You can filter out fluoride. You can remediate radiation. You can compensate for just about every type of soil or atmospheric condition, but there is no filter or remediation technique in existence for lab-based genetically engineered organisms (GMOs).

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

They’re called transposons, mules, mobile DNA, or jumping genes, and they naturally mutate. They are in almost all species of life on planet earth.

Transposable elements (TEs), also known as “jumping genes,” are DNA sequences that move from one location on the genome to another. These elements were first identified more than 50 years ago by geneticist Barbara McClintock of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. Biologists were initially skeptical of McClintock’s discovery. Over the next several decades, however, it became apparent that not only do TEs “jump,” but they are also found in almost all organisms (both prokaryotes and eukaryotes) and typically in large numbers. For example, TEs make up approximately 50% of the human genome and up to 90% of the maize genome (SanMiguel, 1996).

Jumping genes ”can move from one site in a chromosome to another site in the same or a different chromosome and thus alter the genetic constitution of the organism,” and they are found naturally in almost all organisms. This is an inherent property that comprises 50% of the human genome, and they are subject to mutation.  And now, we are eating genes in our food that were actually designed to jump species, thanks to biotechnology.

Are we facing wholesale genetic mutation?

GM constructs are designed to jump into genomes. Unfortunately, they can also jump out again, to invade other genomes. GM lines are well-known to be unstable, partly because the integrated GM construct can be lost (4), and the viral promoter makes it worse.

Experiments have shown that GM genes can transfer from plants to soil fungi and bacteria. Two German geneticists monitored fields where GM sugar beet was planted (5). They found that the GM construct has persisted in the soil for at least two years after the plants were removed, and some bacteria in the soil may have taken up different parts of the construct.

Since jumping genes are already a large part of our genome naturally, and they are subject to mutation, which can lead to diseases such as cancer and hemophaelia as well as antibiotic resistance, the introduction of genetically engineered DNA into the mix is especially alarming.

transposon  (trns-pzn) [Also known as jumping gene]

A segment of DNA that is capable of independently replicating itself and inserting the copy into a new position within the same or another chromosome or plasmid. Transposons act somewhat similarly to viruses and in humans are an underlying cause of hemophilia, certain cancers, and other diseases. In other organisms, they can become a permanent and even beneficial part of the genome, as in maize corn, where transposons account for half the genome, and certain bacteria, where genes for antibiotic resistance can spread by means of transposons. Also called jumping gene.

Spontaneous mutation of these jumping genes cannot be controlled, especially when combined with completely foreign, unknown DNA sequences that are designed in a lab to jump species. In fact, according to Jeffrey Smith,  “the tissue culture process used in genetic engineering activates transposons, and is a major factor for the resulting genome-wide mutations.”

How does DNA mutation occur?

DNA replication is a truly amazing biological phenomenon. Consider the countless number of times that your cells divide to make you who you are—not just during development, but even now, as a fully mature adult. Then consider that every time a human cell divides and its DNA replicates, it has to copy and transmit the exact same sequence of 3 billion nucleotides to its daughter cells. Finally, consider the fact that in life (literally), nothing is perfect. While most DNA replicates with fairly high fidelity, mistakes do happen, with polymerase enzymes sometimes inserting the wrong nucleotide or too many or too few nucleotides into a sequence. Fortunately, most of these mistakes are fixed through various DNA repair processes. Repair enzymes recognize structural imperfections between improperly paired nucleotides, cutting out the wrong ones and putting the right ones in their place. But some replication errors make it past these mechanisms, thus becoming permanent mutations. These altered nucleotide sequences can then be passed down from one cellular generation to the next, and if they occur in cells that give rise to gametes, they can even be transmitted to subsequent organismal generations. Moreover, when the genes for the DNA repair enzymes themselves become mutated, mistakes begin accumulating at a much higher rate. In eukaryotes, such mutations can lead to cancer.

Notice this statement in the above quote: “Repair enzymes recognize structural imperfections between improperly paired nucleotides, cutting out the wrong ones and putting the right ones in their place.” Can these repair enzymes recognize DNA that has been mutated by the GMOs that we ingest?

