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There are still a great many people that cant bring themselves to imagine that the mighty US military would have much if any concern with the state of global climate. Many that can not even begin to believe that the same US military would be actively involved with ongoing climate modification “Manhattan Projects” (global geoengineering programs, SAG and SRM). The glaring reality is that climate change, and the manipulation of the global climate system, are a top priority for the US military.

All available data indicates that the US military has been experimenting with weather modification for over 60 years. A document drafted in 1966 recently located from the NASA archives outlines the ongoing and expanding US weather modification programs at that time. These programs were well funded having budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars even then.

So what is the US military and its NATO allies doing to mitigate the risk of climate change? They are fully engaged in massively destructive global geoengineering programs. SRM (solar radiation management) and SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) are likely only a part of the lethal aircraft spraying programs going on above our heads day in and day out. READ MORE…


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5 Responses to “Don’t Think The US Military Is Concerned With The Climate? Think Again”

  1. Observer says:

    Abe, the Univ Wisconsin site is terrific! Thank you!

  2. irene says:

    ok, I don’t get the list of music titles. You think goldman sachs isn’t bankrolling climate change to put the squeeze on governments to institute a CO2 tax that goes to Goldman sachs to redistribute to their executives? There has been a total coup. The election was gamed, so the food is gamed and the regulations are gamed all to our detrement. 80% less humans on the earth is the goal, so that the reptillians can take over in tropical comfort and only a few of us to serve them.

  3. Avanti says:

    I received a e-mail from Carnicom saying: Carnicom Institute has learned of a petition on the White House website which is requesting the Obama Administration to honestly investigate Geo-Engineering, HAARP & Chemtrails.

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  4. Abe says:

    I forgot to mention that Hurricane Sandy was a Catagory 1!! Most people know that a Catagory 1 is nothing to get freak out over. That’s why no one evacuated, dispite the the full moon and the extra high, high tide.

  5. Abe says:

    Remember when the presstitutes were calling Hurricane Sandy the Franken Storm? The clue is Franken as in Frankenstein. The man made monster. I’ve been following these hurricanes insentsly for over 2 years now. The last hurricane this year was Tony which never got repeoted. 20 is quite abit over normal. Several this year made absolutely no sense at all for where they came from! They didn’t srat in the tropics!. Usually they start as a tropical depression from Africa.
    Back to Sandy. Sandy popped up between Florida and Cuba and was heading to Panama. Just before it was about to make land fall in Panama It did a U-Turn. Check it out on the on the 22nd & 23rd. This stite measures heat in the atmosphere. It stays centered on the eye of the storm. You can see areas around the storm heat up and then turn off. On the night of the 26th and early on the 27th, you can see how HAARp in Puerto Rico Zapped it. The morning of the 27th was when the presstitutes were calling it the “FrankenStorm”.


    Here’s some information on HAARP

    There is also a HAARP facility on Long Island. Did any one notice how it made that hard left turn? It reminded me of Serving a tennis ball.

    Why would they do this? Photo ops? Maybe. Votes? Possibly. Agenda 21? Likely. Why do psychos do what they do? Last year the Missouri River & Missippi River was flooding left and right. George Soros was buying up land left and right due to flooding and farmers fields were 10 feet under water. This year barges can’t go up or down the Missippi River system. You can’t grow food under water and you need water to grow food. I believe they’re doing this to control food production and push there global warming agenda so they can get that carbon tax, and give FEMA more power. Many don’t realize that in a national disaster FEMA has ABSOLUTE POWER!!

    Last year they did the same thing with Hurricane Irene!!