraced as a Son of God or rejected as a son of perdition?

    America is the “Prodigal Son.” Will Americans return to a wise and loving Father? I don’t know! Things don’t look good for that possibility.

    Ask yourselves this question: Are you ready for the “Mark of the Beast?” I will adventure to say you will accept the number. Good day.

  20. christine says:

    Well stated Barbara. It is very personal. No disrespect to Lawrence, while his commentary is on point, those are the problems. We must focus on the solutions. Freedom take work. And in most cases sacrifice. Just read the “real history” of the world. There are many examples of individuals, in the name of freedom and justice, who have sacrificed, their status, their families, their wealth, their freedom, and ultimately…their lives.
    I will continue to withdraw my consent to be “obedient”. It is very simple, like Barbara stated, I have one mother and father, one judge and I was born with INHERENT RIGHTS. I take personal responsibility and accountability for my actions as it pertains to my life and that of my neighbors.
    I could babble on but I will leave it at that for now.
    Thank you Barbara for the most refreshingly simple perspective I have seen in a while.

  21. OhioRiver says:

    Barbara, excellent article because all revolutions ultimately become ‘personal’ when the government of tyranny gets into our lives.

    “…discard the system…” is in a book out about Americans who do just this and ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution
    ( ).

    It’s a reality book so I recommend it cause Americans no longer want to be forced to eat GMO food or take dangerous drugs.

  22. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Barbara …. The real question is: Will the system let go of you?

    All of human history says they will not.

  23. Mark of the Wild West... says:

    Here’s the deal, Revolution isn’t coming. Not in the traditional sense. You can’t march your fellow rebels to battle… The NWO can just laser you into a smoking pile of carbon residue from space or they can send thousands of drones and dispatch you faster than you can think, and million other possibilities… No, they knew way before 911 that any resistance will be in the form of cells… Hence, the false flag 911 event and it started the war against cells they knew you would have to form… And you thought that Al Qaeda was real… The digital revolution has made it possible for the few to rule the many… So, we’re screwed. Stop buying cheap crap from China and you will bring the NWO down, if a good majority gets on board… And stop using their money system as well… These are things that can’t be attacked or defended against… Non-violence is what you should be thinking…

  24. Mark, Each of us are in the system to one degree or another. The way we choose to start extracting ourselves from that system is each individual’s separate walk. I thought at one time that changing my life would be something immediate and all-encompassing. Well, it is all-encompassing, but certainly not immediate. It is one step at a time, and sometimes those are baby steps, but significant none the less. We chose to start growing our own food, and doing as much as we can to get as self-sufficient as possible. We aren’t there yet. We still pay property taxes because that is the system we live in. Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Things such as debt notes belong to the system. We work for them, and if we place any real value in them, then we are caught up in the deception. So we survive and learn another way. We reject corporate holidays, big box stores, buy local as much as possible, barter with neighbors, and start extracting from the corporate black hole. When the shtf, and it will, we will be prepared to let go of the corrupt system altogether.

  25. Mark says:

    But how do you discard the system in the sense to stop paying property taxes? Taxes will ruin us all.

  26. I’m not very good at running, Lawrence ;)

  27. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Good Luck … They have been getting ready for you since before Waco.

    The killing camps are built, even the graves are dug, the uniformed psychopaths arm being armed with hollow points and a dossier has been built on just about every man woman and child in the good old US of A.

    They have located and identified almost all depots of stored food stuffs and even forced you to tag and tell them how many animals you have – they elected Obummer because the other, Odumber, may well have bocked when the time came.

    Between drones and satellites they will see all movement in the entire country from their already prepared well stocked underground bunkers.

    For the past 11 years they told you that you were either with them or against them and people like Alex Jones have kept track of just about every dissident there is in ‘Merika.

    It is past time to get the hell out as they now have even passed laws that require you get their permission to renounce your citizenship and if they suspect you to be a threat, they can still extradite you from most other places.

    Sorry, We have been warning you.

  28. suss says:

    wow that was great! I agree wholeheartedly!