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Farm Wars

Look out people of planet earth, genetically engineered bugs are here. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, our technocracy is working ever diligently on genetically engineering every last living cell on the planet – WITHOUT EXCEPTION. What does this mean for life here on earth? Ever hear the expression “soup sandwich?” Well, after these “scientific” geniuses are through with us, that is exactly what all life will be – a genetic soup sandwich, made in a lab, and stamped with a corporate logo embedded in our DNA.

If the following report from Testbiotech doesn’t send chills up your spine, I don’t know what will. Get ready world, because nothing will ever be the same. Ever. There is no remediation technique available to clean up genetically engineered mutations released into the wild and spread through horizontal gene transfer. Barb

Regulatory decisions on releasing genetically modified (GM) insects biased by corporate interests

Dr Helen Wallace, Director of GeneWatch UK said “The public will be shocked to learn that GM insects can be released into the environment without any proper oversight. Conflicts-of-interest should be removed from all decision-making processes to ensure the public have a proper say about these plans.”

London/ Munich Thursday 8th November 2012 A briefing published today by public interest groups highlights how regulatory decisions on GM insects in Europe and around the world are being biased by corporate interests.

The briefing shows how UK biotech company Oxitec has infiltrated decision-making processes around the world. The company has close links to the multinational pesticide and seed company, Syngenta. Oxitec has already made large-scale open releases of GM mosquitoes in the Cayman Islands, Malaysia and Brazil and is developing GM agricultural pests, jointly with Syngenta. Plans to commercialise GM insects would result in many millions of GM insects being released in fields of crops, including olives, tomatoes, citrus fruits, cabbages and cotton. In future, any insect species might be genetically modified.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is highlighted as one of several examples showing how industry organises its influence. In EFSA´s GM insects working group, which was established to develop guidance for risk assessment of genetically engineered insects, there are several cases of conflicts of interest, including experts with links to Oxitec who only partially declared their interests. The draft Guidance on risk assessment of GM insects shows some significant deficiencies: for example it does not consider the impacts of GM insects on the food chain. Oxitec’s GM insects are genetically engineered to die mostly at the larval stage so dead GM larvae will enter the food chain inside food crops such as olives, cabbages and tomatoes. Living GM insects could also be transported on crops to other farms or different countries. EFSA has excluded any consideration of these important issues from its draft guidance. Many other issues are not properly addressed.

The briefing also highlights problems with a World Health Organisation (WHO)-funded project which has allowed the company to bypass requirements for informed consent for the release of GM mosquitoes. The WHO-funded Mosqguide project, which was supposed to be developing best practice, also allowed the company to gain approval from Brazilian regulators to release 16 million GM mosquitoes before draft regulations on the release of GM insects had been finalised or adopted, without publishing a risk assessment.

Dr Helen Wallace, Director of GeneWatch UK said “The public will be shocked to learn that GM insects can be released into the environment without any proper oversight. Conflicts-of-interest should be removed from all decision-making processes to ensure the public have a proper say about these plans.”

Christoph Then, Executive Director, Testbiotech, said: “Risk assessment of genetically engineered animals touches many areas where there is lack of knowledge. We are concerned that EFSA will apply a biased and selective protocol to safety without really sorting out potential hazards.”

François Meienberg, Berne Declaration, said: “Companies such as Syngenta and Oxitec have to learn that negative impacts on the environment or health can arise from their lobbying activities. To act responsibly they have to change their lobbying behaviour immediately.”

Nina Holland, Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), said: “Experts on EFSA’s working groups should not be allowed to have any conflict of interests with industry, let alone ties with companies producing the very product they are assessing – in this case GM insects. This clearly shows that EFSA’s rules to deal with conflicts of interest still have major gaps.”

Tina Goethe, SwissAid, said: “The development of GM-insects for agriculture implies unforeseeable risks for human health and environment. In order to meet the challenges of small scale agriculture in poor countries, we do not need expensive and high risk technologies, but agro-ecological solutions.”

