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From the start, I thought it was a bit useless to petition the FDA to label genetically modified food.  There has been plenty of documented evidence of the FDA’s charge forward on releasing GMOs to the American public despite safety concern amongst FDA scientists when GMOs were first introduced into the food supply.

Regardless, I drank the Kool Aid that the Just Label It campaign was pouring.  Why not?  At least, it would be good for awareness.

When JLI submitted over 1 million signatures to the FDA asking them to label GMOs, and the FDA only counted them as 394 official comments, the people got pissed.  What did you expect from the FDA?  Did anybody really think they would implement immediate GMO labeling?

I first became suspicious of the man behind JLI, Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stoneyfield, when I heard him in a radio interview say, “The national efforts [to label GMOs] ultimately will trump these state ones.”  This was in July, 2012 when the California State Labeling Initiative, Prop 37, was really picking up steam.

Regarding Michael Taylor, the FDA food safety czar, who just happened to be the former VP of Monsanto, Hirshberg said, “It’s not really fair to pick on Michael.  I happen to know Michael and he’s a very good guy.”  It’s not really fair to unknowingly feed billions of people unsafe GMO food either, Gary.

Hirshberg Swapping Yogurt with the Obamas

Less than a month after this interview, Gary Hirshberg held a private fundraiser at his home for the re-election campaign of Barack Obama where Michelle Obama gave a speech.

Of course, Michelle Obama has promoted organic foods and even planted an organic garden on the white house lawn.  Hey, Gary.  When you saw her did you congratulate for that?  By the way, Gary…  Did you ask her why her husband put Michael Taylor as the head of FDA?  Did you ask her why her husband put Tom Vilsack, winner of the Biotech Governor of Year Award, as the USDA commissioner?  Did you ask her why at least nine new genetically modified crops were approved during the last four years?  Did you ask why her husband gave a $500,000 grant to the Canadian company developing genetically engineered fish to keep them from going under?  Well, did you, Gary?

Or, Gary, did you ask him yourself?  You could have asked him last year when he appointed you part of his administration.  This just happened to come about the same time the Just Label It campaign was launched.

So, does anybody think that the head of Just Label It, who is campaigning the FDA to label GMOs, may have a conflict of interest also campaigning for the guy responsible for putting biotech whores at the heads of the FDA and USDA?

Can We AGree It Gets Worse?

While researching this information, I came across a group AGree, which Gary Hirshberg is a co-chair of.  The underlying tone in the videos on the main page gives off the nasty stench of “co-existence”.

One paper authored by this group titled, “The Challenge of Meeting Future Demand for Food” states:

“We also need better information on how various technologies, agricultural system designs, and policy options fare across multiple policy objectives (i.e., increasing production and reducing environmental impact). In particular, we must expand our understanding of when and in which context to promote one or another approach, such as reduced or no tillage, precision agriculture, the use of transgenic crop cultivars, and/or agroecological approaches.”

And, in “Challenges and Strategies” they, “Encourage diversity and coexistence of farming systems.”  When an organic crop is contaminated by a GMO crop it’s not coexistence, it’s food rape.

But, that information is suspect at worse.  Follow the money…

The Foundation Partners of AGree is almost a who’s who list of the worldwide GMO pushers.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Has given out numerous grants to develop new GMO crops, GE mosquitoes, and GE parasites, has relentlessly pushed the GMO takeover of Africa, and has invested $27 million in Monsanto.

Rockefeller Foundation – Major funder (along with the Ford Foundation) of CGIAR, a group whose major purpose is to push and promote GMOs worldwide.  Authored a bizarre “doomsday” scenario paper promoting how GMOs could save the planet.

Ford Foundation – Helped fund (along with the Gates Foundation) the “study” out of Stanford University claiming there is no difference between organic and conventional food.

Packard Foundation – Funded a salmon farm in which the salmon are fed Dupont’s GMO yeast.

Walton Family Foundation – Heirs of the Walmart fortune, which will sell (or is selling) Monsanto’s GMO sweet corn, unlabeled.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation – Funded by the Kellogg company who sells products loaded with GMOs and also donated $612,000 to the No on Prop 37 group.

