Watch the “completely safe” smart meter explode and catch this unfortunate person’s house on fire. Pay no attention to the fire, that smart meter is fail-safe because I SAID SO!

Submitted by Annie DeRiso

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7 Responses to “Smart meter fire risks?”

  1. kim mcdonald says:

    i was pissed to get home the other day and found that hydro had been here to install my smart meter .this is after a long fight with them to not install one on my house and after they agreed to it about 1 week later i find they did put one there im pissed and am not finished fighting yet…

  2. sandy says:

    I have a bush that I looked forward to blooming every year. Last June they installed ‘the meter”. It is literally killing my beautiful flowering bush. Few blooms this spring and the flowers die immediately. The flowers are white, but this year they are mostly brown. I want to take an axe to that box so bad. I called the power company and asked that they remove it. Too bad, it can not happen they told me. I asked if others had complained and the idiot on the phone told me that only one other person had complained beside me. I know this to be totally false, as this area is educating people about the dangers and health risks these meters cause.

  3. PJ says:

    By looking at the wiring going into the smart meter, no wonder the device caught fire. The gauge of wires in this vid are way too small. They should be using 3 ought, Looks like they are using No 8 or 6 wire, only good for 40 amps.

    I’m surprised the whole building did not catch fire. In hind site, the meters should not of been installed until the wire in the building was brought up to code. That’s what you get when you hire unqualified people to do a tradesman’s job. Look forward to much more fires from incorrect installation.

    Canadian Electrician 309a Inter-provincial Red Seal :(

  4. Barbara Talbert says:

    The big rush to have everyone connected to the power grid is to be able to strongarm the family farm. The USDA is very concerned in getting rural areas hooked up (they say to help rural areas). Everyone needs to get acquainted with something called “invertspeak”. Just listen and then believe the opposite and you will know the perception managers have been at work.

  5. Mr. Widemouth says:

    Smart Meters – something to be afraid of?

  6. amicus curiae says:

    thanks barbara,
    I had a smart meter instaler try and replace my digital unit that already has the 3 time cost ratios inbuilt, that isnt invasive of privacy.
    i told em to go to hell.
    so glad I did.
    and this clip and other info re other uses of the info and risks was sent to the states premier.
    heres an opinion by the attorney general on them:-)

    Although the Attorney-General said it wasn’t unusual for trials to encounter technical problems, he was surprised at the immaturity of the products tested: “All of the technologies that were trialled failed to meet the minimum functionality”.

    “For six of the 11 technology candidates that actually completed the trials process, all were assessed as requiring further technical development.

    “Why the commitment to the roll out continued to be recommended, or at least why the technical vulnerabilities were not explained in any great detail in the advice” to the department, the Attorney-General asked.
    and yet?
    a man smart enough to call a halt to the crippling 20% carbon reduction in this same state? allowed this crap through?

  7. Deanna Munson says:

    every tree in oregon has is dead of has visible signs of disease.while chemtrails have been part of the problem,the smartmeters have been their end.i have personally watched the progression from start to finish.this is ridiculous after so many have reported life threatening health problems on top of environmental health and fires.i have been ill for almost 2yrs ,incredibly ill.frogs are all extinct where im at a week after install never to return,and the trees are litterally snapping into,,falling completely over,all of them,young and old.the ground current that smartmeters are responsible have rotted the roots and the cores of the trees.they are truly in a state of emergency here in beaverton oregon.if you pray,now would be a good time