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Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

This is not a sci-fi fantasy, it is real. Our personal DNA and the DNA of just about every living organism on the planet is being changed in ways that we cannot even imagine through the process of horizontal or lateral gene transfer, courtesy of the biotechnology industry and geo-engineering programs.

Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genetic material from one organism to another organism that is not its offspring; this is most common among bacteria.

Horizontal gene transfer is used in laboratory-based genetic engineering, and also occurs naturally, within the confines of nature. When nature is in charge, certain things simply do not happen such as a tomato crossing with a fish. In the laboratory, using artificial horizontal gene transfer, anything goes.

Genetic engineering involves designing artificial constructs to cross species barriers and to invade genomes. In other words, it enhances horizontal gene transfer – the direct transfer of genetic material to unrelated species. The artificial constructs or transgenic DNA typically contain genetic material from bacteria, viruses and other genetic parasites that cause diseases as well as antibiotic resistance genes that make infectious diseases untreatable.

The results of these experiments are inherently unstable, and are being unleashed with no oversight into our food supply, and onto the world’s agricultural stage.

…genetic engineering in the laboratory is crude, imprecise and invasive. The rogue genes inserted into a genome to make a GMO could land anywhere; typically in a rearranged or defective form, scrambling and mutating the host genome, and tend to move or rearrange further once inserted. Transgene instability is a big problem, and has been so right from the beginning. There is fresh evidence that GM crops grown commercially for years have rearranged [15, 16] (MON810 Genome Rearranged Again. Transgenic Lines Unstable hence Illegal and Ineligible for Protection, SiS 38). This is a real opportunity to challenge the validity of all biotech patents. Another key issue is safety. Transgene instability means that the original transgenic line has turned into something else, and even if it had been assessed as ‘safe’, this is no longer the case.

Lab-based horizontal gene transfer is completely foreign-to-nature. It creates genetic mutations arising from the unnatural melding of species that should never cross to begin with. Using an artificial process, genetic information is passed from one species to another that would not normally occur. Bacteria then horizontally transfer this unnatural genetic information to other bacteria and organisms. One place where this transfer occurs regularly is in the soil.

Studies of horizontal gene exchange in soil microcosms are important from several points of view. Firstly, the increasing interest in the possible spread of GMOs (genetically modified microorganisms) and antibiotic resistance traits has prompted researchers to study genetic interactions between bacteria in a number of different habitats. Secondly, horizontal gene transfer in soil may play a role in the evolution of new bacterial traits.

And what happens when GMO mutations are let loose on our farmland? Does the horizontal gene transfer issue miraculously disappear? The Monsantos of the world would have you think so. Think again. The laws of nature are not suspended just because Monsanto says so.

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Once GMOs are unleashed in the environment, there is absolutely nothing to stop the natural occurrence of horizontal gene transfer to non-GMO organisms, especially considering GMOs’ increased tendency to do so. And what this process produces is anyone’s guess. There is a reason for the limits nature places on this type of thing, and we’ve long since past those limits.

So, we are faced with the ever-increasing genetic pollution of almost all organisms on planet earth from GMOs, and if that isn’t enough, the horizontal gene transfer process, which is spreading these mutations far and wide throughout a host of divergent species, is being helped along by the pollutants being released into our atmosphere by geo-engineering programs.

How is this possible?

…heat shock and pollutants such as heavy metals can favor horizontal gene transfer; and the presence of antibiotics can increase the frequency of horizontal gene transfer 10 to 10 000 fold.

What are the ingredients of the aerosols typically seen in geo-engineering programs? You guessed it – heavy metals such as barium.

…And just what are the conditions imposed by these geo-engineering programs? You guessed it again – abiotic stresses such as heat shock.

…And just what is abundantly used specifically for genetic engineering? Bacteria that carry antibiotic resistance genes. Therefore, more and stronger antibiotics are being used, which increases – you guessed it once again – horizontal gene transfer.

…And it just so happens that Monsanto has a patent covering abiotic stress caused by these geo-engineering pollutants, which includes heat and drought, for everything from apples to zucchini.