Defects in DNA repair underlie a number of human genetic diseases that affect a wide variety of body systems but share a constellation of common traits, most notably a predisposition to cancer (Table 2). These disorders include ataxia-telangiectasia (AT), a degenerative motor condition caused by failure to repair oxidative damage in the cerebellum, and xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), a condition characterized by sensitivity to sunlight and linked to a defect in an important ultraviolet (UV) damage repair pathway. In addition, a number of genes that have been implicated in cancer, such as the RAD group, have also been determined to encode proteins critical for DNA damage repair.

According to Dr. Arpad Pusztai, molecular biologist, GMOs are foreign to the human body when ingested, and are treated as invaders.

Consider the following scenario:

  1. Foreign genes are introduced to the human body via GMOs, which our bodies do not recognize and attack as foreign invaders.
  2. These same foreign invaders were designed to transfer between genomes, so the ones that survive do what they were designed to do and incorporate into the human genome.
  3. What we now have is a recipe for an increase in mutations via horizontal gene transfer  the likes of which no one has ever seen due to spontaneous changes by genetically engineered DNA combined with transposons inherent in almost all species.

What exactly are we opening ourselves up to with the introduction of potentially unrecognizable, genetically engineered DNA sequences designed to jump species that the body has no adequate defense mechanism for? What happens when our body’s repair mechanisms go wrong, and what happens if they don’t recognize the DNA they are supposed to repair? Are we setting ourselves up for genetic Armageddon? Like it or not, we are about to find out.

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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10 Responses to “Biotech Nightmare – GMO Jumping Genes”

  1. goldbug36 says:

    BTW, here is an email I received from a CA woman re. Prop. 37. She keeps up on this issue.

    “The attorney, James Wheaton of ELF (Oakland law firm), who wrote the prop is a radical, radical enviro. He is supporting Klamath River dam removals as well as many other dam removals across the US. The bill is wrongly written and falls into codex alimentarius “harmonization” and “labeling” laws. Just my opinion…although you know I am a chemical free water and food free advocate. Farmers and ranchers are largely against this, as they know it will hurt them the most…”

    I don’t know if CA farmers and ranchers are against Prop. 37 because it will hurt them most in the wallet or what other concerns they may have. The farmers here in Illinois don’t even want to address the issue; they seem to be comfortable in Monsanto’s pockets, receiving perks and payoffs; as long as they make money, they’re happy as clams. I wonder, do they feed these monster crops to their own families?

  2. goldbug36 says:

    Here is another good video. If this doesn’t scare your socks off, nothing will. Now we learn that they are not only messing up the natural DNA structure of our foods, plants and animals and dosing us with insecticides and herbicides, they’re also planning to inject VACCINES into the mix and into our food crops. What makes these psychopaths think they have a right to practice medicine? Is everything today just about MONEY? Since most of us are in Obama’s “disposition matrix,” they don’t need to poison us to death; he’ll have us “droned” out of existence. THIS IS INSANITY! Please pass this video on to everyone you know. Americans seem to be the only uneducated, uninformed creatures on the planet!


  3. Joe Bassett says:

    These GM foods they are pushing in the USA. Russia and China have rejected them. But here you have no choice. My advice you grow your own food. Eat nothing processed. You can’t even eat canned or frozen corn or things made from soybeans. They might feed you GM food and you won’t know. What about all these fast food restaurants and Applebee’s and Golden Corral and all these other restaurants? I would not eat their crap. I only know about soybeans and corn. I haven’t heard about GM other foods. But it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  4. Joe Bassett says:

    They are using several methods and they might be using them to cause confusion. They are using GM seeds and these things are messing with genes and creating their own pesticide that kills insects that eat it, but it won’t harm youu, yeah right. It’s already killing cows and giving rats tumors.
    They now make farmers in America us hybrid seeds and they have always done it with corn. When you have to buy seeds from them it gets expensive. If you keep a bushel of seeds and they are $7 a bushel, then seeds only cost as much as the market, but now they have forced farmers to use GM soybean seeds the price is about $60 a bushel. That adds $100,000 to as much as $500,000 to the cost of planting their crops.
    Now one thing they can do if you have to buy seeds from them. They could nuke the seeds and not produce a crop. They have many options. They could soak the seeds in a solution.
    But I saw on tv last night Jesse Ventura spoke with a woman who was a nurse to rich people and heads of state. She was told in 2003 they were going to start culling the herd. They were going to get rid of useless eaters. She said they are going to offer people a nasal saline solution and when you take it you will gt everyone sick that comes near you and this will create a pandemic. Then the government will make it mandatory that you get these vaccines and when you do it’s bye bye time for you.

