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I awoke several days ago to a devastating punch in the gut. I was overcome by feelings of abandonment and betrayal just like the feelings that a husband would experience when he realizes that his wife has been unfaithful and his best friend is his wife’s new lover. I am experiencing anger, depression and a sense of profound discouragement as I feel compelled to write these words.

Ron Paul has done more to wake up millions of former bankster serving sheeple in this country to the tyranny that is the New World Order than anyone else. He has helped to expose the criminal Federal Reserve and the general and pervasive “sell out” of Americans and our sovereign interests by the bankster minions (i.e. Obama and Romney). As a result, millions of Americans put their faith in this country doctor who has had one of the best voting records in the history of the House of Representatives. I will be eternally grateful to Ron Paul for his tireless support and defense of freedom.

Ever since my days of doing local talk radio in Wickenburg, Arizona, I have supported Ron Paul and have attempted to raise money on his behalf.  However, in the past few months, I am certain that many of the listeners of The Common Sense Show have noticed that I have been dead silent on the subject of the Ron Paul Campaign. I was silent for some very salient reasons as I was beginning to have some grave concerns over the intestinal fortitude and direction of the Ron Paul Campaign.

In the past several weeks, I have been approached several times and repeatedly asked to become a Ron Paul delegate. I steadfastly refused as I used the convenient excuse of not having the time. In reality, I do have the time to help save my country from the bankster tyranny that has overtaken our Republic. I just don’t have the time to waste my time jumping on board a sinking ship that has become the Ron Paul Campaign. Are you listening to me Ron Paul leaders?  There are valid reasons why I said no and then subsequently ignored  repeated emails and voicemails designed to recruit me to this cause. I simply wanted to remain silent as I continued to evaluate the disturbing direction that the Ron Paul Campaign was headed.

In the early days of the Paul Campaign, I publicly criticized the establishment media as they orchestrated a wholesale media blackout related to Ron Paul’s campaign.  Yet, Dr. Paul seemingly tolerated receiving 30 seconds of air time in a five member debate, in a 30 minute period, on national television. At the next media event, Ron Paul should have said something like “Well, I am glad I am getting my obligatory 30 seconds and the networks should be ashamed for censoring my message that millions of Americans want to hear. ”  Unfortunately, these words of indignation were never spoken by the leadership of the Paul Campaign, or by Ron Paul, himself. It was at this crucial juncture that I first experienced misgivings about the direction of the Paul Campaign.

There has also been massive voter fraud committed against the Ron Paul Campaign in the Republican Primary elections. Even the New York Times admitted that the Republican Primaries in Iowa and Maine were stolen away from Ron Paul. Ron Paul was undoubtedly winning the Republican Primary in the early days.  However, as the nomination continued to be stolen, and the will of the people was being usurped, Ron Paul remained silent to this grand theft of the nomination process. Even in Louisiana, as Ron Paul was winning, the Louisiana Republican leadership, controlled by Mitt Romney minions, stole the Paul delegates and gave them to Romney and then proceeded to beat up and evict the Ron Paul delegates when they protested. Meanwhile, Ron Paul chastised the dissenters and admonished his followers to be polite.

Anyone who donated money to the Ron Paul Campaign should be justifiably upset. The election process, in which many of us invested our hard earned money to support Dr. Paul, was stolen from us and there was not so much as a whimper from Ron Paul. Why did Ron Paul seemingly sabotage his own campaign by not forcefully speaking out about the ongoing election fraud and the bankster control of media election coverage? Does anyone else hearken back to the Ross Perot 1992 Presidential candidacy as he held a huge lead before sabotaging his own campaign over some nonsense about the Republicans sabotaging his daughter’s wedding? As Mark Twain said, history may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

I have been beside myself as primary election after primary election, the banksters, who control both political parties, continued their election fraud and the bankster controlled media continued to ignore the Ron Paul message. Meanwhile, the Arizona Ron Paul delegation approached me, again, to please become a delegate in the campaign. This time, I shared my reservations about the apparent lack of a backbone by campaign officials and by Ron Paul himself, to fight back against the criminal actions of the Republican Party leadership. I was told by a party official that Ron Paul delegates were going to seek and achieve a brokered convention and the subsequently freed up delegates would support Ron Paul and he would win the nomination. Just at the time I was going to once again capitulate and donate my time and efforts to the Ron Paul Campaign, Rand Paul sold his political soul to el Diablo, Mitt Romney, as he threw his support behind the Romney Campaign. I am still grieving this betrayal of Ron Paul supporters.

