Artists Against Monsanto

Monsanto grew in the 20th century by making mustard gas, agent orange, DDT, rBGH, and many other poisons for profit… Now, the biotech industry is systematically destroying our world’s food supply, and it’s up to us common folk to throw a food rebellion…

“The food revolution will not be modified.” Craig Morrison


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7 Responses to “Monsanto Nightmare”

  1. Mike T. says:

    If you don’t have rain for a long period of time and you are east of the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains, then the are messing with the weather. I know 40 years ago it used to rain every evening in the Summer. By 6pm the storm clouds were rolling in and we never had months of no rain.
    The last 20 years some Summers we hardly have any rain all Summer and when it does rain sometimes we should have a downpour we get hardly anything.

  2. Sammy S says:

    THey are creatin this mess controlling the weather. So millions of people will have to spend $3,500 to dig deeper wells. The cost to the average person is astronomical. You will need a truck to collect water at the river. If you got a river or creek with water you are lucky

  3. Sammy S says:

    I think they are going to dry up the midwest so the farmers will have to sell their land. There is no way our farmers around here when there is no rain they never shut down the irrigation. They are only irrigating almost a square mile which is 640 acres and that pump will burn 12 gallons an hour times 24 I don’t know how they can make anything.

  4. irene says:

    Grandma has nurilogical degeneration since she never washed the pesticides off the fruit. Granpa is stuck holding the bag. He is relied on for everything, grandma getting dressed, every morsel of food that is consumed, all money, shopping and driving is left to grandpa since grandma lost her brains. Grandma takes pharmacuticles that might help, who can tell since her decline is so fast. Today they took the grandkids out for a day of fun. They visited McDonnalds and ate mass piles of McSlick burges. This evening my boys pooped their shorts because of lunch! What the hell? And they call ME a food natzi. …

  5. Abe says:

    Great video!! Will share with several of the State Labeling GMO groups.
    I’m with Sherry on if the dummies want to eat this crap, let them. I’ve been bitching at a friend of mine why he’s been getting 100’s of tumors all over his body. He claims as his doctor says “it’s from the sun”. Even though the sun doen’t shine on his crotch. He goes into the Dr.’s office and they remove 25 at a time. But again this guy gets ALL his information from the boob-tube and thinks he’s skilled at critical thinking.

  6. Sherry says:

    If people aren’t willing to wake the hell up, let em eat poison.
    I am sick to death of even trying for years with no success.

    All we can do is grown our own food. Now they are causing a drought in MN. We haven’t had rain in almost a year. I am
    afraid our well will dry up. We don’t get snow either,hmmm.
    Don’t tell me another open winter. Watch, I’m willing to bet
    we won’t get any spring rains either next year.

    The Mississippi River is drying up to the point where barges
    can’t deliver that’s really bad.

  7. Steve B. says:

    I’ve seen comments on other subjects in here and the people are like now don’t get radical or do anything rash. Let’s just talk as they POISON our food. We should be chasing these executives of these corporations and the owners of these coroporations should have their addresses posted so people could maybe go there and let them know how pissed they are.

    This isn’t something new. It’s been going on for decades. They put trans fat in the food and killed people. They know teflon pans are deadly and have told the companies they can’t manufacture them after 2016. We know the microwave ovens destroys molecules in the food and destroys it’s nutrition.
    We know high fructose corn syrup is dangerous. We know the sugar in sodas has given millions of children diabetes. They have been spraying these chemtrails making people sick and now we learn they have genetically altered the food for the sole purpose of killing us and some of these people who post in here wonder why we are talking in such radical tones.
    It’s time to lock and load. After we become more and more frustrated as we learn more they are doing and people start making threats the government will come after them and then what?
    They are allowed to intentionally kill us and it’s not like it’s a secret now. There is evidence this GM food is deadly. But we can’t be talking radical nonsense they say.

    You saw what they did in Waco. They murdered little children and none of them paid for their crimes. THen the government decided ok, we need an attack on this country so these politiicians will sign this Patriot Act we will write in advance. Did any politicians say screw it I’m not signing this crap, until I read it. Imagine someone walks in with something this important like something that can change and destroy this country and the politiicians signed this Patriot Act and didn’t even read it and none of them said anything about. You think we should fire these politiicians for this? What if the Russians said here sign this and they didn’t read it and they basically gabe Alaska back to the Russians. Would the politicians throw up their hands and say oh well we are hnorable men and damn it we signed the dang thing and now we have to honor it? No they would say screw Russia.
    But not one politicians has said anything.