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8 Responses to “Michigan Mutations from Fukushima Fallout?”

  1. rick says:

    Is this a radiation problem or perhaps geo engineering? Or both? It is my understanding that Bill Gates bought plenty of Monsanto stock and he is backing chemical spraying or geo engineering.

  2. Xenon says:

    I work on an organic farm on the east coast where many of the crops are grown in high tunnels, and many are also field-grown. Ocassionally, we will always get a few mutations (very few). The number of mutations displayed in this video across the wide variety of plants has to be highly suspicious and disconcerting. Prima facie evidence has to point to an environmental anomaly — radioactive mutations from Fukishima fallout have to be at the top of the list since the Fukishima plants have been spewing out their deadly toxins unabated for more than a year. Solid material from Fukishima is now washing up on the shores of the west coast, so it is not a stretch of the imagination that radioactive elements have reached the west coast many months ago and have spread further inland. Testing for raised radioactive readings on these plants and surrounding areas would prove the point. If this is so, the country must be alerted to the dangers for it is evident that all governments concerned will try to hide these facts. The California dairy industry has already announced that they have found elevated levels of cesium in their milk.

  3. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Arne Gunderson is a rational source:

    If you are on facebook, Dr. Helen Caldicott (more excitable then Gunderson and against all things nuclear) is at:

    The best current Japanese sources are:

    and very likely the best as to clarity:

    I could offer a dozen others but it become overwhelming.

    Abe is quite right …. Buy a counter and check even Japanese consumer goods as many of those have been found to be contaminated.

  4. Steve Malafy says:

    I grow strawberries in a high tunnel and have had mutated berrys like the one shown, but mutations can also come from pests such as the tarnished plant bugs.

  5. Abe says:

    I’ve been checking my garden for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, in south central MN regularly and haven’t found anything other than background radiation. I’m about 350 – 400 miles west.
    This thing in Japan……. will be with us long after were gone. Arne Gunderson has a website called fairewinds you can sub to and get updates. I think he is a nuke physicist. Shortly after the meltdown the US gov. raised safe levels something like 20X. So don’t count on them for anything worthwhile to know.

  6. Barbara Talbert says:

    The dandelions actually look like they had been sprayed with round-up in the parking lot but some of the other plants are really wierd and could very well be from radiation fall-out.

  7. Hi Pat,

    Don’t let this discourage you. Radiation fallout is sporadic, and if we don’t eat our own veggies then we will be eating them from another who might not be so picky. I take Zeolite. Both Zeolite and Bentonite clay is good for both personal health and soil remediation.

  8. pat says:

    I was going to plant a garden this year, but now i have grave misgivings. Would zeolite and bentonite clays mixed in the soil protect against radioactive contamination?