Actual statistics prove that vaccines HAVE NOT prevented disease.


Prepared by Raymond Obomsawin M.Sc., Ph.D.

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3 Responses to “Immunization Graphs – The Real Story on Vaccine Effectiveness”

  1. perfectmus says:

    Why dont they go back to use colloidal silver like they did before they ended its use in 1940’s?

    While they wanted to promote patentable drugs, those drugs are failing and the viruses are building up resistance.

  2. irene says:

    I got a call yesterday from a research firm asking questions about the vaccine coverage of the children for the CDC. We gave them truthful information.

  3. Mike Cyrus says:

    Thanks, Barbara, again for a great post.
    It’s all true–hundreds of scientific papers exposing the many known dangers and ill effects and essentially nothing on the other side. Combined with the GMO poisoning and the health destroying additives to the food it can and does mean only one thing. Add to that the armed swat teams cracking down on small farms, fresh milk and vegetables yet putting into our children and our families everything from pink slime on…
    One more data point: these are not unintelligent or ignorant people who do, support and sometimes enforce these things…
    We need to stop them while it remains possible to do so…