Rand Paul now supports carbon taxes advocate, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports Universal Health Care author, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports amnesty proponent, Mitt Romney.  

Rand Paul now supports more bankster bailouts and more wars of corporate conquest supporter, Mitt Romney.

Rand Paul now supports more Federal Reserve Board criminality advocate,  Mitt Romney, and not one word of disagreement from Ron Paul.  Blood is indeed thicker than water and apparently, thicker than patriotism as well. And now, in a juxtaposition, the sins of the son are being visited upon the father as Ron Paul tells his delegates to be polite at the Republican Convention, in Tampa, while America continues to sink into the deep abyss of a tyrannical police state that is robbing us blind.

What have Ron and Rand Paul been promised? What will thirty pieces of silver buy today?  A cabinet post? A surprise VP position for Rand? Well, I am not for sale and I will never support Mitt Romney or any other bankster minion. How many of you, like myself, feel like a pallbearer of a once noble campaign?

There is presently an unlimited supply of political capital that has now been left floundering after Rand Paul announced the capitulation of the Ron Paul Campaign to the globalist minion, Mitt Romney.  I don’t drink from the Ron Paul Kool-Aid. I do not worship Ron Paul. I honor the message of freedom and that is the only reason I supported Dr. Paul because of his expressed love of freedom and his seemingly undying support for the Constitution. My personal journey on behalf of truth and freedom, with or without Rand and Ron Paul, will continue on, regardless of who the Paul’s support for the Republican nomination.

Despite my sense of betrayal, Dr. Paul has still done all freedom loving Americans an enormous favor through his service and dedication to the ideals of freedom. Ron Paul has awakened millions of our brethren to the corporate controlled police state that we are now all living under. As a result, we now have millions of pissed off Americans who have finally come to realize that their financial futures and their children’s heritage has been stolen by the criminal elite.

It is up to all us to find a new home to grow the message of freedom and to complete the job that the Ron Paul movement started. If we allow the millions of Americans who now realize that we have been conquered by criminal banksters, to dissipate, we will never have another chance to reclaim what we have lost.

If you want to live in the past, continue to support the Ron Paul Campaign and watch as your monetary donations will absolutely slip down the rabbit hole and end up in Mitt Romney’s coffers. Do not contribute to your own demise as we will undoubtedly witness the November election consisting of Obama vs. Obama 2.0 as the 2012 election will consist of New World Order sock puppet and teleprompter reader, Barak Obama vs. New World Order sock puppet and teleprompter reader, Mitt Romney. This is now unavoidable, the 2012 Presidential election is lost, but our new found political power is not lost unless we choose to consciously forfeit it.  In 2012, we don’t have a legitimate presidential candidate to vote for, but freedom loving Americans have a choice on how we respond to our rigged elections, our corporate controlled media and the subsequent tyranny that the globalists are in the midst of implementing.

Freedom loving Americans now have tremendous political capital and please remember that nature abhors a vacuum. A new candidate and a new movement, reflective of our collective values, will emerge. Thanks to the Ron Paul movement, we have made great progress, but don’t make the mistake of living in the past. Rand Paul now openly supports Bain Capital’s, Mitt Romney and the Ron Paul Campaign is dead in the water.  However, the new found spirit of our freedom movement is not dead and I will never capitulate to tyranny, nor should you.

