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5 Responses to “DNA Soup Sandwich (Graphic)”

  1. Sammy S. says:

    Paschn and suss Do you know the reason they are doing all this? You see they have learned people can live for centruies if they keep replacing the cells. They know people if they didn’t drink, eat junk food and breath the pollutted air they could live easily to 150, but how would the system work. People work till 65 and are very sick by 75 and then just uselss by 85. I think it’s why they won’t close the cigarette factories and they make sure alcohol is cheap. Look at food prices going through the roof, but alcohol is still cheap, but the high fuel prices should affect everything.
    Anyhow, if people did’t drink, smoke and did eat their junk food they could have a healthy life past 100, but what would they have to do require people to work until 100? We are learning things they have known for a long time. They only need us to fight their wars, grow their food, shine their shoes and work in their factories.
    The least amount of money I have made is working for someone else. The most money I made was working for myself. I have worked on the water all my life. If I at 18 go buy a boat when I catch my crans and oysters I get the same amount of money as someone that has been doing it for 40 years. Now compare that to a job. You start out minimum wage and get a 50 cent raise each year so they got you thinking you got to slowly work up the ladder and after you have 10 years invested you can’t start over somewhere else and of course you are locked into your 30 year mortgage so you are now a slave.
    The dumbest thing anyone can do is get a thirty year mortgage. You are better off renting instead of buying a house under those conditions. Because for one thing. You’ll feel like you are trapped in that house. Your only hope is money is inflated so much the home you’ll be able to sell it for a lot more than what you paid for it. So that it what makes it lucrative to buy a home. If a house sold for $30,000 and twenty years later it sold for $30,000, then you would not be so eager to get sucked into the 30 year mortgage crap. If you can’t pay for a home in ten years you can’t afford the home. If you can’t buy a car with cash you can’t afford it.

    Slaves go to college for four years and owe $100,000 after they have wasted four years. Then they go and get a 30 year mortgage and by the time they are 28 they get their college loans paid off. It’s a system the slaves have bought into?

  2. paschn says:

    I sincerely believe their ultimate goal with all this is much more sinister than what it appears.

    For example, is it cheaper to train/equip/feed/care for an army, or simply refuse “stuborn” citizens their “terminator” seeds for next planting season when they “get out of line”? After decades of trying to hide the Bolshevik engineered/executed Ukrainian genocide of the early ’30’s, It has just recently been proclaimed and has a name. The “Holodomor” was the deliberate starvation to death of 7,000,000 Ukrainians while the “owned” media was telling other nations it was simply a terrible, “natural” drought causing the prolonged, acute lack of food.
    It doesn’t make sense that it’s simply for more trillions, nothing else….they can make that by “nudging” their “pocket politicians” into passing more corporate friendly legislation. I’m afraid it’s something along the lines of cutting the cost for keeping citizens in line. Also, as a “bonus”…It’ll cut years off of our lives, (festering in our gut), which will in turn remove the need for them paying retirement benefits because, after all, when you hit +/- 40, you begin to lose your ability to make them money and begin to cost them, medical, retirement you paid into, stiff joints, bad eye sight etc, etc, etc. Shorten the life expectancy, and there’s even more for them. There’ll always be that next generation of “drones” to put to work. Perfectly planned/carried out “culling” of the “useless eaters”, Henry Kissinger’s word, not mine.

  3. suss says:

    sammy- there are three places i can eat out here where i live- and i am thankful for that- two places i can buy organic groceries that i trust- i source alot from the internet- and make my food from scratch- its been a journey- and you’ll loose friends over this- they think your extreme- its funny i was watching lamestream news last night and saw a propaganda hit piece in all its gory/glory- they wanted us to sound off on the soverieghn citizens movemnent, then went on to read some that were sent in- they painted it out like they are tax cheats and just bad people- how pathetic these newsies are makes me want to slap them accross the face to wake them from their BRAIN WASHING and telling their lies!

  4. Sammy S says:

    Messing with the DNA in our food is freaky stuff. But they have a reason. Yes, we must produce food that can kill pests that eat it. Oh, don’t worry it is safe for humans. The fact is they could produce crops and use alternative methods to keep pests away. They could spray them with hot pepper dust. But the Roundup wouldn’t be used anymore and that would make that company frown. You can’t keep dumping millions of tons of this stuff on the ground.
    Anybody that would eat that crap deserve what they get. Just don’t eat the crap and that means you can’t eat in restaurants unless you know they use organic food.

  5. suss says:

    that reminds me of the movie “wolverine” w/ the theme of “mutants”, will all this gmo food make a legion of mutants? Implanting strange dna in foods and then consuming it must go beyond the damage it does to ones organs- it makes you wonder what the originators of this plan for the food have in store- because you can bet on it it isn’t good- its going to be intersting to say the least, to see say in about 20 years what the results of all this are. For those of us that know to stay away from gmo and do we will have to be the watchers so to speak. I always put in my observations to get people thinking outside the box every chance i get, trying to plant seeds because i know hitting people over the head w/ this info does not work. It sickens me that so much of the food suply is compromised in such a short amount of time too- the future of food if these crazy’s get thier way doesn’t look too good.