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The Lost American Dream: Living Off The Land

In order to offset their financial struggles, Barb and Tink have found a way to survive and minimize all of their expenses by growing their own food, bartering with neighbors and extreme budgeting with their small income.

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22 Responses to “The Lost American Dream: Living Off The Land”

  1. James says:

    “If these rivers run dry we are in trouble.” I believe they are working on that as we speak. It won’t be overnight, but will take a few years at the most to bring those rivers to dry beds. Right now the brages on some rivers are unable to get the food grains to tranport areas because of the water being so low. – They show all of this on MSM and if you read alternitive news sources you can put together what is really coming up next. I wish with all my heart that I had at least one of you out there to stand next to when the SHTF. Right now I am now left alone with all of this information and scraping by from day to day. We are seeing just what will happen if this out of control govenment pushes people to far. I live in CA right next to Anahiem and if those people get out and confront the police, just think of what it will be like when tens of thousands take to the streets and do the same. One police officer said that, “the people could march as long as they remained peaceful, but let one of them attempt to start trouble and we will take them down.” That may be so, but when it comes to tens of thousands wanting justice and a stop to this madness, I don’t think there are enough police or military to stop what will be happening.

  2. DOug Eberspacher says:

    If you want to move to a place where you can catch oysters, fish, crabs, softshell clams, and muskrats the place is Maryland Eastern Shore. You have a Bay, slat rivers, fresh rivers and you are only an hour from the ocean where you can surf fish. Been taking this place for granted and never thought we got paradise. The Winters are not very cold. YOu got plenty to eat. You could get a place along a river and irrigate all you want. If these rivers run dry we are in trouble.

  3. DOug Eberspacher says:

    Does anyone know what we can do, except keep talking about this stuff? I mean it’s getting old. Or is the answer Lone Wolves who can just do what has to be dcne without scores of people knowing? I mean so far I’ve learned what crap to not eat, chemtrails, vaccines and this HAARP stuff, but is it hopeless? We outnumber them, but you let us try to organize and they’ll bust us faster than those trailer guys drinking Pabst talking smack about the president. I can see them now. Bill Bob we gonna make president, because you made it to the 10th grade. Bubba we gonna make you da vice-president, because you are stupid and won’t get in the way.

  4. Charles Norris says:

    Imagine if they have the ability to keep this drought going forever. The rivers, lakes, and underground water would dry up and they got us. You can not live in the desert with no water. Then your farms become useless. Around here the irrigation is going non-stop. But they still can’t produce but half a crop. This takes the weak farmers out. But it could be worse, because in some places it’s flooding.

  5. Charles Norris says:

    You see you could grow a large garden for food, but with HARRP which is probably why we are so dry and you can’t water your garden. If you have a river or creek you can get some water, but like this they need constant water. Right now it’s either flooding or drought.
    You almost need some huge tank to collect water over a large area everytime it rains. I remember in the sixties and seventies it rained every afternoon when it was hot. Face it if they control the weather they control everything.

  6. Well, I would, goldbug. You and I are not the same, as everyone follows their own path. One is not necessarily better than the other, just different.

  7. goldbug36 says:

    First, I would never advertise my “accomplishments” on a TV network, especially OWN. Second, I planted a big garden this summer, and now we are 2-1/2 months into triple-digit temps (110 degrees yesterday), with no rain. I have been watering my nearly-fried garden, but they say the rivers are now so low, we will probably go into water rationing. Goodbye garden. High Plains Drifter is right .. nobody will be left alone when the SHTF. This country is under siege by the globalists and corporatists; they want everything we have, and they WILL take it. I am fully convinced that this extended drought and heat is a manufactured event. No, not “theory” .. a conspiracy.

  8. Great job Barb & Tink. Sharing on my FB page and blog. You’re an inspiration!

  9. Okay, Abe, cough up the recipe for your grilled stuffed zucchini! LOL!!! We are going to have plenty, hopefully, and I will be looking for good recipes. Zucchini lasagna is good too!!!

  10. Rick says:

    It’s not for cowards! We’re off grid and loving it. We’re both mobility impaired. So what? We make do. We have fun, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company every day.
    I had a moment last winter. I was out feeding the livestock in -10 degree weather. I thought to myself “What the hell are you doing out here?”
    Then I thought of the alternative, stuck in town in a tiny government subsidized home, with everybody’s nose just as far up my nether regions as they could get it. (no privacy!)
    You know, this ain’t so bad after all!
    Big Belt Mntns, MT

  11. Abe says:

    Good work Barb & Tink.
    I tilled up my whole back yard 3 years ago even though I had a good sized one to start with. I go the the grocery store once every 3 months and get by on less then $20.00 a week on food. I trade veggies for venison, phesant, elk, or what ever my neighbors get hunting or fishing. This is an excellent way to cut the cost of food, plus get some good fresh air, exercise and meet the neighbors. They call me “that guy with the really big garden. I make a grilled stuffed zucchini that’s to die for!!