Dave Hodges

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95 Responses to “Thirty Pieces of Silver – The Ron Paul Betrayal”

  1. chad says:


    1. We do NOT outnumber the “enemy”. The enemy is your neighbors, the people you work with, maybe even yourself – DEPENDENTS ON THE SYSTEM are the enemy – they are the ones that give support & power to all graft & corruption & superpowers. They raise kids for the sole purpose of delivering them to the SYSTEM to raise & utilize.
    2. There will be NO “MARTIAL LAW/CONCENTRATION CAMPS”! Why? Because you are already 100% controlled by federal law (Civil Rights), and you are already in a concentration camp (100% dependent upon your masters for your daily needs in life).
    3. Rand is a Senator – that requires much more compromise/politics than a Representative – so he cannot politically afford to be as stubborn as Ron.
    4. All those who complain here do no better than those they complain about. Everyone wants a “leader” to lead their lives, when they themselves can’t even lead their own lives. Everybody wants “hope & change” when they themselves are hopeless and changeless.
    5. I thik Ron & Rand are doing the best they can under the circumstances, but things are too far gone. There will be no revolution, no change in direction, just more of the same. Fact is America has become a nation of dependents in a democracy, and they can only survive on their knees, as does the rest of the world.
    Why? Because parents have children that they cannot provide independent living for. Dependence on the systems of man should be an optional choice in life. Once dependence on systems of men becomes the only choice in life, there is no freedom for people. Just the way it is. The enemy is yourself, parents that took no responsibility to provide independent living for any and all children they had. They are the ones that populated the coporate-welfare state, the ones that fill the armies and police agencies and welfare lines and streets full of homeless/landless.

  2. Occam says:

    Bunch of dumb@sses lol… The NWO cannot be stopped! Ron Paul is Goldstein from 1984 nothing more!

  3. Canada says:

    Although a Canadian, I too admire Ron Paul and just do not understand what has happened.

    Perhaps money was not involved but serious threats against family members were. I suspect he received serious threats against those he loves. He probably would not be too concerned about threats towards himself but to his family…. he would care deeply. Just a guess.

  4. NO NWO says:

    Got linked here from Rense. I will start reading your blog regularly now.

    Thanks for the great article, I also hope someone new will step up to the plate to lead the fight against global tyranny and financial enslavement. Then again maybe all of us should look in the mirror. Thanks again.

  5. Marie says:

    Feel betrayed….and sickened. I saw the Paul’s as constitutional liberty for a lost republic. Rand if VP will be silenced, that is the republicans agenda, IMHO. Others have rumored Ron was threatened. Regardless I agree campaigning, donating or supporting is over for me. I have found a new candidate. Dr Jill Stein, the green party…..my vote may be wasted, but my conscious will not.

  6. chad says:

    Rand is RP’s plan B. If you are a minority in a democracy, you can’t go anywhere without compromise. It is the best they can do. If you can do better, become president yourself. If you don’t like any compromise, then kill the bastards. There are no other choices. Fact is – LOOK AROUND – 2012 USA is NOT 1812 USA, 95+% of the people you see are socialists/communists/fascists. Liberty/Property/Independent minds are the extreme minority. Just keep on taking the world’s “tired & poor”, I am sure that will get us to where we want to go … Caucasians are a minority now in the USA, so DO NOT EXPECT A FUTURE USA THAT RESPECTS THE FOUNDING CAUCASIAN PRINCIPLES – and sorry, but that is how other peoples see it. If you moved to China or India, would you “identify” with their founders? No. And not because of their philosophy in major part – they are just not “your people, your kind of thinking, your ancestry”. Demographics dictate the nation. When we look like Mexico, we will function like Mexico.

  7. windy says:

    How do you know what Ron Paul has planned? I still hope that after the farcical convention he will announce that he is running on a third party ticket – with Kucinich!

    He is a courageous and brilliant man, don’t write him off so easily.

    Screw Rand, he has never stood for decency or common sense – only his personal advancement.

  8. Jeff says:

    I think the whole discussion is off-base, ignoring the very real fact that Ron Paul was never going to be (s)Elected under any circumstances, and if by some magical miracle it did happen, that any meaningful change would have EVER been brought about.

    The whole system is hopeless corrupted and far too deeply entrenched for reform. Believing in reform is like believing in the Second Coming — it never happens.

    So anyone still putting their “faith” in the political system is guaranteed to be mightily disappointed. Repeatedly. IT DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.

    No point in even “trying” as they say, when the game is so rigged.

    Therefore, why don’t people start realizing that its going to come down to a street fight? We outnumber the bastards 10,000 to 1.

    All “other” efforts are going to fail (shades of “reform”) with more delaying tactics, empty promises and endless rhetoric. No point at all in pretending it’s anything BUT this.

