Risking Jail to Defend Peaceful Voluntary Exchange

August 16, 2012-Washington, DC (Business Wire)—On August 18, 2012 a group of mothers and others, members of the advocacy groups, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders and Lemonade Freedom Day, will take their raw milk and lemonade to the lawn of the US Capitol to celebrate their right to “voluntary exchange.”

By offering raw milk and lemonade for sale or barter, which is illegal in many places including Washington DC, these mothers and other activists risk criminal charges, and possibly jail.  Last August, in a similar protest, three people were arrested for selling 10-cent cups of lemonade.

The lemonade stands and raw milk tasting booths will be set up on the mall at 12:00 noon on the lawn of the Capitol reflecting pool. The approximate location is around 3rd Street Southwest between Maryland and Jefferson in Washington DC.

“The law has turned ordinary people into criminals for engaging in normal human behavior,” says Liz Reitzig, one of the event’s organizers.  “I am proud to stand with others as we peacefully do not comply with these laws.”

National Lemonade Freedom Day founder, Robert Fernandes, began his annual event after seeing news reports about children’s lemonade stands being shut down because they did not comply with regulations.  “The government has overstepped its boundaries by trying to regulate kids’ lemonade stands and farmers who are feeding their communities.  We have the right to engage in voluntary exchange and peacefully obtain the food of our choice from the producer of our choice whether that’s raw milk from a local farmer or lemonade from the children next door without input from regulators.”

Joining the group will be Kristin Canty, director of the critically acclaimed documentary Farmageddon — The Unseen War on American Family Farms.  “It is so sad that the Government is abusing its power by conducting armed raids on small farms.  They are criminalizing farmers for feeding their communities and criminalizing mothers for trying to feed their families healthy food,” Canty says.

Information about farm raids: www.FarmFoodFreedom.org For additional information on raw milk: www.westonaprice.org for information on Lemonade Freedom Day www.lemonadefreedom.com

The protest event will be livestreamed at this website:


Kimberly Hartke

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16 Responses to “Mothers To Regulators: We Will Not Comply!”

  1. Blair says:

    Thank you for the note….do you have any info for processing this “disconnect” from the system? I’ve looked into revoking citizenship but that seems like a trap of some sort. Thank you for your time

  2. anticriminals says:


    Can you please let the rest of us know exactly what you did to accomplish this feat? I determined a long time ago that they cannot be any government of mine because they are criminals; see my prior post.
    Please, if you have any real information (not just theoretical as so often is the case), disclose as to how in a manner that we can understand or tell us where to find the information. I am familiar with HJR 192 and many other things, but dealing with criminals in a manner which they will recognize and then leave you alone is another matter.


  3. Bildo says:

    Remove yourself from the foreign-owned corporation known as UNITED STATES and you won’t be bound by all these ridiculous statutes. Statutes are for government (Corp US) employees, federal “persons” and those that reside in a federal territory. Look it up. Research the Act of 1871 (United States incorporation). And don’t forget to look up HJR-192, and the bankruptcy of the corporation known as UNITED STATES June 5th, 1933. Become an American again. I did.

  4. Sarah Page says:

    Wow! This is fantastic action! Peaceful non-compliance is the way to go..just say “NO” We do not have to accept their ridiculous rules driven by evil corporate greed

  5. amicus curiae says:

    decades ago when the national herds of most nations happened to carry TB there was reason to pasteurise milk for real safety.
    however the herds have been cleaned up Bovine TB is now NOT an issue, the biggest risk to usa residents is now the rBgh in commercial milk.
    but the laws and the mindsets of the regulators stayed in the early 1900s.
    we have the same idiots in aus.
    good on the mums and kids.
    and again thanks Barb for the info you share.

  6. Italics Mine says:

    Most laws are maybe well-intentioned, but then government becomes a slave to upholding them. And when people reject the push they push even more. In this case it’s lemonade made in unsanitary kitchens or something, and raw milk that Pasteur solved the problems of. If it bothers you, don’t buy it. The responsibility of government should not be to make enough laws to arrest 250 million people a year; rather, it should be to honestly inform the public to make wise decisions, and to certify clean, sanitary, and approved products.