The briefing highlights multiple attempts by Oxitec to influence regulation around the world, which have included:

  • Attempts to define ‘biological containment’ of the insects (which are programmed to die at the larval stage) as contained use, by-passing requirements for risk assessments and consultation on decisions to release GM insects into the environment;
  • Attempts to avoid any regulation of GM agricultural pests on crops which will end up in the food chain;
  • Avoidance of any discussion of how GM insects can be contained at a site, or products produced using GM insects can be labelled;
  • Exclusion of many important issues from risk assessments, including impacts of surviving GM mosquitoes on the environment and health, and impacts of changing mosquito populations on human immunity and disease;
  • Failure to follow transboundary notification processes for exports of GM insects correctly;
  • Undermining the requirement to obtain informed consent for experiments involving insect species which transmit disease;
  • Attempts to avoid liability for any harm if anything goes wrong;
  • Pushing ahead with large-scale open releases of GM mosquitoes before relevant guidance or regulations are adopted.

For further information contact:

Helen Wallace, GeneWatch UK, Tel +44 (0)1298-24300 (office); +44 (0)7903-311584 (mobile),

Christoph Then, Testbiotech, Tel + 49151 54638040,

François Meienberg, Berne Declaration, Ph: +41 44 277 70 04, Email:

Nina Holland, Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO), Tel: +32 2 8930930, Mobile: +31 (0) 6 302 85 042,

Tina Goethe, SwissAid, Tel.: +41-(0)31-350 53 75,

Read the full report here:

Genetically modified insects: under whose control? GeneWatch UK, Testbiotech, SwissAid, Berne Declaration, Corporate Europe Observatory briefing. October 2012.

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33 Responses to “Millions of GMO Mosquitoes Released Without Risk Assessment or Oversight”

  1. Steve B. says:

    Right now we can warn others about what they are doing and believe me it pisses of those corporations. They could make billions if those pesky dissidents and all the people on the web sites warning everyone. They get in the way of profits and that’s all they see anyway. In Communist Russia the people didn’t have that option. They would just be loaded on a truck and shot by the millions. Those corporations would love to have that power. It makes no sense a company could make a billion without destroying the environment or harming the people, but they want to make 5 billion and in the end they might end up just giving most of it away from foundations and grants.

    Exxon is making $60 to $70 billion profits a year from high fuel prices. It makes no sense they raise fuel prices when it doesn’t cost them anymore money. They might have already destroyed the Pacific Ocean. They aren’t going to care about the oceans until they start not producing the amount of fish, crabs and oysters they need. In the Chesapeake Bay the oysters used to filter all the water in the bay every week. Now it takes a year. It’s all about pollution.
    People will say peole are catching too many, but they use to catch 100 times the amount of oysters they catch now at the turn of the century. How could they catch a sustain amount for decades and then all of a sudden the numbers will fall by 30% from one year to the next and then the next year another 30%.

  2. paschn says:

    “…it breeds dissent when we need to stand united”. For god’s sake what do you call what we’re doing here? WE ARE DISSENTING!! We are united by the need to address the evil in this country that happily poisons us and our children, then corrupts the voting process to deprive us of a fair outcome. In order to be successful, you must look at whom the enemy is, what tactics they use and what must be done to nullify those tactics!

    “Let’s say we stop the internal strife and focus on what is important – getting rid of GMOs!”

    There is mounting evidence that they stole the true outcome of 37. So…how shall we get rid of GMO’s? You can’t until you address the evil that allowed them to (obviously), get away with it. Well, they got away with it the same way they steal presidential elections…so, do we focus on the corruption that causes these thefts? We better or it’s pointless. You see, evil and corruption are just that and it has eaten into every facet of our lives and freedom. Like a spider’s web it’s all intertwined and sitting around a digital campfire singing Kumbaya is only giving you the warm and fuzzies but it won’t come near “getting rid of GMOs” because you have to look at why they are able to do it and resolve it. Is it serious? you bet it is. Now, if I were to tell you that a reptilian named Kissinger refers to “we the people” as “useless eaters” and a need to “cull the herd” does that make me hateful? Not at all. it makes me aware that we are allowing animals like that to “advise” our presidents on policy and courses of action….it’s just that, the truth. Would you be foolish enough to focus all your energy on removing a nail from your child’s foot and ignore the thousands of them scattered along his path? I hope not, but more and more I’m seeing evidence that that is exactly what many of you do. result? you might win, (I say might), a small victory but it will be overwhelmed and lost. The Jacob Schiff shill by the name of Lenin is “lauded?” for saying the best way to control the opposition is to lead them” does it work? well, we could ask 60,000,000 decent Russians and their entire royal family but they’ve all been murdered so I guess we’ll have to see if it works on our own. And what about the 7,000,00 Ukrainians I spoke of? Do you think they saw it coming when the Bolsheviks moved from farm to farm confiscating their food and their means to grow it? We’ll never know because the controlled media here lied us into believing it was all caused by a natural drought cycle…So,….”Kumbaya my Lord…”. I’m not a rabid, hateful dog, just one fortunate enough to see all the machinations of evil and unfortunate enough to also see that Kumbaya ain’t gonna cut it.