    Either “sell out” by “voting” for the least-worst candidate you consider “best”, or stop giving credence to the entire screwed up system and withhold your vote. Stop supporting the bastards acrossed the board (withhold your money) and spend it on far more essential things for the days (fight) ahead.

  9. Anna44 says:

    If Rand becomes VP and Ron becomes Sec. of Tres. – I will forgive them.

  10. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    While I am not an Adam Kokesh fan or follower. he did interview Penny Freeman, a past Ron Paul insider … what she says may be the closest to the truth that Americans will ever learn.

    Please listen:

  11. clint says:

    Who really gives a rat’s ass about uncle ronnie paul. He’s been worthless for 14 years in the House. Evidenced by getting ONLY ONE bill in over 600 introduced, passed by his collegues. He’s been TOTALLY rejected in his TWO PREVIOUS runs for president.
    His foreign policy is pure isolationism. Perhaps we should very politely ask Iran to please not build the nuclear bomb. Yeah, that’ll work. Hey maybe Israel could ask the arabs to preety please not shoot rockets at them. Yep, that’ll work too. Just have to ask nicely enough. Glad he’s gone. Hope he stays gone.

  12. There is one vote we can cast, and that is for abolishment of this criminal govt. The Constitution is dead and we need to switch our focus to our original Founding document, the Declaration of Independence.

    Ron Paul is laughing all the way to the bank on the way to his retirement, thanks to people like Alex Jones promoting this elitist puppet all these years.

    Don’t feel so bad that you have been betrayed. How many times was Jesus betrayed?

  13. john says:

    ron paul lost me in his first election campaign for those very reasons. yours are astute observations. i concluded that he was there as controlled opposition. a fine upstanding congressman with integrity. his job was to channel and control the dissenting sentiment and introduce the peasants to the notion of a gold backed currency. he wasn’t designed to win. no matter. we will.

  14. Jean says:

    Perhaps it is time to consider that the lesser of two evils is starting to look a lot like Obama. It would also have the benefit of denying Ron and Rand Paul their “ill gotten” gains and help inspire politicians to remember why are supposed to be our representatives.

  15. RON says:

    I agree with the feelings, however it may have come down to threats to his family. Just remember the type of people we dealing with….it is going to come down to each individual doing the right thing…..

  16. Jean says:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

  17. C.Davis says:

    First of all, the purported “ringing” endorsement appeared to me to be the minimum required to fulfill whatever requirement was being addressed. If anything, the advent of this development has laid bare the extent to which the constitutional republicans (Ron Paul people) are immune to the machinations of the GOP establishment.
    It is my guess that there has been some deal struck between the establishment and the Paaul camp which includes the codicil of non-disclosure as a condition.
    It may be that the recent announcement by Rand was a clever gambit with the purpose of illustrating the extent to which his father’s supporters are intent upon sticking to their guns in their rejection of the deeply flawed Romney. After all, if the GOP insiders can plainly see that Paul’s supporters will not fall into line behind Romney even after Rand coughs up his endorsement, they may finally get the clue that Oromney is “dead in the water” after all. He will not win without the Paul supporters somehow being appeased to an extraordinary extent. They will prove their strength, instead, by going for Gary Johnson, Or another third party option, without some astoundingly mitigating circumstances.
    I don’t claim to be some kind of political whiz-kid, but I have good reason to respect the acumen which has been amply demonstrated by Ron Paul. I don’t clearly understand what is going on, but I disagree that the Paul campaign has somehow been duped, as Mr Alex Jones seems to believe, rather the likelihood of the opposite being true is also possible, but for some reason, complete disclosure would not be in the interest of the American people or Paul’s candidacy at this time.
    For me it’s “in for a penny, in for a pound,” I didn’t abandon my apoliticality to support someone that I didn’t trust to have a strategy for straightening out the mess in Washington, and I am in no way going to give up on this chance for our posterity, and that includes NOT voting for Romney.
    Those of you who are content to watch our founders’ vision head over the precipice, have at it by voting for Goldman Sachs candidate A or Goldman Sachs candidate B, but don’t expect me or hordes of others to participate in your folly.
    After the big guns having been rolled out against Dr. Paul have done their worst, we have nothing more to lose and everything to gain, so “damn the torpedoes” and let’s wait and see what happens in Tampa. Paul is not soliciting donations any longer, so it can be inferred that he is set upon whatever course is in his mind, and has the means to carry it out. Godspeed to all liberty lovers.