McKnight Foundation – Dedicated $41.5 million to GMO crop research and said the outcry over GMO food was “a creation of the well-fed privileged classes in Europe and North America.”

Stoneyfield and Gary Hirshberg Are Frauds

Why Stoneyfield, as well?  Stoneyfield’s probiotic smoothie contains 38 grams of sugar.  That’s over half a cup.  The probiotics are good bacteria.  Sugar feeds the bad bacteria.  That’s just something I had to point out.

As for Gary, you could say he’s ignorant or being played like a piece on a chessboard.  I don’t think you can build a company the way he has and be that gullible.  I won’t speculate on what his motivation may be, but it surely is not for the benefit of you and I.

Of course, his supporters will call this “in fighting”.  I, personally, do not represent any group.  And, I’m sure the honchos Hirshberg is “in” with are not the same people Jeffrey Smith, Ronnie Cummins, Mike Adams, Robyn O’Brien, Joseph Mercola and Pamm Larry are “in” with.

Label Your Mind

In conclusion, the whole point of this article is for you to take your power back.  You have the power, day in and day out, to avoid GMO food.  If you want to see a world without GMOs then, at a minimum, live your life without GMOs.  Nobody is waiting in the wings to save us.  The cavalry isn’t coming.  The cavalry is here.  If you’re still looking for your hero, check the mirror.

Nick Brannigan

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17 Responses to “Is ‘Just Label It’ Controlled Opposition?”

  1. More and more people are becoming aware how the ‘right to know’ campaign was a sham. Labeling food GMO or not shouldn’t be the primary message. Eliminating and banning GMOs completely from the biosphere is the goal.


  2. Concerned says:

    Prop. 37 was defeated through vote fraud. That’s what Bev Harris said, specialist in vote fraud.

  3. CINDY says:

    Just remember the function of a corporation is to- “MAKE THE MOST AMOUNT OF PROFIT WITH THE LEAST AMOUNT OF EFFORT AND MONEY!
    Now does that sound like they have your BEST INTEREST IN MIND??
    POVERTY is being used as a WEAPON — So your, so poor you will have NO CHOICES.
    We need to support the small organic farmer’s before THEY NO LONGER EXIST!!

  4. Jeannon Kralj says:

    Thank you Shannon.

    I will check around more too. We have to support getting good wheat back into our food supply.

    I think we humans can handle some gluten, but the over hybridization has caused way too much gluten and way too much of other substances in the the wheat plant of today.

    I heard that Bob’s Red Mill oats contains no gluten, but most other brands do contain gluten. I need to verify that more, but oatmeal is another important grain we need to keep in our food supply.

  5. Shannon says:

    Jeannon, I’m happy to say that I just found a small company in Italy that is growing an ancient grain called Einkorn and you can go on their site and check their store locator to find their products locally. I just found it at half a dozen stores near me. I’m excited to try it to bake bread. I wonder if anyone is growing it yet here in the U.S.? Will be looking into this…

    Here is their site:

  6. Thanks for the spell-check, Pete ;)

  7. Shannon says:

    New information – probably just new to me – is coming out about even organic wheat being very unhealthy for us. It has come to my attention that in the early 1950’s the Rockefeller Foundation hired plant genetecist Norman Borlaug PhD for a plant engineering project in Mexico. Borlaug, through plant hybridizing and 8,156 cross pollinations in 5 years (which resulted in a 1% genetic change, which is apparently quite significant) developed the high-yield semi-dwarf variety that is what is predominantly grown in the U.S. today. This 1% change created an entirely new species. It can be certified as organic. It doesn’t fall under the USDA’s rules of GMO’s and/or organics.

    It would be great if this information became more mainstream. I think a lot of this info is stemming from the book “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD. I am not advocating this diet, I eat grains myself in small quantities, but I do think that the Rockefeller’s involvement in modifying the wheat grown today – and eaten by almost everyone in the entire country whether organic or not – would be something to pay attention to. Our food has been majorly messed with for a long, long time….sigh….

  8. tak says:

    maybe even have instructions on how to put something on your signature for everyone to move this forward more on your site and refer to this site for others…

  9. tak says:

    You can search and find there are many pages of links to this too.