  3. Patrick Monk.RN. says:

    Right On Barbara. I would remind everyone that there is a new threat on the horizon.

  4. Patrick and Paschn,

    Emotions are high over the GMO issue, and rightly so. Unfortunately, some of this emotion spills out onto those who do not deserve it. Let’s say we stop the internal strife and focus on what is important – getting rid of GMOs!

  5. Patrick Monk.RN. says:

    Agreed. As one of the original activists in California’s Prop 37 campaign, before there was a Prop 37, I came here hoping to find like minds and comrades. There are plenty of other outlets for radical, ranting, poltical outbursts, I know, I use them, but I find them out of place and a distraction here. But that’s cool, I can just remove this site from my lists.
    Patrick Monk.RN. SF Ca.
    Co-Founder: Noe Valley Farmers Market
    PS. Admin, is there any way I can block replies from selected individuals.

  6. paschn says:

    You amaze me voice o reason. I hate no one and for you to assume I do based on reasoning of exactly what is and has transpired in this world is outrageously presumptive. In fact I don’t believe I used “hate” refering to any one person or group of persons. Do you watch the news on anything but commerical television? do you read any publications other than the garbage fed to us through standard commercial news papers? magazines? text books?
    Point out to me exactly whom it is I hate? as for cultivating hate, possibly from those who do terrible things to our country and the world, they might hate having the truth laid out and being exposed to light of day but the evil and hatred had to have been in them to begin with to even think of the things they do let alone DO them.
    Do you understand the concept of our Constitution? Bill of Rights? Are you aware every time a LEO uses intimidation or ignorance to coerce a citizen into allowing him to illegally search his home, car whatever w/o a proper warrant that cop has violated said person’s constitutional rights?
    Every time a LEO restricts, tazes, clubs, pepper sprays a demonstrator, let’s say O.W.S. as an example, they are again violating his/her right to redress a grievance under the constitution? Are you further aware that every cop gives a solemn OATH to honor and protect the constitution AND fellow AmeriKans BEFORE he is given the job? can you grasp that it makes them, BY DEFINITION, a traitor to not only their fellow citizens but their COUNTRY as well? Are you aware that more than one international human rights agency not only agree that they violated our constitution but they violated their FELLOW AMERIKAN’S HUMAN rights as well?
    As for the link to Solzhenitsyn’s epic writing? Are you aware that the man LIVED through that horror? Are you further aware that he was awarded more than one literary award for his accuracy and historic importance?
    Take a long, slow look into any mirror in your home… are looking into one of the biggest reasons why not only this country but the entire world is in the shape it’s in, why evil and corruption by a few has ruined it for the balance of us! BECAUSE YOU ARE TERMINALLY naive, afraid and REFUSE to see things as they are! You and many, many frightened delusional people like you villify others and ASSUME you know what they are thinking because you are too horrified to SEE the rotting world around you! I have no hate for anyone, I do, however, feel anger and revulsion at rightened little minds like yours assuming to know what my motives are other than trying to make people see our country for what it was and what the hell they have made it. The truth is simply that…the truth. There is evil and hatred aplenty in the world….but it doesn’t come from me, nor will it. I hate what the evil person DOES, I don’t hate the person. It might be good for you to stop listening to televangelizers et al and do some real objective research on these matters you feel I brought to this forum simply to spew hatred. Be objective, critical and then tell me that I am rabid with hatred, not simply laying out the truth of the matter for people to make an informed decision as to the state of our country, the world and quite possibly what will be in store for most of us in the near future.

