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Contrails, Chemtrails, and Artificial Clouds is a 30-minute documentary that may supply a previously missing piece in the chemtrail puzzle.

Persistent white clouds that form behind commercial jet aircraft are caused when the cold, moisture-laden exhaust from those planes comes in contact with invisible particles of silver iodide that previously were sprayed into commercial-airline routes by smaller aircraft for that specific purpose. Silver iodide attracts water from the exhaust and causes it to condense into artificial clouds that can linger for days.

This is a commercial operation that has been under way for many years. It is conducted by private cloud-seeding companies and is financed primarily by local governments seeking to modify the weather, primarily to enhance rainfall. Most nations of the world have substantial budgets for this program. Supporters claim that creating artificial clouds also helps to reduce global warming. Aside from the fact that global warming is a political myth, it turns out that artificial clouds actually increase the temperature of the planet by trapping heat at night. It’s the same reason igloos are warm inside.

Also, as this documentary points out, silver iodide is highly toxic to plants, humans, and wildlife – to say nothing of other chemicals added to the mix, including aluminum, lead, and strontium. There are important issues not addressed by this program, but it is only 30 minutes long, and we think the producer wisely chose to keep it simple by focusing on one main concept:

Chemtrails are formed when normal jet exhaust comes in contact with silver iodide and other toxic chemicals sprayed into commercial-airline airspace. Neither airline pilots nor ground crew nor jet-fuel suppliers need to participate in any of this. We welcome your opinion of this theory, especially if you have expertise in chemistry or meteorology. Please send comments here. Skywatcher 2012 Sep 13


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39 Responses to “The Missing Piece in the Chemtrail Puzzle?”

  1. Sandra Collins says:

    I’m thinking Soros will be buying up drought stricken farmland at reasonable rates,some industries are dumping toxic waste cheaply,there is a government experiment or two going on,and some who pay get the rain they want. And we take what ever comes down stream.
    There is more then one goose cookin here and the one who pays the most and has the most pull gets the best of whatever they can pull off.

  2. goldbug36 says:

    If one lives in an area regularly crossed by commercial jet traffic, then one should see the same “con/chem” trails every day. I live in an area that is not crossed by jet traffic, yet on some days, our clear, blue sky is criss-crossed by chemtrails from planes so high you can barely see them; then the sky turns an ugly grey .. but no rain. If they can “seed” the clouds so easily and create rain, then why were we treated this summer to three months of 105+ degree temps, NO RAIN and destroyed crops?

  3. h says:

    well id say there are different weather modifications going on, because where i live east coast usa, when they start dropping lines, the sky clears of heavy rain clouds and turns to a hazy smoggy clear sky, not to mention from what ive gathered, half the chemicals they use has pages of side effects that go with each chemical, so it may help global warming but dont question the rise of down syndrome or Alzheimer all you need is to look to the sky

  4. POWER UNSEEN says:

    ND Doctor in Carnicoms’ film described how chemtrails can cause heart attacks if I remember correctly. I can think of three or possibly four local people known to me who have had heart attacks in recent weeks and the trails here are as bad as ever. Any connection? Two sadly died.
    Rubbish to say seeding for rain. In my humble opinion, they stop the rain, and it gets hot! I have found the white spider web goo on my car bonnet before now.
    PU Southern England

  5. mgw says:

    Greetings, my knowledgeable chemtrail activist friend writes:

    >>I don’t agree with this video. Just for starters the outfall from spray operations is not silver iodide – it is baarium, strontium, and aluminum. Secondly, most spray ops are done by the KC series of military tankers – not commercial aircraft, and they are done well away from commercial airspace most of the time.<<

  6. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    In my view, the video (just after 23 minutes) answers a persistent question in my mind of the “why now” in the blatant attempt to sow the deception it presents.

    We know American has lusted after the water we have here in Canada and the answer is found 23 minutes in.

    Part of the conditioning process for war is to create a mindset within the public … American has no water and Canada has a surplus … we are good at digging trenches and we only have to go take what we need from Canada – if not by agreement, then by war.

    Appears (as I’ve always know it would be)inevitable.

  7. sye says:

    It does not hold up because many of the jets spraying abruptly stop and start as they clearly empty chambers then press another button for the next to spew out. There are many many reasons for the spraying and no doubt they seed rain from time to time with silver iodide. The answer I am looking for is to the one question that is most asked of me….”Why would ‘they’ do harmful spraying when it affects them also, not to mention their own loved ones?”

