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Farm Wars

Never underestimate the apathy of the American public.

I have to admit it. I allowed myself to be optimistic about Prop. 37, the GMO Right to Know direct democracy initiative in California. I forgot one crucial thing. Most people simply do not care to know what they eat just as long as it tastes good. They also do not care that their choices affect everyone else’s right to choose as well.

Who cares, right? Says the smoker who lights up in his child’s room, never once thinking about the harm being caused to those developing lungs, or the future habits being imprinted on such a young psyche. Shame on you! Shame on all of you who put ignorance ahead of truth and made the conscious decision to forfeit everyone’s right to know what the hell they are putting in their mouths when they trustingly go to the corner store and purchase that toxic box of GMO corn flakes, or that factory farmed genetically engineered salmon, or eat any number of GMO processed foods, which comprise 85% percent of what is on our grocery store shelves. And that’s only the products we know about. Who the hell cares? Obviously not 53% of California voters.

And so goes the nation. We the people choose to be ignorant. We the people choose to eat whatever poison they the corporations put in front of us and are happy to grovel at their feet. After all, just as long as they are happy we are happy, right?

So, chomp away on those GMOs, because that’s all that will be left after total genetic contamination of the food supply is accomplished. And what then? Well, some say that terminator technology is the answer to the problem. It is not. This is technology that produces plants that are sterile and cannot reproduce. There is a moratorium on the technology at this point. Why? Because the tipping point of planetary genetic contamination has not been accomplished yet, and that is necessary before implementation of the terminator.

First, contaminate every food source, THEN unleash the terminator as the solution to the contamination problem after it is already too late, and at a crucial point in time to insure farmers’ complete dependency on Monsanto, et. al., introduce seeds that produce plants that you cannot even save seeds from if you wanted to because they are completely sterile. Or, almost, that is. Defective terminator seeds will merely reproduce with the sterility gene in place, causing widespread sterility. But that’s okay. For Monsanto, that is. After all, what harm can one company, having a monopoly on all seeds in the world do? Just ask the farmers in India who had no other seeds to buy after their first biotech crops failed. The only seeds available to buy in the stores were GMOs. And the farmers went into debt, lost everything, and the only winner was Monsanto.

Bitter Seeds from Working Films on Vimeo

Welcome to Monsanto world, America. California has just voted them in and you out.

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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23 Responses to “Monsanto Crams GMOs Down California’s Throat”

  1. grrace says:

    You know. I guess it’s okay. Let the Repubulicans and their children, and STUPID people eat that crap and get tumors and cancer. I’ll eat the food that labels “NON GMO”…if that’s possible anymore.

  2. middleway says:

    I understand, from a source employed at major bio-academic institution near Sacramento, that if proposition 37 had passed the major players in opposition would have aggressively perused its nullification via the court system. Need I inform you that corporations are now persons (individuals) too? One positive result of the failure of proposition 37 was that we now have a long list of those who financed the opposition. It is now time to BOYCOTT as many products associated with these corporations/companies as possible. We intend to continue purchasing only those products ‘voluntarily’ labeled ‘Organic’ and ‘Non-GMO’; at least until these labels are made illegal as well. Those who chose remain oblivious will sadly end up feeding the medical/suffering mill. So many sleep in the arms of the delusion that others are safeguarding what they consume. The quality of your food and water is your most important daily decision. It is a personal choice. Make the effort to educate others, one person at a time.

  3. Jeffrey says:

    I subscribe to the suggestion that the vote was rigged. Control of the food supply is the bottom line and “they” will not put up with the idea that we “useless eaters” have anything to say about it.

  4. Sam says:

    Population control. Avoid GMO if you want to have healthy children or want to have children at all.

  5. Paige says:

    I voted against prop 37 simply because I don’t feel anyone has the right to demand what a business must label. It would have caused a lot more harm to the smaller companies than the larger ones who can afford to pay for new labeling. And there already exists a free market non-GMO tagging system which any business is able to use if they so choose. Why put even more regulatory pressure on California’s small businesses?

  6. anne says:

    I live in CA and was surprised it did not pass. I work for a major grocer and people were concerned at the cost of labelling. I thought that funny as these labels are already required by more than 30 countries. People are easily deceived.

  7. everardo says:

    i educated 5 persons on gmo. they knew little or nothing about it.
    very frustrating, but it is a start. i am getting educated even more. all i can say is thank you. thank you once again,may God bless you. if each one of us educates one person per year, and that person educates another in one year, we can have an increase of 100 percent for every year it is implemented. do the math, next time around all their billions wont be enough to save them

  8. CINDY says:

    First off it is EXTREMELY LIKELY the vote was RIGGED, of course,
    look at the money and effort to try and defeat Prop. 37.
    But I also bet there was a lot of ignorance involved by Californians. So hears how I see it! If a person is too
    lazy or doesn’t care enough to do the RESEARCH ON GMO’S
    they will most likely die early then normal. SO IT BECOMES A CULLING OF THE less educated or lazy people in the human
    gene pool!! “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!!”