  18. Al says:

    I was delighted to read this article as i have said all along that the Republicans need the Ron Paul backers in order to win in 2012. The dirty tricks by the Republican party against Ron Paul is also a stab against his supporters. Ron paul can be polite and understanding about these dirty tactics but we do not have to take it. The stakes are too high for the nation.

  19. Redrabbit65 says:

    Well written article but no real big surprise. If Ron Paul truly wanted to make a difference he’d run as an independent and remove himself from the Republican yoke. Instead he politely runs and politely goes away. His rallies simply gathered all the patriots in one convenient spot so the DoD and CIA can get all the names and pics they want or need. Dissident get-togethers, very convenient.

  20. American Patriot says:

    Ron Paul was the only chance our kids and grandkids had of having an America that they could be proud of like we did before the zionists sabatodged all our rights and freedoms.

  21. john says:

    dr paul life was threaten by the bilderberg people, this could be why he gave up

  22. This clown was so easy to see through. I washed my hands of his lies long ago. Yeah he’s a traitor, just like all federal government terrorists. Did you really expect anything else?


  23. Let me suggest that you are missing the point.

    Almost entirely.

    Now there is NOTHING stopping the United States from assisting the Israel in ushering in the horrors of the Battle of Armageddon.

    Obama is willing to attack Syria and/or Iran on behalf of the Israel.

    Romney appears to be willing to attack Syria, Iran, Russia and China on behalf of the Israel.

    I would suggest that Rand Paul be prosecuted for being an accomplice before the fact to GENOCIDE because of the CRUCIAL role he has played in the coming catastrophe.

  24. Pauly says:

    I told you he was a fake, he believes the official story of 911.

  25. Hugh says:

    I agree with you 1000%. Here’s our candidate, Merlin Miller, American Third Position.
    I personally know Merlin. He’s the real deal.


  26. As though you really thought it would go any other way. You’ve heard that line about voting right? If it changed anything it would be illegal

  27. Jeremy says:

    We all have our line in the sand, I think we should draw it between truth and lies. Had Paul not thrown 9/11 truth under the bus in 2008, he may have been marginalized, as he nevertheless was otherwise, but the country would have woken up a lot faster. Hopefully faster than the globalist agenda strips here of sovereignty.
    We can’t beat the devil playing by his rules. Truth is a strategy worth trying at this point.

  28. Eric says:

    You can try and probe and prod and nail us all you want the FACT is 60 million of us are at the very F’N end of being prodded and its going to unravel on them they have about destroyed the monetary system and 60 locations as of ten years ago brought in their own currency a local backs with gold and it can even be spent at the walmart their money will be toast and when we see their FRN’s we will know its the Sons and Daughters of Satin ! so they will be very easy to spot like large Fl cockroaches stop paying your income tax !!! this is how they are funded not one buck goes to paper clips to battle ships for us its for their interest on debt we are not responsible for go to your controller and tel them to stop taking any income tax out they can be in trouble if they do so get smart and grow some balls ! or has yours dried up and blown away long ago?

  29. bloodyrebel says:

    I don’t doubt that the Paul family has been threatened many times by theestablishment., and it would make sense that Rand would fold before his father in order to protect his family and himself.

    Although, that does not excuse the betrayal of our country’s founding beliefs and principles,. let alone your own father that seems more than willing to die protecting that me
    Has anyone asked Rand why he didn’t thnk aboutback Gary Johnson instead of an establishment whore, like Romney. Might as well have gone democrat and sold out to the illegal president Obama.

    I wonder if Rand truly thinks that the status quo will listen to him, especially now that they’ve nearly obliterated the Ron Paul Campaign. They got what theanted with his Rand’s subservience to them and Ron’s movement in shambles.

    Every American needs to awaken to the criminal system and reform it before we are enslaved and/or killed off.