  8. thedoctor says:

    The reason is multilayered. For some reason the human mind can only accept one reason for anything, and that reason must be based on common scientific principals taught by the educators of the religion of science.

    There are several reasons for the chems, but the last is the real reason.

    1. Alter weather for various reasons not easily explained to the common man, but would be easily defined by those who order the effort – these “men” are well above any known leader.

    2. Bacteria virus are included. Again, reasons will not be found at the level of anyone you can name bu the main them is to alter DNA and prevent the consciousness of the populace from rising.

    3. Global warming shield. This contingent part is included to convince those who participate in the actual undertaking they are doing good – it is lie.

    The deeper reason is the sun. Those in charge at the deepest levels know the sun is way more then a ball of burning gas, in fact, they fear the energy is is creating on our behalf. The seek to block the energy from the sun and keep it from altering our consciousness. There is a reason why all of the religions worship the sun and why modern science has sought so hard to turn the sun into nothing more interesting then a nuclear reactor.

    The process is very complicated, involving the measurement of the quality and quantity of energy from the sun (and deeper space) and the geometry of the earth. When incoming energy is detected, the best locations for blocking the most energy are determined and chem planes are dispatched. They cannot block every area, so certain areas are chosen due to either population or geometry – the best place to disrupt the whole energy.

    Watch for days of intense solar energy, or galactic energy, and you’ll see chems – though I suspect they are using the ongoing radiation energy from fukashima to do some of the heavy lifting now.

  9. tyranny exposed says:

    OK here’s my theory. (this is tongue in cheek)

    Aliens have convinced our governments that we are on a direct path towards total annihilation, and in order to save our literal existance, they must be allowed to expose themselves and enslave the human population. Once enslaved, they will re-educate us either by force or death into understanding the wrongs of our ways.

    In return for our sovreignty, we must come to a collective understanding of what universal peace means and promise to share our resources with them for one thousand years. The problem is these aliens can not live in our current atmosphere, and thus require assistance from our governments in chemical spraying. Also, the population can not know of this agreement, the only true way to weed out the useless eaters from the peaceful critical thinkers is to promote an aggressive alien psy ops that will essentially look to eliminate about 80-90% of the population which are almost certain never to be able to convert because their IQ’s are below 125, which just happens to be the very minimal IQ necessary for understanding how interwoven life, peace, and happiness are. Of course there will be some “patriotic types” with high IQ’s too which may have to be eliminated if they can not be re-educated.

    In the end, after much pain and loss of human dignity and life, the aliens will round up enough resources to share with their home populations, leaving mankind in peace for 100 years. Returning every 100 years to the day to collect more resources and check on the collective consciencness of the human species. War will be against the law. Lying will be a lengthy prison sentence. Only honor, love and truth will be allowed. Of course with the atmospheric changes will also come changes to our very DNA, and through genetic recombination, the alien species will attempt to splice the peaceful human DNA with their own. After another 50,000 years our DNA will be 80% alien, and we will be nominated to be a part of their galactic freedom assembly, provided we remain peaceful the entire time. Unless we vote for Obama, who is an illegal alien and not a friend of the human race.

  10. Max says:

    The story is not correct as I have seen planes pass where one leaves a normal contrail that disappears quickly but a second plane then passes leaving a chemtrail that spreads out.

    Clearly the second plane is deliberately spraying. This is further confirmed as you watch a “grid” of chemtrails appear in the sky. Some planes leave a normal contrail but others are spraying a chemtrail.

  11. witness says:

    Are the chemtrails radioactive? Is it an operation akin to using depleted uranium ordinance? Depleted uranium was considered as an area denial weapon in 1943. Are the chemtrails a type of “area denial weapon”?

  12. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    H.A.R.R.P.Y. “CONstitution Day” Holly and StanDeyo: On Deanna Spingola’s show this a.m.: Dr. Cass Ingrahm? [not sure of spelling]? related on HIS recent visit to: So. California, Las Week; when California and Las Vegas Nevada enjoyed an: EXTREME Rain /Flooding Event, having notified You, last week, to the Aerial Spraying per-emanating the NOTE worthy Rains, Br. Ingram had RADIATION RE action, to IRRADIATED Rains that He concludes come via FUKOSHIMA Contamination via Jet Stream saturation? We expect we Las Vegans; “Enjoyed”; like RADIOLOGICAL EXPOSURE through the HAARP pre-cipitated Weather WAR Extreme Rain EVENT?
    Regrettably IT SEEMS the HAARP activity, see at: [though Being generally CENTERED over the so. Californian Salton Sea Geo-logically active San Andreas-Pacific Plate, Tectonics southern End, will most likely CONTAMINATE So. Nevada, N. and Central Arizona, quite possibly New Mexico and Texas…..???

