Though many experts assert that water fluoridation is a harmless practice which is beneficial to a community’s dental health, Cathy Justus’s experiences and research pointed to a different conclusion. Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative

Justus’s horses are found to be suffering from chronic fluoride poisoning from drinking fluoridated water. Study published in peer reviewed scientific literature.


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2 Responses to “Poisoned Horses – Fluoridation Kills”

  1. Greg Mouser says:


    Thanks Cathy and Wayne for sharing this horrid account of what fluoridated water had done to your animals…

    I continue to share all info with other friends and hope they will understand better what we all need to do to keep people informed so they can get this dreaded toxic waste out of all Water Treatment Plants all over the USA

    Greg Mouser

  2. This is a horrid story, but very conclusive evidence of floridation that is blaring and can not be denied.

    My heart goes out to that couple, what they went through and the horses also.

    Thanks as always for your website and your work fighting and informing the rest of us. Many hugz