  7. Voice O Reason says:

    Yes, this article shows a growing idiocy by big corporations. However, the conspiracy theorists and sidetracks aren’t helping. Constructive ideas are the answer. Comments by people like Paschn are only hateful & breed more hate. There’s no solution to that – it breeds dissent when we need to stand united. A co-op, a community garden, get to KNOW your neighbors. Then you will know who you can trust, who you can depend on. What about a group in an area that volunteer to act as refuge areas? If your friend or neighbor’s power, heat, or water go out, are you willing to assist them until it is up and running again? This is the answer, this is what we need. Unity, strength, ideas, & answers. Those of us who are willing to work the land & be self-sufficient need to keep these values alive & teach them to our kids. Helping similar minded neighbors & friends is one of the keys to achieving this!

  8. Mike T. says:

    You can not allow your children and Grand children to ask you why you didn’t do anything with all the warning signs. I think everyone is going to ask if you knew the government murdered children in Waco and you knew 9/11 was an inside job and you knew they were feeding you poison and you knew they were planning to kill billions of you and you had guns why you didn’t do anything. I’m very afraid that there is nothing we can do, but leave the country or just wait to see their next move. Their next move might be swift and certain.
    If the Eastern Europeans couldn’t do anything. The Commies had full control and when the Hungarians decided to stike back in 1956 and the Russian tanks rolled in there was nobody to help them and so their effort to fight back was squashed.
    When there is anarchy and the jack booted thugs come to your place and they have you surrounded you would hope people would ocme to your aid and wouldn’t it be a good feeling, but nobody will come. They will be guarding their own.
    You never know what the future holds, but what if you knew they were going to murder you with vaccines or whatever you might say screw it you got nothing to lose.
    So right now they might be planning their move the first of the year and we are clueless. We have to face facts this is going to be bloody and we have to make it to bloody for them. Millions of Russians were executed and I’m sure maybe the people in this country need to talk to some of those old Russians who lived through it.
    If people say when the SHTF fan we are going to do something, But look at Waco those people were surrounded and some tried to go to their aid, but you can bet you could not get closer than five miles of that place. Those people were on their own. Now imagine that scenario occurring all over the country by the tens of thousands. You could have 100 Wacos going on at once and if you think anyone will come to their aid forget about it.
    The president of our country was involved in 9’11 and if that doesn’t scare you nothing will.

  9. Bin Laden was a CIA asset.

  10. paschn says:

    Face it folks, we’ve been had and our own cops and military are running interference for the perps;

    If you begin to cry after reading this, go easy on yourself, alot of us did.

  11. Mike T. says:

    Each dissident that has a million followers how much significant impact are they having? I mean ar ethese followers basiclaly people with no family or a job and can create all ki ds of mayhem?
    I know we learned that the BATF murdered those women and children in Oklahoma City and in Waco intentionally. They decided who would live and die. In Oklahima City bombs on the main columns caused the building to collapse. In Waco does anyone believe they couldn’t have gotten the women and children out first?
    Now everyoen knows 9/11 was an inside job, because we have so many witnesses and so many videos and so many experts telling us what happened.
    Now has anyone started a revolution? Did theh not kill enough children in Oklahoma City? They killed 80 people in Waco and about 15 were children. This authority stuff gets on my nerves. Someone has a building and many people live there and supposedly the government thought it made sense to murder women and children, because supposedly someone they thought had guns they weren’t suppose to own. 9/11 was nothing more than a Mossad job. Billions were made from that. Nobody started a revolution yet.

    What if they start going to house to house and searchign for guns and then they will have shootouts no doubt. So it appears we are going to have to wait until the government decides to make their move. Because who do we attack and where do we start the revolution if not at Capitol Hill?

  12. Angela says:

    Some very awake comments. For joining all the dots and going deeper into the rabbit hole see

    11 hours and you won’t see the world in the same way!

    It’s all about perception and the great illusion. agenda 21, wars, oil, etc, etc. The lot.


