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2 Responses to “Nest Wars!”

  1. There are 3 geese and one chicken in the doghouse. I didn’t put them there, they decided that was where they wanted to be. There are so many eggs in there that they are bulging out the sides of the nests. My question is, if a goose sits and hatches a chicken egg, how will the flock cope?

  2. amicus curiae says:

    so what was the tally Barb?
    one mum and how many eggs,goslings:-)
    what do the dogs think about it all??:-)
    I reduced my 85 or so hens to 24,
    and now the yard looks so empty..
    hoping to be getting some more chick and some ducklings this week, breeds unknown just now.
    been a rotten hatching rate here, damned ants getting into eggs before the chicks can manage to get out.
    and I tried..you cant get a broody hen to accept her nest being stood in a bowl, and that bowl then in a tub of water:-(