“The body will regard any Genetically Modified Food coming into the digestive system as foreign.” Dr. Arpad Pusztai

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12 Responses to “Dr. Arpad Pusztai – The Gut Attacks GMOs as Foreign Invaders”

  1. Lee in Kansas City says:

    Thanks for this fantastic interview!

    I’m now wondering if GMO’s might account for the increasing numbers of cases of “leaky gut” syndrome. When we eat food not good for us (overly processed, additives, GMO’s!) the gut walls get damaged, and can leak food particles into the body, which the body then attacks as foreign.

    According to Dr. Sherry Rogers (prolific author and former physician who got fed up with traditional medicine), leaky gut syndrome is at the heart of all metabolic disorders (all of them!), as well as the predictable related disorders which eventually develop (malnutrition, thyroiditis, all auto-immune disorders, depression, etc.).

    Of course, traditional medicine doesn’t recognize leaky gut syndrome, and so only treats for the symptoms of it (thus seeking suppression of the symptoms without addressing the cause). That “medical” approach uncannily coheres with GMO proliferation, eh!

    Barbara, you are a truly remarkable woman warrior, and I’m glad to have you among those representing my sex. :) In the same league as you is economist Catherine Austin Fitts, who has been my beacon for several years now.

  2. goldbug36 says:

    Another interesting article .. what Russia is going to be doing to combat GMOs, which they have banned:

  3. goldbug36 says:

    How do we stop the insanity? Check this out:

  4. mothman777 says:

    Absolutely amazing report Barbara.

    Many thanks for the great effort you have used to put this report together to help inform people what is being done to them before it is too late to stop it. The shills in many mainstream media articles and the hordes of shills, dupes and ignorant people supporting the GM movement in the comments sections are a growing tide of darkness. You provide a shining light of truth here.

    God builds genetic sequences to interact with each other from the top down, so that they draw souls upwards towards higher dimensions. The atheist materialist scientists who have no cognizance of higher spiritual dimensions attempt to work from a position of total spiritual ignorance, from the bottom upwards, into oblivion, creating awful dysfunctional vehicles for souls that will propel them towards Godless chaos.

    Everything in these videos says that these GM crops are being used against various peoples of the world as a weapon, for depopulation, with profit not being the main issue at all in fact. Profit usually is seemingly the entire motive for these type of people certainly, but genocide to enable total supremacy comes even higher than profit for them, after all, how will millions of dead people be able to give them money in the future? They won’t, so money cannot be the ultimate goal.

    Genocide is the real intended product of these crops. I do not mean this metaphorically in any way, but literally, and American people and others have got to very physically remove their current politicians from office before they are all sterilized permanently, it is as simple as that. We know the voting system is totally rigged, and that the choices of candidates are totally rigged. Just get these malicious, anti-spiritual criminal fake politicians out of office and ban GMO as soon as you possibly can, or the only gentile babies being born in the future will be coming out of test tubes, weak little runts to be used as a sub-human worker class, until such a time as the DARPA project can replace them altogether with humanoid robots that are stronger, more agile and just as intelligent as today’s humans at the very least.

    Those slave class workers will be totally redundant when that project comes fully online in about 30 years time, and there are several good articles to demonstrate the facts of that already available. That is not science fiction but science fact, and those robots are being developed to do just that, and as soon as sufficient numbers of them are manufactured, the test tube babies will be produced in fewer and fewer numbers until they are phased out altogether. Just like the GM fed rat that is half the size of a normal rat in the ddeesdotcom photo, that is exactly what is going to happen to the peoples that are having these poison food weapons forced on them now.

    Now is your last chance to continue to be able to have normal children. Perhaps people are so tired now that they just want to go to sleep and let this life, that is becoming more and more of a nightmare, just be over as soon as possible, and that is why they are just suicidally switching off all forms of inner resistance and just letting themselves be led into this terrible death, not even caring if they become sterile and their genome is totally finished; they just think, what is it all worth anyway?

    They just do not feel they can go on anymore, and rather than have a very distressing form of confrontation with their hostile governments who are forcing this upon them, they are merely acquiescing, resigning themselves to this certain fate, whilst lying to themselves inwardly to still their minds, just to slip into death as quietly as possible.

    Yet this is not necessary; a better life is possible, and this does not have to be the way things are, and we can have happier and purposeful lives in our present variety of species, so we should make all efforts to oppose GMO’s as vigorously as possible, and we should work to ensure that we are able to go on living in our present type of bodies, as they are a wonderful instrument, allowing us to approach God once again.

    Certainly, natural miRNA in natural foods adds to our own miRNA and co-functions with it already, in a very functional way (unless we eat a poisonous plant of course), so we are part whatever species we eat, or at least our bodies are. But when we eat GM miRNA, the same effect occurs, but in a dysfunctional manner, and our natural human miRNA is modified with GM miRNA so that we then have organs that no longer work as they should, and then we will die eventually, just as the test animals are doing, with their much shorter lifespans.

    This is a lightning fast and very audacious military strategy being executed against many peoples right now, and it will happen so quickly, that the irreversible desired effect of sterility, and genetic damage will be achieved in so few a number of years that the effect will be dramatic, so fast as to prevent the formation of any resistance to it. We are right at the threshold of annihilation of entire races here.

  5. goldbug36 says:

    Monsanto et al are a big part of the globalists’ depopulation plan. Our farmers, Farm Bureaus, and government at all levels (Congress, the courts, SCOTUS) are obviously insane .. in that they are complicit in their own demise. Pray for the passage of Prop. 37 in California.

  6. The immune system is working overtime and breaks down. This allows incorporation of foreign DNA into our systems because the immune system simply cannot deal with something that it was not built to deal with – something totally foreign. And some of these foreign genes such as the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus used in the genetic engineering process are 75-85% identical to the HIV and HepB viruses, allowing for recombination in the gut. Inflamation is a result of this battle between the immune system and GMOs. http://www.functionalmedicine......ponses.pdf

  7. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

  8. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Download the parts of this new video just released by Garry Null as it will some ‘disappear’ from YouTube.

  9. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    “The body will regard any Genetically Modified Food coming into the digestive system as foreign.”

    Perhaps it is a question of language …. his statement supposes that the immune system will react to the “foreign” material and try to change it when, in fact, the immune system seems incapable of overcoming those specific inserted genes when they are part of the food we eat and the evidence is that the ingested gene then takes up residence within us and generates material which then mutates our own DNA.

    Put another way, his own research shows that the inserted genetic material, when NOT incorporated into plants we eat, is broken down by an immune reaction within the gut but when placed in potatoes, is NOT recognized as “foreign” and attacked by an immune reaction and that failure of the immune system is what allows it then to physically alter us.

  10. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    The Psychopath TransHUmanist Genetic Murderous Kult’s attempts, to Transmute the DNA and Change the CREATOR’S spirits, in to altered forms of Satanic Luciferian pagan god demoniac Zombie Goyim, will also effect their all ready twisted genes, to try and reduce the numbers of the servants of CREATION?

    Pray for HIS intercession with US, on our behalf, to assist US against HA Shatan’s evil N.W.O. plan for Global Satanism?

  11. Exactly where is he wrong, Lawrence? He specifically points out that genetic engineering is causing mutations. Dr. Pusztai is one of the honest scientists that was attacked for blowing the whistle on genetic engineering when it was first being considered.

  12. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Dr. Pusztai is wrong … some genetic material WILL alter the DNA of gut flora or fauna and become part of us.

    The attack on honest scientists goes on … a few months ago one could find this video in many places …. not any more.