Shall we continue adding more fuel to the already out of control fire? The biotechnology industry along with the U.S. government seems to think so.

Can you see where this is heading?

Monsanto’s genetic mutations are already susceptible to horizontal gene transfer. Combine this with geo-engineering aerosols, which facilitate this transfer ability, and you have the basic ingredients for what can be referred to as a genetic soup sandwich.

Frogs with five legs? Cows with no tails? We will be seeing more of them. We will also be seeing more unknown diseases, untreatable by traditional medical standards.

The acquisition of foreign DNA by horizontal transfer from unrelated organisms is a major source of variation leading to new strains of bacterial pathogens.

Get ready, as we are in for one helluva ride, folks! Hold onto your DNA just as hard as you can by avoiding anything GMO, and spread the word. This is not something that can be ignored for long, as mutations, genetic disorders and abnormalities, as well as health issues can only increase with the rampant spread of transgenic organisms (GMOs), and humans are not exempt. It’s time to put up the stop sign at your own front door and just say NO to GMOs!

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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21 Responses to “Chemtrails and Horizontal Gene Transfer – The GMO Connection”

  1. Barb says:

    now I am very confused (comments get interesting mid way — look for video)

  2. Steve B. says:

    If you people think it’s bad what you know. You don’t know what they can do. I mean if they think these people are a thorn in our side and they could do far more than we even think. What about this? Let’s say the elite can all go to the mountain resorts built with our money and seal them up and then the detonate many atomic bombs and with the HAARP machines and guess what you got a dozen volcanoes spewing their garbage. Now if this occurs the first of June and they block out the Sun for a month you will have no food grown in the Northern hemisphere, because trhe temperatures would drop to freezing in no time. When this happens you figure it’s winter in the Southern hemisphere. How many weeks of this before you don’t have enough oxygen, especially if the oceans froze over and guess what you would feel light headed and then you might run and can’t get enough oxygen and 5 billion people are gone and this would be a lot easier than you think.

    Now the corn and soybeans are hybrid and the farmers would have no way to plant anything the next year. Not only would people not have food, but if the fuel is cut off you freeze to death. So if they decide these useless eaters will be dealt with. You know they are pissed, because you won’t take their vaccines and now how dare you grow your own food. But I bet you tens of million are more concerned about the next football game than what’s going on in their own country.

  3. james freed says:

    It goes way deeper than many care to know. We are having a new (anu) DNA known as GNA taking over our host. When you look up all the “cons piracy” items associated with frequencies, GMO=OMG, corexit/synthia they all go to the same agenda. Hence 21 or two becoming one….All has to do with DNA manipulation and how it all goes to the web(inter NET) con troll. Once we understand the natural ether and where it emanates from…then we can look to why they are promoting the coming anu world order and anu age religion….DNA is the perfect hard drive…they needed a way to boot up the DNA and how to gain control of it. They have and now are mutating all into their “net” never to escape and to be part of their harvest….Be the fish to get away, and be not trapped in the net….for those of disbelief, google craig venter as inventor to see what companies he is part of and then why NALCO has the patent for all time release in all meds, and why it was synthia used in the gulf, norway and fuk u shema along with corexit….While we chase rainbows and delve into rabbi(t) holes chasing their right brain paradigm, we are lost to what they really are doing and follow their cons piracy….Prepare the ark and become PURE IN YOUR GENERATION (DNA)…..there is a way that these will not take over your host and be reaped never to hit the thrashing floor again….

  4. Lynne Shrubb says:

    At a dinner party the other night, we were discussing how psychopaths (6% of mankind) can sometimes end up at the top of big corporations because they exhibit amoral behavior without empathy or remorse and who therefore make decisions in their favour that hurt others (no matter how many). If so how do we reverse this?

  5. Barb says:

    What Sammy S Says — we are definitely on the same frequency

    I think our last resort should be WTF? yard signs. Really get the conversation going. I can’t take it any more.

  6. Natasha says:

    Could this be also causing the increased rates of autism also besides the vaccinations? What is in those vaccines anyway? Why is everyone told to get a flu shot?