    In that The Rothschilds’ [ Lady R. ] purchased a Interest, in the World’s Largest WEATHER Info / [Now DIS Info?], Dissemination Service? ‘s Usually reliable intel is NOW in Question, since just after the demonically Planned: FUKOSHIMA Global Genocide EVENT. We conclude this to be Most vexatious? Chris near; Las Vegas Nevada. Note we do: Internet Radio Commentary, frequently?

  13. tuwun0 says:

    An elegant theory, but the overall research done thus far by many researchers over the years shows evidence that is not symptomatic of it being solely silver iodide lacing. Granted this science / technology is probably in use – to a small degree, but I agree with many of the comments left by others here that have pointed out other pertinent factors that paint a much wider picture. I live in Canberra Australia and I was surprised to see these chemtrails first hand. The exhaust from the jet airliners is much, much more than a thermal reaction to the atmospheric temperatures; the particle elements of which are much heavier than water condensate. These trails literally hang in the air – and on occasions I have observed that these trails have dropped / stretched down in altitude like curtains. Also the chemtrails almost certainly have a distinct pulse emission trail signature – similar to an oscilloscope square wave or a saw tooth pattern. I would advise you to examine (or re-examine) the excellent research done by others in this field of pursuit and I think you will agree it cannot just be silver iodide lacing. Regards.

  14. witness says:

    I have recently been flying above the chemtrails.. They are a dark/grey sheet of particles when viewed from ABOVE…That is to say they are not white… They are like a sweater or a giant BLACK blanket on the planet heating it up and trapping heat . it has been record setting hot and dry here under constant spraying in Ontario.. There is no way the stuff they spray here makes rain, because they spray here daily and it NEVER rains because of it.

  15. 57states says:

    chemtrails are real, the skies did not look like this when we were growing up! I used to be an aeriel photographer i have never seen these chemclouds, or chemtrails before….i always see x marks the spot, grid patterns, chemtrail that linger, only to widen 1000 fold then slowly turn into hazy synthetic clouds, some days i can play tic tac toe in the sky. i have seen orange and brown chemtrails, i have seen chemtrail come out of the wingtips and the tail tips where there are NO ENGINES! I have seen off/on sprays, i have seen chemtrail lines for hundreds of miles with usually 5 miliraty planes flying paralel slighty behind each other, my friend is in the air force he has seen the aerosol injectors with fans behind them, he says they usualy fly out of the air national guard bases! they also use foreign pilots, russian, dutch, n korean and chinese pilots, he has met them!he says miliatry chaff (although dif from chemtrail) is real too, cloud seeding is real, he said it is very top secret! call your congressman or call the EPA AND MAKE A COMPLAINT! IF YOU DONT THEN DONT BOTHER COMPLAING ABOUT THEM! CALLS WILL NOT DO NOTHING, BUT THEY WILL KNOW WE ARE WAKING UP and put pressure on this aerosol program, my plants and bushes are startying to die, this is the first i have seen this in my home i have been hear 7 years negver seen this, never seen flood like we have been having here in massachuseets in my 54 years of living! now mass gets tornado warning?? they are caausing global warming!!

  16. Hsaive says:

    This is a good video and may tell part of the story, but crediting the global spraying ONLY to silver iodide misses much of what’s really going on based on lab analysis and observation that also points to alumina in the Welsbach patent and promoted by geoengineer David keith.

    I’m not calling this documentary an effort at disinformation… BUT we are finding far too much nano-sized alumina, barium sulphate, biological experiments in the chemtrail fall-out to blame it all on silver iodide.