  30. Les Crane says:

    Sorry you were taken in but this the second time he has led the American Patroits over the precipice. He did it before in 2008 when he refused to go into the Republican Convention and and held a Counter-Convention nearby. His delegates were sidetracked.
    The Truth is. Ron Paul is a Trojan Horse and he he has always been one. He is a member of the 33rd Degree and so he follows their program.
    Patriots, learn from this and support only principles not personalities.Continue the fight.

  31. martin keerns says:

    I’m not an American so you can dismiss this as nonsense if you wish, I think the whole R Paul Bandwagon was for two purposes. 1. To take a poll of you guys in the US to find out how many of you “know the score” as we say here in Scotland (Also handy to know where you all live for when martial law is declared).


    2. To antagonize the small group of people who do know what’s happening into getting pissed of enough to hit the streets (maybe even riot) in order to neccesitate the implementation of said martial law. There doing the same sort of thing in the UK, pushing for enough of us to riot so they can enact cival contingincies act (our nice name for martial law) PS Watch out for a sneaky Jeb Bush curveball. Maybe revelations about Romney funding or some other “indescretion” might have Bush the turd, sorry third, galloping in to save the day. ps for any nosey alphabet agency types (if I’m right) I’m a 42/44 chest for my orange jumpsuit and I’d prefer my breakfast after my waterboarding thanks.

  32. Arminius says:

    Revolution is the Solution!

  33. okieshowedem says:

    How sad.
    When will we ever learn?
    This country was founded by mason to do what it is doing today.
    This is just part of a far greater plan to bring mankind to his own end.
    We as a people have turned our backs on all that the prophets wrote and warned us was coming.
    Now we cry because we are fools just as the Messiah said we are in Luke 24:25.
    Soon and very soon 1/3 of mankind will die in the nuclear war that this evil beastly system has planed.
    Watch for it in and around the Euphrates river.
    Then believe that those Hebrew prophets and the apostles of the true Hebrew Messiah knew what they were writing.



  34. Scott says:

    the movement shall continue with or without ron paul. i wonder if “they” threatened his wife or his grandchildren or something? Something to make him back the eff up. idk.

  35. MIKE says:

    How do you know they did not threaten Ron Paul’s life or the life of his entire family? You have to realise that they have the power to. Ron Paul never stood a chance, not in this country or coorperation or whatever it is. He did shake the boat though and you are right people need to continue where he left off, good luck they are gonna knock that person down too but he could get really rich.

  36. Sikorski says:

    TPTB needed to flush out the Patriots whose natural inclination was to support Ron Paul. Now, through “Total Information Awareness” they have compiled one hell of a list.

    Next stop: concentration camps when Martial Law is declared.

  37. hiwaycruzer says:

    I, too, know the feeling of betrayal and lament my personal losses, both personal and financial. But we must pick up the pieces and move on. WE MUST PREVENT OBAMA FROM BEING REELECTED AT ALL COSTS, even if it means voting for ‘El Diablo’ himself. I believe Rand knew this when he threw his support behind Romney. I hope he chooses Rand as running mate. It would sure that bitter pill easier to swallow…

  38. pat says:

    I hate to say this but this should have come as no surprize to any of you had you been paying attention. Ron Paul entire campaigne has been devoted to two things: getting Romney elected and securing a job for Rand in his administration. There is so much evidence to prove this but maybe this do as a start: in 20 GOP debates Ron Paul attacked Romney’s rivals 39 times, while never once assailing Romney. http://thinkprogress.org/polit.....?mobile=nc

    If you can stomach more i can deliver.

  39. Sally_Oh says:

    I have a different perspective completely. I wrote about it today: http://www.fiftytolife.com/201.....-movement/.

  40. Lisa says:

    While I think Rand betrayed us, I don’t think Ron Paul has, and we need to stay on that path. They will do anything to stop us.

  41. I don’t believe that looking reality straight in the eye will “eat the movement from the inside out” KX Russell. What will is blindness and nonsensical loyalty and obedience to a party line that has been compromised and proven itself to be a fraud. You cannot swim with the sharks and not be a part of the school. The endorsement of Mittney was predictable at the onset. I’m just sorry so many people are getting hurt by it.