  7. The truth is out there says:

    These are truly the end times and evil is being allowed to operate without restraint so that everyone will come to the conclusion the world cannot go on as it is and all evil must come to an end and the people must demand and cry out that evil must end. The situation of increased evil, demonism and chemtrail geoengineering was originally written in 1998 in the essay ‘Terminal Madness Of The Endtime’ at

    Other more recent articles on this subject by the same writer can be found searching on the internet at

    Regarding the rulers of Earth they want less humans and do not care as they are reptilian as can be seen on Youtube channel Frequency Fence.

  8. Buzzsaw says:

    I do not believe that it is over & that it is hopeless. That is an understandable, but counterproductive attitude honey. I will NEVER EVER EVER resign in this, it is too crazy & too disgusting. Nobody said that fighting super evil rich people was going to be a day at the beach. We can’t have a resigning attitude EVER. We need to give THEM a run for their money. We need to flip the law on them. The only way to free us from this insanity is IF THE LAW DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO. & it absolutely must.

  9. Sharlie says:

    There are ways of counteracting the detrimental effect of chemtrails and GMO’s on DNA. study the Solfeggio Scale, which explains the benefits of listening to 528 HZ music or sound.

    Also study the deleterious effect that the 440HZ frequency has on the cells of living organisms. Hilter,in the 30’s and the US later on ordered that all music be transposed and tuned to 440hz over the objections of thousands of musicians.

    Also read and see the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Despite naysayers, he has done double and triple bind experiments on the nature of sound healing DNA and water.

    Russian scientists are healing cancer and other diseases with 528HZ sound.

    Check it out. It opens a whole new perception.

  10. It’s not over until the fat lady sings, Johnny, and I haven’t heard her yet. To stop fighting for what is good and true is to embrace the wrong. NOT!!!!

  11. We The People are at the end stage of this government inflicted War. It cannot be stopped by any means. It’s simply too late. We The People just waited a bit too long to wake up, tell others, and fight back.

    There is no doubt in my mind, this War is over, it is lost.

  12. Arthur Patriart says:

    My opinion is that Americans, in general, lack the intelligence, courage and morality to understand and correct the Nation,s problems. They are destined to be fodder and labor for the war mongers and criminals now firmly in charge of the US. The US is not a civilized Country and the major export and jobs creator is war and resource control. The US culture is fragmented and decayed. The oligarchy knows this and is making plans to preserve their wealth and power when the major collapse comes, and it will happen. Good Luck.

  13. Sundown says:

    What happened to: “It’s not nice to fool mother nature”??

  14. mothman777 says:

    Monsanto is practically a US government department. The US government is controlled, like most others on this planet, by an insane sect of hard-core ultra-racist Chabad-Lubavitcher Jews, who believe that Gentile souls are literally non-living, demonic, created from an entirely different, satanic substance, whilst they also believe that Jewish souls alone are created from the substance of God, and are thus eternally pure, and innocent of all sin and sinful propensity.

    Their conceit and aggressiveness is amazing, and it is more amazing that we have allowed our governments to be comprised of people who are entirely sympathetic to the goals of these people, that is, total world domination by the Judaic NWO alone, and ultimately, the complete extermination of all Gentiles, the scriptural edict for this being contained in both Talmud and Torah.

    The souls of Gentiles are literally no more alive to members of that faith than electrons powering their washing machines, purely a material force, and nothing more. What happens to our genome is of no consequence to them, or of any interest, other than the fact that they desire all Gentiles to be swept from the face of this planet, as they see us as pure evil, and guilty of all sin and propensity to sin, the very substance of our non-living, demonic souls being parts of Satan, from the three dark, feminine, hellish lower spheres of creation, even before conception in the womb, eternally irredeemable and incorrigible, and thus eternally unfit ever to dwell alongside the Jews in any world, this, or the next, with our destination being only eternal hell, under the Angel Duma, according to their scriptures, after we are all exterminated when the Jewish Messiah comes.

