Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

During my seed company investigation, I ran across the Living Seed Company. What a wonderful message! This company will definitely be included in the Farm Wars Safe Seed Company list.

Who they are:

In the spirit of planting seeds of peace, joy, beauty and food for this world, he and his fiancé Astrid decided to create the Living Seed Company. They believe the power of people growing food together and saving their own seeds is one of the best ways to achieve both inner harmony and global prosperity. Living Seed Company

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4 Responses to “The Living Seed Company – Seeds of Freedom”

  1. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    For YOU shall KNOW Them by their WORKS!

  2. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    “MONSANTO,” is likely anagrammatic revisionistic Re-SPELLing to

    WARship their Luciferian lusts for: “The FATHER’S luminous spirit

    Children,” to satisfy the Carnal Blood Lusts of their: DEMONIC

    pagan/pAH”G”AHn masters: “MOloch Satan;”

    read more accurately: “MOSATAN?”

    Does the nom de gurre; not fit more correctly and precisely

    delineate their modus operandi?

  3. Diane says:

    Thanks for the video…really informative and hopeful!

    By the way, I coined a new word—-“Monsantocide”—-how do you like it?


  4. Rob says:

    Dr. Vandana Shiva of India started the movement against MONSANTO and started a village seed bank in Punjab, India way back in 19874, soon after the Bhopal explosion of Union Carbide p;ant which in retrospect now seems like a well orchestrated conspiracy by MONSANTO and its cronies in the government.
    Why does USA have to wait for Dr. Shiva of India, Tariq Ali of Pakistan or Dr. Yunus of Bangladesh to wake them up from their slumber and complacency about MONSANTO, VIETNAM WAR or OCCUPY WALL STREET, like Tsunami of incidences (that others can see but the Americans)???????
    Food for thought and some thing to ponder upon……
    Bill Clinton in his autobiography touches it briefly whelk discussing the problem in the schools and education system in his native state of Arkansas as Governor in the early Eighties!!!!!!!