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Farm Wars

What is activism? The word is bandied about liberally. defines it as “the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc.” A pretty broad definition. So, what is activism, really?

Let me give you my definition:

True activism is devoting one’s life to a cause. It is putting beliefs into action by living them each and every day, for the rest of eternity. Not a partial commitment once a week or once a month or whenever the urge strikes. Once the truth is revealed there is no turning back. It is either accepted and acted upon or left to rot at the side of the road after a moment’s dally.

Activism is not playing with people’s lives then throwing it all away and going your merry way down the road when you are through. Real activism comes from within and is life-changing. Real activism sets one on a life’s journey to live out a set of beliefs instead of laying them down on the altar of compromise whenever a new “cause” comes along.  A flash in the pan is just that, a momentary success, but those in it for the long haul will make a difference.

The “do as I say and not as I do” days are over.  We are living in perilous times and soon, wavering back and forth will not be an option. We either live for the truth or die with the lie. There is no in-between. Without 100% commitment we are left flopping in the wind, without direction, and standing for nothing. What is it going to take to light the fire?

I give my life to pursuing the truth, no matter the cost. I give my life to living each and every day like it is my last here on earth, and hope that what I say and do makes a difference in the overall scheme of things. I choose to live life being able to look in the mirror and believe what comes out of my own mouth without turning away in disgust. Want a better world? Be a better person. Live what you believe, and believe what you live. It’s really that simple. I give my life. Will you give yours too?

©2012 Barbara H. Peterson

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One Response to “I Give My Life”

  1. Leon Pittard says:

    A beautiful article Barb.

    I too committ my life to the work of sharing the truth in all its forms and helping my fellow man find what I have found. I hope in some way to help someone find truth, righteousness, contentment, strength of will, good health and a better way than the systems that are being designed for us. I join with you to this end. True happiness and contentment is found in this objective.

    Thank you for your work in encouraging others. Keep it up.