  17. billy baker says:

    Sorry, but no dice. It is too late for cute card montes. Far too many of us have already studied chemtrails and found out about the aluminum and barium residues. They have seen the videos of the planes leaving the trails. The phenomenon observed is obviously not condensation but pollution. Meanwhile the military openly admits to spewing chaff. You might try studying the issue before issuing an endorsement of a crackpot theory because reputations in the troot biz are easily lost. As for the so called beams ahead of planes, that has easily been shown to be shadow parallax ahead of the planes caused by backlighting. Some of the gullibility here reminds me of some famous words about never underestimating Americans. Since the American system of private finance monopoly guarantees losers, at least until the end of the year while the contract lasts, it is small comfort to know most never figure things out and will go quietly believing all manner of foolishness, providing in the know cynics with easy pickings. Thanks so much for sharing, LOL.

  18. jim a. says:

    OK folks. Listen up… The real purpose of the chemtrails is to filter out the frequency of sunlight that the human body uses to produce the usable form of Vitamin D – not the kind you find added to many foods. If you don’t know what vitamin D really does for you, start by googling Vitamin D3.

  19. mia says:

    @ Martin and Mary

    I’ve also seen the chemtrail plane following a black beam.

    I believe that the planes are drones and the black lines are lazers refilling them.

    It sounds crazy but Lockheed Martin have just admitted that they have the tecnology to do this, they’re saying it will happen in a few years, we all know that technologically they’re way ahead to what they tell the public.

  20. aldeia minha says:

    if it were silver iodide, then why are we here in central portugal into our 240th day of no rain?
    this theory is just that…another THEORY…but it just doesn´t follow the facts…as many above point out.
    planes the same size at the same altitude, one spewing forth its poison and the other, with not even a contrail?….answer that conundrum for me!

  21. Martin says:

    I have witnessed chemtrail planes flying adjacent to and parallel with what looked like a darker blue line in the sky. The line looked almost like a shadow from the spraying plane and extended in a straight line as far as the eye could see. I thought they might be experimenting with a two component spray. Anyone seen anything like this before?

  22. opinion says:

    I think they’re manipulating the climate to deliberately melt the artic to get the oil.

  23. awake says:

    Hey….What the heck??? these planes are all @ very high altitude 35,000 and higher, well into the Jet. They’re big. Their trails start and stop, and sometimes horizon to horizon. Your theory is baseless. What is your intent? Shill? Look, maestro, Explain how your theory relates to multiple aircraft in roughly the same altitude when some trails are spewing forth and the next plane has only a 1/2 mile natural dissipating trail?….at the same time???? Come on, do you really think these readers are that stupid? This is a very disturbing, serious, and potentially deadly issue. Theorist such as yourself only complicate the matter. Oh and BTW, the plane in the YTB vid is a Cessna 180…that’s a 15,000ft ceiling Einstein.

  24. Mary says:

    I have tons of video of two planes flying almost right next to each other. One is leaving a trail from horizon to horizon. The other is leaving a normal contrail, about 10 lengths of the plane. I also have several videos of two planes flying side-by-side, one leaving an orange chemtrail, the other leaving a blue chemtrail. Also, I have many videos of the black beam ahead of and behind the planes. Many of us on YT have posted these. This video does not explain this.

  25. David says:

    Kissinger,once said to control the people control the food.Drought was a good start.

  26. David says:

    Bravo RJB5852,Someone has done their homework.

  27. keehotee says:

    This information is completely bunk. Trying to deny the true nefarious conspiracy here is evil. Pure red herring, limited hangout crap.

    I have observed many chemtrail jets (unmarked, white) flying obviously non-commercial routes and elevations and obviously spraying areas that will create heaviest fallout over populated areas. I have often seen in the same sky planes at the same approximate altitude with one leaving a persistent trail and one that leaves a normal contrail.

    Don’t kid yourself – drought is the goal, not the “unforseen effect”.

  28. RJB5852 says:

    Everybody is missing the point of the “chem-trails”, The air craft are NOT flying HIGH enough to do anything the “experts” claim in relation to global warming. If you want to block sunlight or heat by spraying stuff into the atmosphere you MUST be at least 60,000 ft in the air, with 80,000 ft being closer to the ideal. All commercial aircraft have a maximum ceiling of less than 50,000 ft. with most flying less than 40,000 ft. (36,000 ft. is typ.) This means that they are spraying almost 20,000 to 40,000 ft to LOW !!!!. Which means they are CREATING the global warming effect and telling you that you are doing it, so you will give everything up to the great unseen leaders of the world and the secret they hide. The lack of rain fall this year was done to help cover-up how bad the farmers got screwed by MF Global and all of johnny’s buddies on Wall Street and in the White House, and I am pretty sure Mitt and his buddies made a few bucks off it all too. Wake up people, they are all in on it, you don’t get to play at that level unless you sell your soul to them and do what they want, because if you don’t, just remember what happened to JFK.

