Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

The people of California are fighting to get genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food supply labeled. Not surprisingly, the biotech industry is fighting back. The following infographic from Voters Edge shows just how much money is being spent by both sides, for and against GMO labeling in California. “See who’s spending money against our right to know labeling bill in CA and refuse to buy their products!” (Jon Abrahamson).

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Voters Edge


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7 Responses to “Look Who Supports GMO Labeling – Infographic”

  1. kev C says:

    In answer to the comment re the reduction in numbers of people saying ‘No’ to labelling I would check to see if the value in dollars has reduced or whether there is a front group funding the campaign on behalf of the corporations who don’t want you people to know what you are eating. I read recently that as a result of campaigns to sponsor politicians the supreme (joke really) courts in the US have made it clear that the corporations don’t have to declare their funding of political parties so to get around any kind of transparency the corporations use front groups as a way to avoid you finding out who or what they are supporting. The reason they were allowed to get away with this? It was deemed unnecessary to be up front as it may affect their business profits if people decided that their allegiance was different from that of say macronalds or croaka cola. You get my drift I’m sure.

  2. The july 12 update of this chart of pro and con promoters of GMO labeling, has shrunk on the the NO side…by a significant margin…how and why is that possible?…very interesting…have they withdrawn their support or what? ….or just found a way to not be fingered for their degradation of the planet while still plugging the holes with cash?

  3. Barbara Talbert says:

    Thank you so much for this informative chart. I already boycott many of these companies but was not aware of others. And to know who really is organic is a great help.

  4. goldbug36 says:

    Unfortunately, the “gene splicers” seem to OWN the farmers AND the politicians. I live in the corn belt, where this year’s corn crop is now dead, with soybeans close behind. Our local farm news segments always ends with, “…brought to you by Monsanto,” so you can just imagine how truthful it is. These destroyers of the world’s food supply have saturated the airwaves with idiotic ads featuring cute little animals talking to each other about how their yummy chemicals and sprays make their food sooo nutritious. Ugh! Look for sky-high food prices.

  5. Rick says:

    Very good – very funny :) Very predictable :)

  6. warbaby says:

    Not for nothing the column of those fighting labeling are the ones who are the worst of worst in their products. This is very informative. I hope it reaches a lot of people. Great work.

  7. Abe says:

    Your the best Barbara!