    This woman got out of this country and moved to Panama. So I would suggest if you got no reason to be here that you leave this country, because what could possibly happen if they are going to kill 90% of the people in this country? You like those odds? This woman flew into this country in a private plane and flew out right after giving this story.

    So let me explain it to you if you haven’t already learned. The government is going to force you to take vaccines after the people who volunteer take a saline solution and gets millions sick. They will send notices in the mail demanding you report to get your vaccine. I think if I were you I would take my chances in Argentina or Ecuador. This is serious folks. You think the government cares about you? The government people are rich and the people who rule this world are rich. They don’t care for you at all.

  5. paschn says:

    Sigh, it’s getting late and I’m old, forgot the link to above..

    Forgive me.

  6. paschn says:

    The terminator seeds are my biggest point of concern along with AmeriKan’s almost child-like naiveté. Please try to wrap your mind around 7,000,000 Ukranians, (the now officially recognized Holodomor), and 60,000,000 non-Bolshevik Russians murdered by their own government after it had been usurped by foreign nationals,(Jacob Schiff of Kuhn-Loeb, their shill Lenin,Stalin, et al). How much less expensive would it be to simply withhold seeds for the next one or two planting seasons instead of equiping/paying your own military/police to “take care” of the situation if the dispossessed masses “act up”? If these psychopaths want GMO, they will get it regardless of what we the sheeple want. They already have most of our money for the next 10 generations, so it isn’t that. As for assuming it’s population control…”Agenda 22″ facade, it doesn’t fly either. If you really need to control the population you control the number of children through legislation, not mass-murder. That is, unless you simply do not care for Christians/Muslims etc and want to either enslave or eliminate them based on a supremacist/twisted religeous dogma. I’ve probably linked this before but I think it’s very revealing and with changing just a few words is an exact duplicate of what is occuring right now, right here in AmeriKa. I’m not a “holy roller” by any means, (although I do believe in our Christian Lord), but the bible does infact discuss a “Great Tribulation” that will be so horrible it can only be allowed to last a short while or no one will survive. With this in mind, a person still able to think objectively/critically will consider this before they dub me and those like me a “Conspiracy nut” or some such other moniker. Remember….it only takes two or more to be accurately called a “conspiracy”. I feel those unable to grasp such things should at least know what the hell the word means before they belittle those with ideas they have not or can not consider.

  7. Joe Bassett says:

    They are trying every way they can to harm and kill us and it’s high time we either just did nothing and just have fun or it’s time for some Lone Wolves to be striking at the elite for this crap. But as soon as anyone says attack the bastards now the feds will be paying you a visit.

  8. ozspeaksup says:

    sorry for the digression Barbara..heres the snip from the report I mentioned

    The antiviral activity of SP40 peptide was not restricted to a specific cell line as inhibition of EV-71 was observed in RD, HeLa, HT-29 and Vero cells. Besides inhibition of EV-71, it also had antiviral activities against CV-A16 and poliovirus type 1 in cell culture. Mechanism of action studies suggested that the SP40 peptide was not virucidal but was able to block viral attachment to the RD cells

  9. ozspeaksup says:

    and..thanks to the FDA and USDA and the agriscumbags..NO testing was ever done and wont be if they can help it.
    re Brians comment.yeah but HeLa henriatteas cells were taken Pre GMO werent they? but yeah the unkillable proliferation they exhibit may well be caused by such transposon effects.
    was looking into some research vax wise re the Hand Foot Mouth outbreak…also a bit suss.
    some lab golks developed an enzyme based> treatment that they said…also knocked out HeLa cells as well as the coxsackie etc variant HFM.
    funny is NOT being hyped up though?
    but then fix the HeLa problem and the eugenics side of things takes a BIG fall. cant have us all living healthy now can they? their money is IN sick and chronic diseases caused By bad food and pharmas.

  10. brian says:

    HeLa cells, there you go, mystery solved….. RF controlled to make maximum disease… all this time on this subject and this hasn’t been figured out yet? Lateral gene transfer? ….