When the biotech industry decides to use the lands and people of Hawaii as its test guinea pig, local farmers, activists, researchers, and others speak out.

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2 Responses to “Islands at Risk: GMO in Hawaii”

  1. irene says:

    There are bought off politicans who are guilty of selling out the interests of their constituancy. There are unwitting scientists doing lazy work and just doing as they are told by their idiot superiors, or worse yet, they know the dangers but they are too concerned about loosing their pay check over the environmental harm. Then there are the disenfranchised populations who can’t even have a fare election. The corporate monopoly on our government forcing GMOs down our collective gullet and crappy drones for elections and killing off dissenters is an unnatural crime against all nature and humanity. The elections make me feel like a little kid guessing wich hand the candy is in behind big brothers back. Pay both sides of every election, fake the results and illgalize any true reform with draconian irrational rules. Heck, even the internet, our only way of grappling with this deciet is under attack, in order to protect this noxious corrupt gaming of the electorial system. No legal performance will save us, we need to burn the fields, kill the GMO seed, and campaign finance reform complete with new penalties against malfeesance and gaming the system. Power to the people, not corporations.

  2. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    We must STOP the Global Elitist Psychopathic Technocrazies from destroying the natural Beauty of HIS CREATIONS?

    The TransHUmanist [change agents], seeking to ACT as pagan destroyer god men of sun Kults, [AH Mon rAH], beLIEve they are able to apotheosis to god man status and wish To DESTROY to recreate with their hallucination delusions at the inestimable expense to The CREATORS wise perfect plans?

    Please to petition for HIS DEVINE intercessions for the protection of HIS Spirit Children and their empowerment to follow HIS Will to prevail against the dark forces of E-vile? Pray Please