    The question is, was their Jewish Messiah Karl Marx, Stalin, or Leo Szilard, who invented the first atomic weapon? Nuclear and neutron bombs are also entirely the inventions of this demonic and sadistic people, and not the inventions of the Gentiles. Or perhaps their messiah is a collective of all the Jews running these genocidal programs, as the Jewish faith is ultimately advaitist in conception, wherein all souls ultimately become one soul, as their self-invented ‘God’, Yahweh, Himself.

    They fully intend to kill us all anyway, like it or not, and we can choose to go on thinking it can’t be so, whilst making the fatal mistake they hold the same human values of compassion as us Gentiles, and simply pull the bed-covers over our heads at night, thinking that everything will be alright, but it won’t be, and there won’t be the possibility of any future generations of Gentiles of any race after a few more decades.

    Theirs is not a genuinely Godly faith, and thus, a world populated entirely by them will be a complete waste of time, as the demonic inhabitants of it will deny the opportunity for any genuine spiritual seekers to live on the planet to complete their learning cycle.

  15. In 1971, Henry Kissinger had a conversation with President Nixon about world population. Kissinger said they needed a plan to get rid of “useless eaters.” The United Nations Agenda 21 is one such plan. Through chemtrails, GMO “food”, drugs, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and over 80,000 registered chemicals, the United States is toxic for a reason.
    Although it may be too late, we need to take back our country from the power elite. Eating all organic food, drinking pristine water, getting off the grid and learning to live with less “stuff” is a good first step.
    The medical, legal, global and political systems are designed and required to have ponds and cannon fodder; sheeple. As more of us become aware of the truth, we can drop out of the illusionary Matrix.

  16. mandy says:

    we need to fight it, we need to stop these huge corperations from owning everything. the only way i can see this happening is by creating a new monetary system and scraping the old. i dont know if its possible. but we can go down fighting instead of blind acceptance

  17. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    Aerial nano-particulate metallic and OTHER secret chemical bacteriologic or virologic Spraying;deceitfully posed by pseudo scientific EXPERT (liars?)colored as:
    Solar Reflective Mitigation, commonly a.k.a. “CHEM TRAILS”; to dupe the presumed ignorant masses of WE The People: Note: S.R.M. for DUMMIES: Top example is a bona fide CON-Trail (appears as a short comet Like trail disappears by assimilation quickly)!

    Lower example IS: MALiciously dubiously alleged by QUACKS to be: “AERIAL SPRAYING” for: Weather CHANGE / MODIFICATION?

  18. Richard Cranium says:

    I agree completely with Sammy S. These people don’t care about humans and they are not going to just give the power back, stop the credit/debt system we use for money, stop the wars around the world, give back our freedom, etc. They just aren’t going to do it. Most people couldn’t even name the speaker of the house but dang sure they can tell you the people on Jersey Shores or Desperate Housewives. Haven’t the rest of us had about enough of this sh!t?!?

  19. Jerry says:

    America does not have enough Americans to tilt a boat in one direction,or,the other,unless of course someone pay`s them.If they are paid,the will eat the boat,if that is what the Payer wants.

  20. Sam says:

    The first true world war will be between psychopaths and normal people. That is, if the psychopaths haven’t already contaminated us with nano tech, mercury, fluoride, gm food, toxic food additives, anti depressants, radiation, so that we don’t have a chance.

    Well, I feel up to the task. Do you?

  21. Sammy S says:

    I think whatever it’s going to do they already know. But if we aren’t going to lock and load and do something about it. I’ve been saying this for a long time we just as well going fishing and drink beer. Because all the politicians know all this stuff. They are not doing anything. In the real world the people should do for themselves and we don’t need all this modern crap.

    I would like to know what would you do if you knew everything was going to be destroyed and all the poor people were going to be slaves and this whole thing of chemtrails, GM foods were going to destroy us all and the rich enslave us? I think we would lock and load and get down to business. So even though we hear all these things we really and truly aren’t committed to change things. For one thing you have millions with cancer and sick and dying, but none of them decide to do anything.

    The poor people just need to grow food, make clothes and build our homes. The rich need to play and control us. So these people that are planning this stuff need to be dealt with. Because I’ve been putting out literature for 30 years and frankly I’m getting really tired of this nonsense.