  7. BAS says:

    David and many others are correct in “Non Comply”. But how do you do that and remain free to come and go as you please? Here may lie the answer for it resonates with me as the only solution. As long as we allow them to “identify” us as the name on our Birth cert, drivers lic,Social Security card,etc…the dealer always wins. However, as those here are aware, we are more than our names, age, profession, etc. Boris and friends have successfully walked away, as you will too…once you “Remember Who You Are”! May you find this as enlightening as I have.

    How to walk away free of charges made against you…the real you…not the name they want to identify you by.

    Boris and Captain Jade

  8. Barbara Talbert says:

    Gratifying to hear that attention is going to be brought to raw milk and lemonade as examples of overbearing government. Probably the media will be instructed not to cover it. IF anyone covers it you will know that they are the good guys, unless, of course, they dis it. Yes, Ron Paul is a good guy. They are very hard to come by these days.

  9. Remember the stories about Cleopatra bathing in milk? Well it’s true and since cattle were not domesticated it was more than likely raw goat’s milk, with raw sheep milk as a close second possibility. It was not pasteurized or homogenized and it didn’t come in plastic.

    Cleo didn’t need government permission to drink raw goat milk either, everyone knew the health benefits of goat milk, goat kefir, yogourt & goat cheese. The world still appreciates the nutritional value of goat milk. Raw goat milk. 72% of the milk drinking world, drinks goat milk.

    The Bible references milk 50 times. It does not reference The Land Of Pasteurized Milk & Cooked Honey!

    Learn more about the incredible Health Benefits Of Raw Goat Milk

  10. Abe says:

    Good for them mothers! I volunteer to wear the black hood when we start clean out the traitors in Washington!

  11. john burton says:

    label the products sold pet food. then get on with your life. sucking up to degenerate politicians is a waste of precious time.

  12. Chris of Masters says:

    These are not laws, mere rules. The government is an corporation.
    Check ‘It’s an Illusion” by John Harris on u tube, and google “the strawman”. You’ll be amazed!

  13. Sam Fox says:

    HOOOORRRAAAYYYY for these women & men. Thank you Jesus! that people are waking up & peacefully protesting.

    The USA needs a lot more of this.

    We also need Ron Paul. He would end all this kind of big bro foolishness!


    I just betcha that’s why the RNC, the DNC, the prison industrial complex, the military industrial complex, the war on some drugs cartel, international owners of the ‘Federal’ Reserve–all the NWO total govt control freaks hiding under cow & horse piles—don’t like Ron.

    Ron represents freedom & liberty.

    Which the control freaks detest. Hence the war to bury Ron Paul & any one, TEA peeps included, who love freedom, liberty & personal responsibility, is waged by the control freak cabal.

    Thanks Barb for putting this up!!


  14. John R H says:

    Go Mothers and Others
    Show our corrupt government that we the people have rights, and we will stand firm for these rights. Corrupt Bastards – vote them all out!

  15. anticriminals says:

    The real criminals are the ones that pretend to be your government. Criminals cannot represent government. Extortion defined – The act of obtaining a person’s property or signature, with their consent, under threat or color of official right. Stop and think about all the unconstitutional activities of ‘your government’ and how the act called extortion describes those activities. From forcing you to sign traffic tickets, mandatory ‘drivers licenses (an occupational thing), registration, insurance, etc., etc. Some day you too will realize that you do not have a government protecting you. They are your enemy and they are waging war against you with their counterfeit ‘Federal Reserve Notes’ and all their ‘taxes’. Why do they need your money when they have printing presses running 24/7? Money grows on trees for the bankster owned criminal government. Wake up people!!!

  16. Phil Durt says:

    If I hear one more pansy ass use the overworked and trite phrase of “it’s so sad” I’m going to projectile vomit. The actions of these politicians/regulators/enforcers are light years beyond sad. Try immoral, unlawful(as in unconstitutional), abhorrent and infuriating.