Want to know the latest anti-labeling contributors fighting our right to know about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food? Thanks to Jon Abrahamson, here is the latest info.

California Secretary of State – CalAccess – Campaign Finance Late and $5000+ Contributions Received to Defeat GMO Labeling in California


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5 Responses to “These Brands Want To Defeat GMO Labeling In California”

  1. bonnie fuentevilla says:

    Sam Fox,
    I know we are both here on FARM WARS site for the same reasons and when I saw what you wrote regarding Dr. Ron Paul, I had to chime in. Like yourself, I take every chance to make sure people realize that we REVOLUTIONIST are still in the FIGHT with Dr. Ron Paul. It is the hardest battle that we are in, NOW and for FUTURE generations. Big Agri, Big Gov and Biased media. We the people must use everything we can to slap some sense into the TOXIN laden factory farmed mentality that walk blindly into…. Please, fill in the blank so that I don’t sound like a crazy person.

  2. Anthony B. says:

    Dear Farmwars,
    Thank you for being a greatest friend to the mankind and telling us about these rogue companies so that we, health conscious could avoid all products sold by these immoral haters of mankind.
    I will put this list on my cellphone and spread the truth about the poison sold to us (GMO death foods) wide and broad to everyone I know.
    It is time to run and hide in the wilds and live with my family offgrid and grow organic food myself. I am getting sick of these ‘death corporations’ and will avoid them as I avoid plagues…
    Farmwars, again, thank you so much and God bless America.

  3. findawheigh says:

    Grow your own, duh!

  4. AB IRATO says:

    Why hide the info. if they are so proud of this genetically mutated “food” ?

  5. Sam Fox says:

    IMO GMO’s are another front in the war on nature & natural substances. Read up on UN’s Codex thing & UN Agenda 21. Look for articles by Niki Raampana. She also writes about communitarianism. There are other good folks writing about Agenda 21.

    Then read about the UN and Codex Alimentarius.

    I am all for labeling & warnings for GMO junk.

    Sigh. Ron Paul is against all this stuff, but every one has let fringe media brainwash them into thinking Ron is nuts & has dropped out the race. Dr. Paul is NOT nuts & he has not dropped out. He changed tactics is all.

    Ron is the only major ‘party’ candidate who is a true fiscal conservative. He comes with a great bonus. Ron is also a real Constitutionalist & knows our Founder’s intents.