Jeffrey Smith’s excellent presentation about the dangers of GMOs at the CBC conference.

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9 Responses to “Jeffrey Smith’s CBC Lecture on GMO WMDs”

  1. paschn says:

    The Bolsheviks stumbled onto a very economical way to get rid of those “pesky” Christians and keep them in line;

    Think of Monsanto’s global push for these one-time germinating seeds as an economical way to pull a global “Holodomor”.

  2. This video has been bounced off of You Tube more times than a ping pong ball, so I uploaded it myself in five parts under “Fair Use.” The information in it is critical, and people need to know. So, here it is again. Let’s see what happens this time ;)

  3. “We will not comply” may become the most important words in the english language if these assaults continue. “We” must first begin wih “I”. “I” will not comply is the start of it all.

    I will not eat their poison foods. I will not support any system that allows them to continue their operations. I will not give any of my depreciating dollars to anyone who does not have my best interests in mind.

    It always seems to take some research into who really owns and controls what, and for what reasons. It’s always follow the money.

    Thank you Jeffery, and Farmwars, always.

    Food Freedom!

  4. Lisa says:

    No Need to get offensive over the term Mother Earth,!!! It is correct in the sense that without Earth we would not be alive. Think of it as Mother Earth, and the Holy Father! And yes Jeffrey Smith is great here! thanks Barb!

  5. Barbara Talbert says:

    Thank you, Barbara, for putting this video on your website! Jeffery is a powerful speaker and a dedicated man. I have thought all these things for at least a decade and he puts it all in words so much better than I can. Yes, what we do now will affect mankind and our ecosystem for generations to come. I am beginning to suspect that chitin (re-processed and pulverized crab and lobster shells or thir analogs) might have something to do with an aluminum resistant protein that is being sprayed in chemtrails. Do you have any information on this?

  6. I’m not into the “mother earth” thing either, Monica, but Jeffrey’s portion on GMOs was spot on, IMO.

  7. I like this guy, but I do not believe in MOTHER EARTH. This earth is not my mother as my home is in HEAVEN with my FATHER in Heaven and his name is I AM..

    But, I am not a fan of GMO seeds and foods.

    No,I do not believe in anything he is talking about, except to for the GMO issue.

  8. fran says:

    I live in Los Osos, California and am visiting our daughter in Billings, Montana. Here in Billings (in all directions) there are thousands and thousands of acres of corn with the word DEKALB (with different 2 digit numbers next to the word) posted next to the fields. I did a google search and learned that DEKALB is owned by MONSANTO. The numbers next to the word DEKALB indicate the GMO treatment of the corn–ie the type of pesticide/herbicide. There are also sugar beet fields with MONSANTO GMO beets. It’s time for upping our awareness across this nation and taking action before it’s too late.

  9. mothman777 says:

    This video is an absolute must view if you are serious about carrying on living, it is that simple. The information here about the lethality of GM ‘foods’ on humans and animals is utterly horrific.