The poor American government just wanted to grow up to be big and strong like the governments in Europe, but his mean Fathers wouldn’t let him. Follow this happy tale of how a little government made his dreams come true…

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7 Responses to “The Little Government that Could”

  1. Alan Donelson says:

    I’m the last person (I hope!) to get into an argument about whether “government” or “corporations” are to blame. If you want to call or designate “government” as most people conceive (wrongly) their “republic” — NOT a democracy, GOD forbid, and, unfortunately, no longer a constitutional state, either — as a “corporation”, fine. This does not resolve our (dialectic) dilemma. An intrepid soul named Niki Raapaana, along with colleagues, has greatly helped resolve this intellectual conundrum. Call it communitarianism. (See, please,

    If all is corporate, then nothing is government. Nationalize all companies, take away the veneer of private enterprise, squelch entreprenurial creativity. Job done. No more “capitalism”, eh? Hey, you might have the same product: Problem-reaction-solution, where problem and reaction are interchangeable.

    Like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, one of whom just won the honor, the privilege, the right, even, to occupy the office of the President of the US — or is it, US, Inc.?

  2. Char Fassa says:

    Government IS the problem! Let’s not forget that corporations are the offspring of the government. And as Barbara Peterson stated: “The United States IS a corporation.’ Despite eons of institutionalized indoctrination and unrelenting propaganda, the US corporation is not owned or controlled by ‘We the People.’ It’s owned by an international, criminal cartel comprised of elite Banksters,Royals and their corporate cartel offspring. Governments for the most part are a legitimizing front for this very wealthy, organized, hidden, criminal crime syndicate. This is what organized crime really looks like.

    The Story of Your Enslavement –Must View

  3. Alan,

    You wrote: “‘the re-energization of the right-left, “private enterprise” vs. government (for, by the people, of course! wink, wink) dialectic.”

    That’s what I see too. We are drawn to black versus white, good versus bad, private versus government like flies. The reality is, we are being manipulated to side with one over the other, when both are equally bad. This is unacceptable for any thinking person.

    One of the reasons we don’t think is because we can’t. Our air is polluted, as well as our food, water, and airwaves. We are fed poisons and lies and beg for more. That is the state of affairs we are in. Our government is not there to protect or defend us, it is there to make a profit just like any other corporation, and ethics is optional.

    So, we are already being run by corporations in cooperation with other corporations, and the solid advantage they have is that people simply do not know. The more the poisons hit us, the less likely we will be to know. The imperative to act is critical.

    Solutions? Stand up, speak out, grow your own, withdraw from the system as you can, and starve the beast. That’s how I see it.

  4. Alan Donelson says:

    Apropos, posted on just recently, is the following:

    The Illusion Laid Bare
    The posting mentions 1913! You can read it in its entirety in less than six minutes. A wonderful complement to the video that prompted me to post.

    The video about the “little government that could” certainly serves a purposes if many who peruse comments also expand their research to these other sources as well.

    So, no criticism intended here. All my turkys have volunteered to carry ammunition belts. We work on the emus to shoulder their load, too!

  5. Alan Donelson says:

    It’s a tough call all around, Barbara. I am grateful you responded. Let’s then discuss, and perhaps others will contribute to a subject that begs clear-minded consideration going forward.

    KUDOS: You have done much more than most, Barbara, and you have the right — you’ve earned it, even though you need not have — to publish ANYTHING on Farm Wars, GOD bless and protect you and keep it coming! I thank you among only a few others for contributing directly to my waking up.

    BACK TO THE VIDEO: The big play today, IMO — just an opinion, people, based on my own crash course in Reality 101 over the past five years! — is the re-energization of the right-left, “private enterprise” vs. government (for, by the people, of course! wink, wink) dialectic. A winner every election, except when outright fraud’s required, as in the past election or two or three or four.

    Videos like the one you posted, even in 6 minutes, could provide a more balanced, realistic picture of what we’re up against, IMO. (Just an opinion.) If you can’t do it in six minutes, take a little bit more time. If you don’t do that, I suspect a biased, disinformational piece. A unidimensional against “government” should not cut it, not today.

  6. Alan,

    I liked the video because it crammed about as much as you could into 6 minutes to give a brief review and a bit of a nudge to people who need to start understanding that our government is not our friend. Farm Wars readers come from all walks of life, and every age group. Yes, I understand that the Federal Reserve is rotten to the core, but I didn’t always know this even though I have been advocating a healthy lifestyle for years. We all have different places to begin our journey.

    I devote my life to spreading the word and live like a real-time reality show so that when I learn something I can share it with others so that they know – hey, if she can do it, anyone can! This is what I devote myself to.

    As far as getting out of Dodge? Yes, absolutely. But what does that entail? A whole lot more than most people think. We all need to start one step at a time, and do whatever we can to wake people up. We need clean food, air, and water. I focus on GMOs and farm pollution issues because I don’t want to get spread too thin.

    The solution? That is a personal one. IMO, growing our own and getting as self-sufficient as possible is the key on an individual basis, because that is where it all begins… with one person.

    P.S. The United States IS a corporation.

  7. Alan Donelson says:

    The dialectic still effectively captures our imagination. Government + (so-called) corporations (real people now!! just like Pinocchio) = fascism in unabashed forms. Look around you! Look up! You think governemnt alone could lay those chemtrails without corporate involvement???

    Where’s mention of 1913? If you don’t now know the significance of that date — it was before the video starting tracking history. This video seems so disinformational. True in part, just enough, so misleading as to cause.

    Government is NOT the problem, IMO. It’s us, letting the corporatocracy (totalitarian) organisms take complete control. It’s NOT just “GOVERNMENT”. And it’s not about scaring the “sleeples” or “sheeples” awake any more with messages that offer no solutions, even with heavy layers of sarcasm.

    We are beyond that now.

    We simply have to stop flying to take back our “friendly skies”. How many of you have ceased patronizing the TSA portals we called airports? (yes, I have.)

    We simply have to stop purchasing foods made by corporations that present to us GMO-laden food. (Yes, I have.)

    We simply have to bring a principled attention to local politics, before the A21 crowd and requistie dupes take control in your backyard. (I’m working on it.)

    We need more creative videos guiding forces for good — again, just my opinion, critique as you will. We have enough warning, let’s focus on what, at this late hour, may make a difference to our lives and living. We know the causes, they’re about to pounce. I’d like to learn more about dodging, less about getting out of Dodge. No where to run, to hide.

    Try your own hand at “Simply we have to….” What are your suggestions??