The “it’s too expensive to label GMOs” argument is FALSE! American companies already label them for export to other countries. So, why not here?

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8 Responses to “America – Just Label GMOs Already!!!”

  1. Patrick,

    This is from a pro-GMO site:

    Implications of labeling food
    How will it affect world and regional trade?

    As the production and trade of GM crops increase, labeling programs will allow countries to tailor policies to their own needs. For example, a country can take its time to allow GM crops to be grown within its boundaries, but allow the import of such crops and food products as long as they are labeled. Several key trading partners of the US have recently instituted mandatory labeling policies and as a result, will only allow imports of GM products from the US if they are labeled. This is most likely to create political tension with the US and other similar countries that are exporting GM food products. Finally, the GM labeling issue will also be looked at as a possible trade barrier.

    If GM foods are exported to countries with GM labeling requirements, they need to be labeled as such or rejected. The pro-GM juggernaut is hoping that they will be able to force GMs on other countries through “trade barrier” claims.

  2. Patrick Monk.RN. says:

    Barbara, thank you m’dear, but this still seems to apply to EU products. We are trying to get GM foods labeled in California: PROPOSITION 37.
    … but some folks are suggesting that GM products grown in the US for export already need to be labeled, so far no one has backed up these assertions.

  3. Patrick Monk.RN. says:

    Can anyone supply links to verifiable information that GM crops grown for export anywhere, but especially in the US, are required to be labeled as such.
    Thank you.
    Patrick Monk.RN.

  4. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    What other mutation will occur in these plants?

    Should up the sales of caterpillar … wonder if they have stock in Monsanto as well!

  5. Barbara Talbert says:

    We are not yet putting up enough of a hue and cry as so many are not aware of what genetically modified food really is. If they knew and understood they would be screaming from the rooftops. We all need to take back the earth and grow our own vegetables and set the big grocery stores to wondering why their sales are going down. Only then will they start to put pressure on the food producers. Why don’t they want to label GMO’s in the US? I think it is because much more than we realize has been modified like wheat and many vegetables WITHOUT regulatory approval. Once they have to label we will all know what they have been doing behind our backs.
    We do not have to be beholden to a system that makes us pay 3 times more for our food than we need to. I hope the small farmers will unite and provide food for those in their area (at a reasonable cost of course). I see it happening at farmers markets all over the country. We also need to go back to canning safe produce and storing potatoes over winter etc. Dried foods can be done in a dehydrator.
    People in cities are becoming aware and making small and mid-size gardens in the city. Any mayor or community leader that thwarts or is against this is someone to NOT vote for.

  6. paschn says:

    The plain answer to why they don’t label them here is, AmeriKa has been screwed into giving corporations citizen’s rights, (Citizens United).

    They do as they wish because in this country, we have grown to fear our government, in Europe, (France, Great Britain etc), the government still fears the people, for now atleast.

    In short? AmeriKa has been “morphed” int oa corporate haven, is circling the drain and we are getting the type of country we asked for. Of by and for the timid and ignorant.

  7. Bill Morris says:

    Because this country is slated for destruction. They want to give it back to the wild animals so they can enjoy it. I don’t know if they are going to allow nature to overtake the houses and factories or tear them down.

    So any of you who claim the politicians are there to represent us. You need to know they are going to kill us while they go into their mountain resorts.