    I recomend to spreed the news faster put something like this on the signature of all emails sent:

    Kaiser hospital scientifically proves gmo foods cause many cancers, tumors, etc. news all over the internet see this links:

  10. Abe says:

    Thanks for this article Barb!! I thought it Odd that Sen. Amy Klobuchar sent me a letter after I’ve sent her several thousand emails. This is only the 2nd time shes responded in 4 years. I’ll send you a copy of my responce to her email in your email. I think your right about smelling a skunk!! Those that are awake know about the controlled opposition!!

  11. Pete H. says:

    You made some good observations in your article but I want to make you aware of something. You wrote “The calvary isn’t coming. The calvary is here.”

    I’m pretty sure you meant cavalry but you wrote calvary.

    Calvary or Golgotha /ˈɡɒlɡəθə/ is the site – according to Christian belief – outside Jerusalem’s early-first-century walls where the crucifixion of Jesus occurred.
    Cavalry is an army component mounted on horseback.

  12. Barbara Talbert says:

    This is such a convoluted agenda it is hard to know who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys” trying to look like good guys because they want to control the food supply and tap into one of the few sources of wealth that is left.

    A good start would be to get the “bad guys” out of our grains which are contaminating everything and also out of our milk because these animals are fed alot of grains.
    I think we should not give up on getting the GMO’s labelled but in the meanwhile; garden, can your own produce and buy organic flour or grind your own. Drying organic food is also an option.

  13. SAM says:


  14. chip says:

    No money and apathy does little to forestall malice and greed. Grow your own or accept the consequences. Do not breed them more slaves. Prepare to die in this WAR against everything good and true.

  15. Scott Smith says:

    Obama, then candidate, said one of the 1st things he’d do if elected president would be to “label GMOs.” Now president Obama has absolutely reversed course, in a most-insulting way, and poured on the GMOs and pesticides like he works for Monsanto.

    The monied special interests, like Gary Hirshberg, will throw around their cash and rub elbows with the Illuminati. It’s part of what feeds those bottomless egos and keeps them popular among their sycophant crowd. Enlightenment of the masses, those who’ve been unknowingly used as human feeding experiments, will ultimately happen on our terms and in due time. Hoping and wishing that that FDA will suddenly do the right thing is against the very nature of why these agencies were created in the first place. They are the apparatchik of industry designed to ameliorate the populace while we’re being enslaved and poisoned …so we can patronize those very same corporations who claim they have the answers to everything…like feeding the world’s hungry with their pesticide-containing GMOs…. Go figure.

  16. Jeannon Kralj says:

    Excellent article and insights and ditto for comment by Sammy S.

    I would very much like to shop at grocery stores that do not stock any GMO foods at all. Even the priciest “health food” stores in my town are loaded with GMO and non-organic foods.

    I also would like there to exist good restaurants with healthy food but that also does not exist.

    I know the problem with wheat is that it has been, I guess one would say, over-hybridized so that now wheat contains very high amounts of gluten and gluten-related substances. IF IF IF there are still some seeds of the original, early, non-hybridized wheat, I would love to invest in such a wheat growing operation. As it is, so many people are suffering from over consumption of gluten from wheat, rye, barley and oats that the message to us now is to avoid those grains altogether. That seems like too great of a part of our diets to eliminate totally. IF IF IF something could be done to get some good heirloom grains growing again, we should support that.

    We also have to eliminate corn from our diets as almost all of it is GMO. That is another major part of our diet that we have to eliminate. We need to support non-gmo growers, IF IF IF there is such a thing.

  17. Sammy S. says:

    We know what they are up to and we know why. There will have to be some people that will have to go push our agenda. We know they are poisoning us and we konw they want to kill us. The average person doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t want to be bothered with this stuff. They are telling us they should be able to use GM food and not label it.
    They have played with labels, by reducing the serving size to hide how much fat and salt is in a product. They change the names of things we should not be eating.
    Now they want to hide what we are eating. This means we must boycott grocery stores and not eat in restaurants unless they grow their own food.
    It’s useless to get people to be reasonable when their goal is to make you sick and kill you.