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4 Responses to “David vs. Monsanto – The Percy Schmeiser Story”

  1. noguy says:

    Great Family Scmeiser!! Its with courageous people like you that things will start changing and those who now rules will start fall.
    Unfortunately persons, from the moment they have a job, a car, any kind of food to sustain their family and of cors TV they will never complain or raise against.
    From my side I try to grow my own vegetables, keeping my seed from year to year(in Europe is still possible)and be a conscientious consumer what else can I do…but together we can!!
    Well done.

  2. Barbara Talbert says:

    All the representatives of any district in the USA that supports Monsanto should be voted out of office. A fair indication is those representatives who voted against labelling of GMO’s. This list is very telling on who is being paid off by the “Farm KGB”. You can view this list on the U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 112th Congress-Second Session.It is S. Amendment to S. 3240 (Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012.
    I was gratified to see that Dr. Mercola has the same video about Percy Schmeiser for viewing on his website. He is a great champion for labelling and food rights.

  3. jill rowan says:

    This is a brilliant film which will give hope to some farmers fighting with everything they have, literally, to get these thugs off their back. There were some successes. If the farmers cannot win there will be no love for the earth and no meaning to life, because without it there is no life. They need support. Get Monsanto out of your life and country, there is no alternative.

  4. paschn says:

    Garner all the victories you can against this filth and the blow-flies in D.C. that work for them. Very soon, when they’ve bought off the final politician and judge, there will be NO victories, not even close.