  12. Lisa says:

    Applause for Barb and Tink! And so what if its OWN.. .. as a matter of fact she is one powerful lady, who worked very hard for what she has and as far as I can tell has great scruples and integrity. If only all wealthy people were more like her! I just hope that sometime in the future our Corporate owned govt. doesnt make living self sustainably off the land illegal. way to go farm wars! Good decision!

  13. I did think about it Rodney, long and hard. I decided to do this because I wanted to reach as large an audience as possible with a message of self-sufficiency to help as many as I can to prepare for what is happening and is going to keep happening all over. This message needs to be put to the mainstream, and out of the realm of preaching to the choir. I believe that the show is accomplishing just that.

  14. James says:

    I wish we were truely that 99% and that we could band together and get things changed for the better. But after thinking about that 99% I started to break that number down to its true number of people that will and would do something to turn this world around for the better. First knock off 50% that are too old or too young. Then take away 40% that won’t move off their azz to save their own soul or that of their family. That leaves 8%. ??? 8% that are scattered across the miles of this world and any attempt to make changes is going to be pushed back by a 1% that will do the evil desires of that 1%. They are military, police and those mentioned in this article and many more that we don’t even know about. They have all of the WMD’s and the power to write the lies about those that want change in their MSM outlets. Speaking of that 1% that do the will of the other 1%, why do they do it? Mostly for a paycheck, damn be the rest of the world as long as I get a paycheck. – Thank you Barbara, you are right. “We all die sometime, and if I have a choice in the matter, I’ll go out on my feet, not on my knees, keep on surviving!”

  15. Rodney says:

    I liked the video, but at the end…. The “Oprah” Winfrey Network?
    Wtf? Think about it..

  16. Tina says:

    Like the other commenters, I love the way they live.

    But I also fear that the FDA bastards will, like they say in above comments, tax them for everything they grow.

  17. There is the tendency to simply get overwhelmed and give up considering the mounting assault on our freedoms, but giving up and giving in is NOT the way to combat these things. We are the 99%. We are the greater numbers, and if we all start pitching in and getting out of the system as much as we can, we CAN make a difference. So, instead of waiting for the proverbial axe to fall, I choose to make a stand and do what I know is good for me, the earth, and those around me. We all die sometime, and if I have a choice in the matter, I’ll go out on my feet, not on my knees. Thanks for the comments, and keep on surviving!

  18. high plains drifter says:

    i like people like this. i really do. but if they think they can sit this one out so to speak. if they think they can just do their own thing and be left alone wherever they live, they have another thing coming. the goon squad will get in their face just like it will everyone. they will know who is running the show. they will cooperate or they will suffer the consequences. this is what is here now. this is what is coming. this country is dying and so is any semblance of anything remotely considered to be liberty and freedom. just saying to yourself, well i will just stay away from it all and be left alone is a mindset that is woefully ignorant of the ways of the beast. this is 2012, not 1912. the beast wants every one of those chickens tagged, everyone of those goats tagged, they want to know where their water comes from and they want to charge them for it. they want to know everything. these people both probably get some kind of government check in the mail every month. i like what they are doing but i sure hope they understand that getting free from this out of control and illegal and immoral government will require blood. i wish i was wrong but i fear that i am right.

  19. Shirley says:

    Do not hold your breath. The government, compliments of the Agri Dept and FDA are trying to shut down organic and homegrown foods. They claim the bacteria might hurt you.

    They do not care about the pesticides and toxins in the mass grown GMO’s and processed foods.

    Did you hear that BIG PHARMA IS PUTTING “OPIATES” IN THE PRESCRIPTIONS WITH F.D.A.’S OKAY!!! People are becoming addicted to opiates compliments of their doctors and Big Pharma.

  20. gary says:

    Thank you i would love to do the same and im in a position to do it. I live over in Ca. the Brawley area im prepard for a earth quak . I want to move out of this state. What is the area you live in i am willing to go their and recon the area . Thank you and god bless .

  21. Jimmy says:

    Oprah Winfrey network indeed.

  22. Gilda says:

    That was fantastic! You two are truly the New American Heroes (if folks are smart enough to relize it ;-)
    Thanks so much for posting this!