  42. Annie DeRiso says:

    Dave Hodges DCH MC NCC
    The Common Sense Show airing on The Republic Broadcasting Network
    Sunday’s 9PM-Midnight Central
    Live streamed at http://www.republicbroadcastin.....listenlive
    Email: thecommonsenseshow@yahoo.com
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    Call in number: 1-800-313-9443

  43. Tyranny says:

    Thank-you to Barb for posting this excellent article.

  44. KX Russell says:

    If you think that Rand’s endorsement was a betrayal then you do not understand strategy & how to win battles & wars when you are outnumbered. Your short-sided-ness will eat the movement from the inside out.

  45. Ariel Monserrat says:

    It isn’t nonsense that Ross Perot said the Repubs ruined his daughter’s wedding. What happened is that he and his family’s lives were threatened with death if he continued to run. My parents (now deceased) both knew him when this happened.

  46. He better repeal all the way back to 1913 and immediately have the criminals locked up and follow the money trails or he will not be welcomed in office. The American people deserve transparent leadership from this point forward. ALL GOV FINANCIAL ACTIVITY MUST BE FULLY MONITORED AS SOON AS HE GETS IN!!! The people currently in charge need to be the ones filling up these bond commitments in the short term Ronald. We request freedom from the “devices of the fed and businesses accrued therein”. We also request freedom to hold and keep property free from taxation. Scientists have proved that it is possible to produce free energy, food, and water off of the ocean and re-use everything! Do something bigger than Mitt’s money!! Throw these past presidential cabinets in jail and seize their assets RON!! They have more knowledge than you’d ever imagine, have done more sick things than most people do in their whole eternal lifeline, and they are more dangerous to you than you’d ever assume. You will be a truly great and humble president. Prison reform during honeymoon for you my friend all the way past the top. They need to start learning how to kiss your bottom in all the right places.

  47. Lisa Elliott says:

    While I share your disappointment and sense of betrayal of Rand Paul, let’s not forget that Rand has never claimed to be anything other than a “conservative Republican” and truly believes his job is to support the candidate that he thinks will win. They (the powers that be) would never have allowed Ron Paul to be elected. period. We know that. If they can diddle primary and caucus results to suit their goal, than what the hell ever made us think that they would play fair when it came to the presidential election in Nov. Nope, it was never meant to be, and I think I always knew it. But, I will still give money to spread the message (gospel?) to the millions of Americans who NEED to hear it. Yes, Ron Paul did not fight back and play dirty when attacked and he and his supporters can always be proud of that fact….all the way to the subsidized bread line. Ron will never be caught in a “gotcha” film clip like all the other bozos when they try and deny something, but that is a small comfort as we head for a heightened police state and a greater chasm between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. I am thankful to Ron for ringing the alarm bells in my head about 7 or 8 yrs ago when I first heard his message. He has breathed a little life into a nearly dead sense of patriotism of this country and reminded us what it COULD feel like to be proud to be an American: If we would just pay attention and do OUR duty.

  48. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    CFR & U.S. Army Chief of Staff: Use Army for Domestic “Law” Enforcement (Martial Law)

    An unintended or intended consequence or Why individual states cannot count on their own state’s ‘National Guard’ to protect them from the US Federal forces.

    “Today’s army also has an unprecedented level of integration between its active and its reserve components. The Army National Guard and the Army Reserve have stood shoulder to shoulder with active-duty troops around the globe, and the level of trust, respect, and mutual understanding between them is unparalleled in the army’s history. Our reserve component soldiers are better than they have ever been, and we will dedicate resources to ensure that some of them will be either deployed or ready to deploy around the globe.”



  49. Abe says:

    This does feel like the ultimate betrayal. But we all seen clearly what a joke this process has been as far as the media and the Republican party heads goes.
    Why does the lamestream jump on this, yet not even a peep about one of Mittens kids being a Ron Paul supporter. So does this mean Rand changed his views on that National Detain Americans Act? Either way it’s a loose loose!
    At least the American People seem to be waking up. Ratings for the lamestream media are falling off the cliff.
    Liberty isn’t a person, but an Idea. Let the wake continue!

  50. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    I fear the chance of a peaceful resolution of America’s corruption has just evaporated.

    The abrupt marginalization of all those hopeful reformists will have serious consequences as losing all hope will result in more willing revolutionary radicals being produced then ever before.