  9. Irvin says:

    Barbara Talbert: Forget Obama doing anything about GMO labeling considering he appointed former Monsanto lobbyist Michael Taylor as a senior adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on food safety. Almost funny eh?

  10. alex s. says:

    do not discount the fact that evote systems were used statewide, where all manually filled out ballots were scanned in. if anyone has not seen the youtube video of the testimony declaring the systems can and likely are hacked by the software designers, perhaps now is a good time to brush up on election fraud.

  11. As others have said, grow your own food, buy nothing packaged, and opt out of the system whenever possible by creating alternate institutions. We need government free zones throughout the country and the world. Those companies that want to sell their products to the population that is awake and aware need to label their products GMO free and organic. As for those who choose ignorance, well, they can have their just deserts. As time goes on there will be fewer and fewer of them as they die off by eating their beloved GMO’s.

  12. Linda says:

    You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    There’s something wrong with the American public these days, very wrong.

    Perhaps the chemicals have already done their job.

  13. Thomas says:

    I live in California. I am disgusted how many people were against this. Monsanto really hit hard with the price of food. Well most people do not know about Chem Trails, HAARP, Radiation from Fukashima. So how about some more depopulating poisons people?

  14. Observer says:

    Barbara, you’ve done a great job. Don’t despair — as other comments indicate, the battle is not lost but delayed, and there are creative ways around the industry’s push to kill off all natural seeds, and that push plus the manipulation of votes so the NWO candidates/issues always win is vulnerable to our continuing research and exposure of wrongdoing. We will lose only if we give up.

  15. Barbara Talbert says:

    Looks like we need to put a superhero to work on this one. I cannot believe that CA voted to not label GMO’s. It is probably because the people do not really understand what they are or how their intestine and immune system are being contaminated every day three times a day. But the people that do know are not going to go away and we will be back. I hope Obama will consider his promise to label GMO’s.

  16. Yup, it’s time to turn that frustration into a powerful force to inform and fight back. Onwards and upwards. Grow your own, save your seed, and share with others. Eliminate most processed foods from your diet unless they are processed by individuals who actually care about the food they serve and are knowledgeable. No more carelessness, no more compromise. Let’s work wholeheartedly to create awareness.

  17. Tyranny says:

    Thank you Barb for all of your efforts so far to try and educate the sheeple. Please keep up the fight.

  18. Gilda Kneitz says:

    Being the forever optimist, please take heart in the fact that ‘about half’ the voters did say Yes to labeling…and I am certain this bill will be back for another try. Now at least there are more people talking about it and wondering what the heck are GMOs? Monsanto did not win by a landslide, there is still hope, folks.

  19. irene says:

    Hey, I saw my vote counting machine count wrong and was very irregular about the way it took the ballot. Also I have no assurance it counted accurately. I am pretty sure the vote was rigged in Montana, so the rest of you go to your Atty:General and ask for a paper ballot hand count!!!If there are no paper ballots we need to hold the election again with paper ballot hand count under public scruteny.

  20. Alan Donelson says:

    As sad, depressing, discouraging, and stupefying (stupid-fryingly?) as predictable, the approval and disapproval of propositions tell us much about our collective self in California.

    Take (please!) #30, wherein “we” take from the productive (“them”) and give to “us” — those of “we” who cannot, without taking from others through the good (NOT!) offices of government, sustain their occupations or lifestyle derived therefrom. Not that any of the educators, otherwise uneducated, will see any of “our” money. Then there’s P. 36, a loser of a policy that CA voters approved! No compassion, human understanding there. Liberals (neo-liberals now?) comprise a heartless, soulless bunch, I suspect.

    So P. 37’s fate, so predictable, the main impact of 10s of millions of dollars’ worth of TV advertising influenced — surprise!! — those who still watch TV. Duh. Double-duh. And the majority of voters clearly still watched TV right up to pulling that ol’ lever, didn’t they?

    Grow your own, people, stay conscious, be aware, prepare. To look to political solutions seems folly to me. Like the proverbial re-arranging of deck chairs on the Titanic (yet another false flag, so some opine), making marijuana “legal” doesn’t get the real job done before the hour of the setting sun arrives where you live. Best to tend our own gardens now.

  21. Lisa says:

    oh I think the commercial that was dissing juicing was actually a commercial for cold medicine or something…showed a person putting kale and what not in a blender and then said why put up with these gimicks when our medicine really works… it was something to that effect.. The whole thing made me sick, but like you said, alas, the majority of the population doesnt even think about it, its blind trust…uggh!

  22. Lisa says:

    Well, this is bad news…. You know I have even noticed on T.V commercials…… they have ben making fun of juicing, cant remember the exact commercial… and then another one, for ENSURE drink I think, they promote this drink full of synthetic man made vitamins, while on the side they show a cartoon talking salmon for heart health, a cartoon egg for protein, etc..etc.. and basically the commercial is saying to choose the man made synthetic drink over the natural salmon or egg…… SAD, pathetic..