Animated cartoon on GMOs. This says it all!

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4 Responses to “A Rat’s Tale”

  1. deb liguori says:

    I asked my congressman if he would oppose the riders in the farm bill as well as the ag approp. bill and if he would support the labeling of gmos and his response was he is on the side of sound science.We were at a candidates forum and I did not get to say anymore however I am planning on submitting an editorial to our local paper in which I plan to point out the problems with his so called sound science. I have some family in Cal. and they vote by absentee ballot and cast their vote for the labeling of gmos. Keep up the good fight-more and more people are waking up to the dangers of gmos and all the toxic pesticides being pumped into our ecosystems.

  2. mothman777 says:

    Looks like people are suffering from ‘boiling frog’ syndrome. They are being killed so slowly and softly (at the moment) they can’t even work it out, and are not marching in millions to literally throw their governments out of office. A little while longer and the Bolshevik GM killing machine will be in full swing and totally unstoppable.

    People are getting so soft through fluoride etc. that they cannot bear any stress in their lives, and naturally, they feel that to vigorously oppose their governments to force them to ban GMO’S would be far too much bother. They feel that it is far better to gamble that it might just be all OK, and not risk having any serious upset in their lives.

    After all, their governments would never hurt them, would they?, Why would they ever do that?, after all, they are good people aren’t they?. This is the infant school mentality that people always have unfortunately, as they go softly to their deaths throughout history.

  3. I think it’s fitting that all those opposed to labeling should be invited to a banquet with those for labeling. On one table, GMO food. On the other, non-GMO. Let’s see how many of those opposing labeling would actually eat from the GMO table.

  4. Burt says:

    They are spending a fortunate trying to defeat Prop 37 in California. Unfortunately, the authors of Prop 37 can’t fund enough ads to counter all of Monsantos ads. I hope it passes.