  29. David says:

    Protest and even senators can’t make it stop..

  30. Mary says:

    This does not explain why there will be a week with chemtrail-free skies and relatively few planes. Then the next day, hundreds of planes leaving trails from horizon to horizon are present. Every five minutes another one comes across the sky all day, until the sky becomes totally covered in gray. And the grids and asterisks are not explained at all by this theory. Look up “black chemtrails” or chemtrails black beams” on YT. This is something many are capturing on film – what looks to be a dark beam is either projected far out ahead of the chemtrail planes, or there is a pre-set track that the planes are following. These black lines have also been seen behind the planes extending all the way to the ground. I and many others wold like to see a scientific investigation of this. There is plenty of video evidence. I personally have many pictures and videos of this.

  31. David says:

    Silver iodide is not showing up in soil it is not showing up any where.Silver iodide is too make it rain.
    I have been into this chemtrail stuff for over 8 years and never have I seen any soil,air,blood or any other sample that was tested show up silver iodide.
    Carnicom made a statement once about contrails versus chemtrails I am sure most folks have watch ice road truckers in alaska where it is -50 plus degrees outside,do you see any long but trail for miles behind the trucks exhaust no same with aircraft and like Mike said hot exhaust into cold moist air will form a contrail no other way.
    and to call them persistent trails is also wrong in order to make a chemtrail you have too inject an aerosol into the mix,aerosol trails or what they are CHEMTRAILS because they have chemicals and heavy metals.No conditioning here I love my country but hate my Gov.

  32. branewaiver says:

    I’m an old man. I know we’re being sprayed. For whatever reason, it’s illegal, immoral, and insane. My comments won’t stop it, but what is worse, nor will any protest. To the perpetrators I say, your stupidity will be your undoing. Or not. Which is why you keep spraying. But I know it.

  33. Mike Hunt says:

    “Persistent white clouds that form behind commercial jet aircraft are caused when the cold, moisture-laden exhaust from those planes comes in contact with invisible particles of silver iodide that previously were sprayed…”

    DUDE! The exhaust gasses are HOT, and condense in the cold atmosphere forming CONTRAILS that ALWAYS dissipate usually within about 50 miles.

    If your imagination can connect the following you will see what I have witnessed as planes weaved their magic overhead:


    If you can connect the previous you might imagine the 2 planes banking left, then right, then left, then right, FROM HORIZON TO HORIZON.

  34. Izora Woods says:

    What I don’t understand about this explainatin is why then they have changed their techniques? – they still do the horizon to horizon grids – but now at night – I awake to them and to the ‘clearing’ trails – then the ‘split-spray’ this is new this last year – we have it everyday – what about the blue, green, orange trails? This doesn’t explain the grids – they are military grids formed to cover the largest space – different sprays produce different fallout patterns. The planes making the trails over my house are not commercial – because they are not on planefinder and they are too low to be cruising from one side of the country to the other. PLUS IT IS NOT MAKING RAIN – IS IT????

  35. Joe,

    Please see my comment to David. And a question for you. Why are you so quick to jump on someone and accuse them of misinforming?

  36. David,

    Why are you clinging to the “either/or” trap? How about “both?” It’s like the left/right paradigm. Sometimes the choice is neither or both, and we have been conditioned to accept that we have only two choices. NOT!

  37. David says:

    This story is the most stupidest thing that I have ever read when it comes down to chemtrails,Silver iodide has nothing to do with the amounts of Barium and aluminum that has already been found.

    I am sorry for being so harsh but read some articles from Clifford Carnicom,or Barium blues,

    This statements are just mis-leading to say the least.

  38. Joe Sabuni says:

    Then why are they finding micronized aluminium, barium sulphate, various biological parts in the chemtrail ‘debris’. Thats not silver iodode. Why do you misinform.

  39. wxman2001 says:

    I am a meteorologist. While I think this theory has some merit for some of the chemtrails; ie a first plane sprays the mix, and the airliners condense it, I have observed planes actually spraying back and forth across an area and having an instantaneous effect as well. These planes are spraying at a lower altitude than airliners travel in transit, around 10-15000 feet is appears to me.