  13. Bill F. says:

    What has me concerned is the government is doing so much, but they aren’t telling us anything. Does anyone believe for a second that the created GM mosquitoes, because they are concerned about mosquitoes biting us? The only place I have noticed they are a problem is in the marsh. The problem in suburbs and rural areas is caused by people having swimming pools, tires and buckets just lyting around with water creating an environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

    This concern for mosquitoes biting us makes as much sense as swallowing fluoride so our teeth won’t rot. The reason people are so fat is microwaves ovens, eating junk fatty food and not getting exercise. The reason we have autism are the vaccines. We don’t need studies or tests. Just quit getting vaccines and eating processed junk food. This means all these fast food places must be avoided.

  14. .Joe Bassett says:

    I say let’s allow the mexicans, and blacks to stay and get rid of the mosquitoes. I say let’s get rid of sharks, and sheep flies and horse flies those bastards bite, get rid of them. Moles, roaches, grub worms, termites, ants and those pesky mice.
    We talk about what the elite do to us, but what about the world? I mean they may have already destroyed the oceans if all the nuclear waste elaks out and the krill are killed off you can say goobye to the whales and fish.
    Get ready because those idiots have dumped all the nuclear waste in the ocean get ready to eat radiated seafood for 200 years. So if what they did to us was bad, what they did to the environment is 100 times worse and they have killed hundreds of millions of innocent people. We have only one way to defeat them and that is everyone lay down their tools and don’t work for the elite. We keep things going. Most of the time someone worked and like a dumbass they got a thirty year mortgage a house bigger than they needed.
    After you get a certain amount of people all the government and police look at you like a customer to extract money from. I suggest every white person get out of the polluted cities and suburbs and move to the country and get out of the rat race. I live in the marsh. I work there and don’t need a nice car, because I drive to the island and can go fishing, crabbing and tonging. I can drive 8 miles to town and drink a beer and there are no police around. Some people drive old trucks with old tags from ten years ago. You can drive home drunk and you might run off in the marsh, but nobody calls the police. I’ve never seen the police around here at all.
    Some people might think they could not live like this, but i news we live peacefully, we grow gardens and eat all the seafood we want. City folks wish they had it this good. I would not live in the city if they paid me a million a year.

  15. paschn says:

    Cops = traitorous swine. They take an OATH to protect the constitution and violate that oath every stinking day. The only good cop is an EX-cop….not a leech that went 20 and pulled the pin…one who took an objective look at what those filth do….said to themselves….”These guys are GARBAGE and got themselves a job that actually benefits society.I know a few…..too few. It’s amazing what those socio-parasitic boot-lickers will do to their OWN people for a paycheck and dental insurance.

  16. Karin says:

    Some days I feel I have been beaten up physically given the constant onslaught by these people.

    Wars, GMO’s, Bailouts, “Quanative Easing” aka prinint monopoly money, more and more jobs lost.

    Something has to give, it simply can not keep up at this rate.

    Thanks Barb for your diligence as always,

  17. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Genetically Modified Humans? New Gene-Altering Drug Paves Way for Mass Modification

    Read more:

  18. Italics Mine says:

    Maybe it’s a well-thought-out plan to wipe out mosquitos. If so, I’m happy.

  19. C.Them Go says:

    The government(s) and scientists are in the process of saving our planet from us…and themselves as well. When all the genetic manipulations get well underway, planet wide demise will take over. And evlution will begin anew. No fear about technology control. There will be no one to control.

  20. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Nearly 3,000 insect scientists are expected to attend Entomology 2012, the 60th Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, this November in Knoxville, TN. Members of the media who would like to attend can contact ESA for a complimentary press pass.

    WHEN: November 11-14, 2012

    WHERE: The Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville, Tennessee

    WHAT: Entomology 2012 is the 60th Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America. More than 3,000 insect scientists are expected to attend. The theme is “A Global Society for a Global Science,” and there will be 98 symposia and more than 2,500 presentations on subjects such as bed bugs, stink bugs, fire ants, honey bees, genetically modified crops, household insect pests, agriculture and more. In addition, a number of social events will also take place.

    HOW TO ATTEND: Journalists from accredited news organizations will be given complimentary press passes. Members of the media who would like to attend can contact Richard Levine at or 301-602-8953 for a press pass.



    Contact: Richard Levine
    Entomological Society of America

  21. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    How long before technology like this is commonly used to control people … who then would you or could you trust once they have been in the hands of any government agency … it may well be too late now.

  22. Amerikagulag says:

    Proof once again that the WHO is no more than larger version of the FDA. Nothing but a fast track for corporate profits.

