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Farm Wars

As if it wasn’t enough that the United States is relentlessly pushing the invasion of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) onto the world’s food supply at an alarming rate, leaving those who are concerned about health to radically step away from most processed foods and start growing their own good, clean food at home, the Middle East is getting into the genetic engineering action with GMO camels. If this succeeds, camels genetically modified with human genes will be cloned for Big Pharma drugs.

Yes, the insanity is spreading. Which begs the following questions – Just when will we learn that it is not in our best interests as a species to fool around like this? What makes the guys in the little white lab coats think they can successfully redesign our entire genetic code with their experimental DNA-changing genetic engineering techniques, which have been unleashed on the planet as a grand experiment on us all? The absolute arrogance is mind boggling.

Genetically modified camels could produce pharma proteins in their milk

By Natalie Morrison, 10-Sep-2012

Genetically modified (GM) camels could be used as a cheap way to produce the pharmaceutical proteins used in drugs – through their milk.

Researchers Dubai’s Camel Reproduction Center are trying to insert genes that encode pharmaceutically-active proteins into camels, with the idea being that the resulting transgenic animals will express the molecules in their milk.

Lead scientist Nisar Wani says the team hopes the project will boost cost-effective drug production for the Middle East and North Africa, where affordability is low.

“Hopefully we will transfer camel transgenic embryos to surrogate mothers for the first time later this year,” Wani told SciDev.Net.

He also said that – for the camel DNA being used in the process – the team are focusing on a particular advantageous cell line which includes traits such as producing milk in high quantities. The team have not yet revealed which foreign gene they are splicing with the camels’, however experts believe it is most likely the human genes which produce the desired protein.

Mark Band, the director of functional genomics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign told Green Prophet:

“Most likely they will insert human genes to produce proteins through the camel’s milk.”

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4 Responses to “Cloning Camels with Human Genes for Big Pharma”

  1. Serf says:

    I remember YouTube channel Gorilla199 saying that cloned cows in South America (possibly Argentina) had been created with human genes (human growth hormone?) and are currently producing milk for human consumption that is being sold in Europe and possibly elsewhere. In any case ALL milk/dairy and ALL wheat/gluten is toxic to the human body (the reptile rulers of Earth are a different matter as they only eat organic and the most safely made foods).

  2. CassM says:

    Insanity and mind-boggling arrogance pretty much sums it up. Goldbug I agree that greed really is the root of all evil. I might be able to swallow evil for the sake of evil more easily than evil for the sake of profit. It sickens me that these people are poisioning us and don’t care the least just so long as they can make a buck. This becomes even more sickening when you consider how much money they already have.

  3. goldbug36 says:

    These people know no shame! Greed really is the root of all evil, isn’t it? My fear is that the insanity will not be stopped, and then it will be too late.

  4. Sally_Oh says:

    Not only are you a top investigative journalist, you crack me up. Sharing this everywhere, as usual. Thank you.