By Jon Rappoport

November 9, 2012

“So look, there are fifteen million votes out there we haven’t counted yet. What do you want to do?”

“How long have the polls been closed?”

“Let’s see. Two hours.”

“The hell with it. Let’s call it a defeat for Prop 37.”


This isn’t over.

We’re not just looking at how many votes in California are still uncounted. We’re not just guessing how it’ll turn out and making little projections. That’s a sucker’s game. We’re looking at real symptoms of fraud. And fraud has tentacles and arms. You see one piece of fraud, you keep digging for other pieces. You usually find them.

Start with the incredibly early projections made by media outlets on election night. Those projections sank Prop 37. When you’re in the middle of a football game and the outcome is still in doubt, if somebody suddenly posts the final score on the scoreboard, that’s called a lie.

It isn’t an estimate or a guess or a prediction. It’s a lie.

There was once a day in American politics when news networks would wait for conclusive election results. They weren’t greedily bent on reporting projections soon and sooner and soonest. So let’s get that projection-brainwashing out of our heads, all right? The whole business of making early and earlier predictions on election night is a sham. And it has the effect of inducing people to tune out.

“Okay, Jones won. That’s that. What percentage of the votes have been counted? One half of one percent? Zero percent? Gee, I guess these prediction guys really know what they’re doing. They must have some fabulous computer models, honey. Let’s watch a CSI rerun…”

Here is what happened on election night in California… READ MORE

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9 Responses to “Vote Fraud: Who Destroyed PROP 37 on Election Night?”

  1. Susan says:

    So does anyone here still think we have a right to vote? Worked on campaign for decades from ge-free to The Campaign in Seattle 20 years ago. This was another media trick called obfuscation here:

    then here less than 6 weeks later

    This shows that news is really just entertainment to confuse the populous on crimes against US

  2. Fran Osborne says:

    They will not win. Everyone I know who worked on the Yes campaign is incredibly angry by the unbelievable dirty tricks the no campaign pulled, and we are all even more determined to fight on. Obama needs to be called upon to make this a federal law as a matter of urgency. I am sickened by what I’ve discovered fighting with the yes campaign. The situation is appalling and deadly serious and BigAg are a ruthless breed. I’m sure much will transpire in the next few weeks. We cannot roll over and give up – there are many, many people mobilized now and doing many small things but we need to go to the top and stop the bullying. Apparently Obama didn’t think there was a food movement – many FDA people are Monsanto et al. They need to be booted off the FDA asap. OMG I am so very angry still.

  3. Barbara Talbert says:

    How did Prop 37 get defeated? I do not doubt it was by nefarious means. Heck, even all the millions spent by the food industry to defeat it was nefarious means. They should not have been allowed to spend all that money on a public ballot. Disgusting.

  4. suss says:

    thanks for your words i will take them to heart and i love to hear that perhaps i am wrong. Where i live very few are awake- i’ve run accross maybe five. Its funny but more people i’ve noticed are somewhat catching on to the nutritional scams- but not the ama ones, out big industry here are “hospitals” so alot of the only jobs are related to this so you can just emagine how difficult it is to break from the brainwashing in that area of the matrix. Anyhow it is nice to know that there are a few out there that are having success at waking people up- i can’t even wake my family up- and we’re close? Strange times these are for sure- i will keep up the good fight however difficult- cheers

  5. Marjie says:

    Well they have you buffaloed for sure. No they are not winning, I like Barbara am choosing to fight the good fight. I am turning 59 this year and they are going to have to take me out kicking and screaming. Save your seeds, share with your neighbors. Exchange them, and as Barbara said micro communities are the way to go. Of courses it is overwhelming as hell. BUT if we stand together we out number those goofballs. Don’t get duped! We are so gaining ground. Just trust me we are, I can feel it. Yes you’re right down time to meditate or relax is a good thing. Recharging your batteries so to speak. We are here for a reason, don’t disappoint yourself. Hang in there. Peace and Blessings to you.

  6. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    There WERE many STOLEN Selections On the Night of Purim!Pure O’ B.S. The Historic CRY of Chicago MOB has been:
    “VOTE EARLY and VOTE OFTEN” seems they have studied their lessons well?

  7. suss says:

    Yes i agree i can’t give up – not in my nature- sometimes i wish it was but its not! I’m just so overwhelmed by all the bad news in so many arenas. I just need to regroup and stay away from all the bad news for awile- love your site btw i commend you Barbara, your a special brave lady for sure!

  8. Suss,

    IMO we either fight the good fight for what is right, or lay down and take it whimpering in defeat. I choose the first option. I will never accept this. We need to form micro-communities, grow our own food, start bartering, seed saving and sharing, and start exiting this corrupt system.

  9. suss says:

    Whats the answer then? There are so many new gmo’s in the works right now- it seems like “evil” is winning? is it just me or this true? I hate to be a debbie downer, but wow just look around- so far they are getting every damn thing they want! I am sickened by this- i feel like i am the minority of the gravity of the problem- anyhow i am increasingly loosing hope that this thing will turn around? Not in my life time for sure- mid 40’s btw. I bet God is very very very disappointed in humanity?