    WHO is the ENEMY!

  23. ARIZONA says:

    YOU guys are wrong,they get away with this shit because,the police gang are dumber then a box of rocks and would kill their own family if there sargent told them to,AMERICA has been trained to suck off anyone in uniform,and they do,even if there killing their family,the american people are brainwashed beyond help,PROOF,OBAMA WAS RELECTED,nuff said,prepare for war and blood in the streets,the door is wide open and they will try to take your female children and all you own,america failed the intelligence test………….

  24. ARIZONA says:

    THE BIBLE says all wildlife will die,your children will hate you and curse your name,and few will not see the wrath of the lord,when your friends and neighbors brag about their job,and its evil remember you were warned,the lord says 97% of americans will die with their mouth shut,because they were cowards and were afraid to say STOP………………..

  25. Joe B. says:

    They have been making us sick for decades. So many women are infertile it’s unreal. So you have many men giving hundreds of sperm donations and they are going to create hundreds of offspring and this can only mean brothers and sisters having children. How many people years ago called people nuts when they said we need no federal government or a weak federal government?
    Our founding fathers really screwed up. They could have created a government where only ordinary people were elected to office and they were replaced every year and no career politicians. Everyone should get a chance to vote yea or nay.

  26. Mike T. says:

    Let’s wipe out the mosquitoes and then how many insects starve and then fish and birds. Where I live we have marshes and they try to keep the mosquitoes down, but is there really much different if you have 100 million mosquitoes as opposed to 50 million? Who are they tryign to help the animals? Humans xan put dryer sheets in their clothes and they can spray themselves with vanilla and water. Dr. Bader gives you all the answers to solve the mosquito problem. They say you put a dryer sheet on your hat and in your pockets the mosquitoes won’t mess with you. So there are remedies for humans. Maybe they do it for deer?

  27. Steve B. says:

    What will people say about the first person who decides it’s time to thin out the elite herd and walks into one of corporate offices and liquidates a few of those CEOs? Will the dissidents say yeah way to go or will they say come on guys we don’t need violence. That’s not the way. We should pray. I suppose like the Nuns and Priests prayed in Eastern Europe when the Commies raped and murdered them by the thousands.
    They attack countries based on lies. They assassinate anyone who is a thorn in their side. But we have no choice, but to be peaceful. Is it possible to be as ruthless as we are going to have to be? When the shooting starts will you be able to say screw the job we’ve got to finish this. If each family only takes care of their own we are done. If you see the jack booted thugs busting down your neighbors door you must come to their aid. This everyone’s fight.
    This is a shame it’s why we have a government to stop stuff like this, but we see it is just tro keep us in line.

  28. goldbug36 says:

    The globalist monsters are on a roll .. they have learned that the American people are sufficiently dumbed down so that they can do as they please, and nobody will make a peep. Our Congress is either completely gutless or complicit in the depopulation agenda clearly outlined in the UN’s Agenda 21 pdf. I suspect that they are both.

  29. Emery says:

    It stands to reason that if they can successfully genetically modify insects to die and NOT REPRODUCE – then they can also do that to people. Get it? That’s what the real goal. They couldn’t give a rats ass about the little mosquito. It’s not just about patents and making filthy lucre – its about complete control which means reproductive control of the population. Too many useless eaters and workers. The abortion plan has not been effective enough so we go to plan B. But they label it as the only way to feed the earth’s population. Ha Ha. They are trying to kill us off.

    Talk about the truth in labeling GMO food.

  30. paschn says:

    And He will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth.

  31. Insane Corporate Interests says:

    These criminally insane corporate types and the lazy, stupid, gutless and criminally insane employees who develop these things, produce them and support them through various means including the lawyers and lobbyists, wouldn’t be able to get away with this insanity without the express consent of the other criminally insane idiots in government and their agencies who approve such things and produce propaganda to make them seem benign or to hide the facts. Greed, greed, and more greed or “just following orders”. All of these individuals should be put in the worst possible prison conditions (4th world) or publicly executed once their creations go awry. Time to make a very big example of them all. No exceptions. Target those who target us.

  32. Capt Vic says:

    Are they moving rapidly and feverishly to kill is all ?? Omg this is unbelievable