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I went to my first meeting in which potential candidates for the office of County Commissioner got to meet with the people in my little town and answer questions. We were up close and personal, as there were less than 30 people in the room, so we mingled around, with the majority of us sitting at a long fold-out table, the candidates at the head. What struck me at first was the deference shown to them. It was almost imperceptible, but it was there. Let’s crack the nut on that, shall we?

People elected to hold public office are employees. Of whom? We the People. Therefore, every meeting with these people should be conducted as a job interview. YOU are the prospective employer, and they are approaching YOU for a job. It is your responsibility to carefully consider their qualifications and aptitude for that job, then choose the best potential employee.

Why then, do we allow job seekers to conduct meetings, set rules, and expect prospective employers to follow them? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

What would you do if a person approached you for a job and then proceeded to outline demands for the interview such as place, time, procedure, subject, etc.? Shouldn’t We the People be doing that before granting the interview? And if the requirements for the interview are not met, then that person does not get hired. Period. That is the real world.

Yet, in this topsy turvy world, we idolize people that are supposed to be working for us, put them on a platform, and allow them to dictate the terms of employment. It is time to put an end to this backwards system of enslavement. If you want the job, you submit to the requirements of that job, and one of those requirements is that you recognize that you are the employee, working for We the People, and are to do what we say, not what you damned well feel like.

Why do our prospective employees feel that they are in charge and can do what they like? Believe it or not, it is to fill the void. Most people do not understand the power they have to simply stand up and be counted. They defer that power to a supposed “authority figure” on demand. We have been conditioned to do this throughout public school, and it can only lead to one thing, complete totalitarianism, but that’s another subject. Our prospective employees only do this because we don’t. We don’t stand up and make ourselves heard. So, if we don’t, they fill the void and take control. And the beat goes on.

I haven’t voted for years, but this year might be different. I refuse to participate in the federal voting racket, but this year, just maybe, we can get someone in a county seat that actually gets it and gives a damn. I will be researching, conducting my own personal candidate interviews, then making my determination on who would make the best employee. This means understanding exactly what the job position requires and determining which prospect can fill that position best. If you are going to vote, please do the same. Remember, YOU are the employer. THEY are asking you for the job. They must meet your requirements, or they simply do not get hired.

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6 Responses to “The Candidate Interview Process”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Glad to meet you. Love your website at Good to have a kindred soul in this neck of the woods :)

  2. Barbara,
    I wasn’t there for this meeting and I can see that I should have been. Thank you for your invaluable perspective and insight. I’ll look forward to your further investigations.
    Susan O’Leary
    Sprague River

  3. This message is spot on. Look at the Past two Presidents. Look at the alternatives we are given to choose from. If you care about your future at all. contact me at
    I have recieved many calls an letters requesting that I run as for President . Not to win, but to create a broker convention. Then we can find someone who is honest and and a leader to move the United States toward prosperity, and a greater quality of life.
    Will you help me get on ballots in your state?Dr. Daniel Muffoletto ND

  4. If we cannot take the time, expend the energy, demonstrate the attentiveness required of an electorate alert, informed, and diligent, then we deserve the results of our ignoring. Thank you, BHP, for leading the way, yet again. We all have the choice you had, and we all better get up and take action locally. Bottoms up!

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  6. Doug Pearson says:

    Right on! It’s time to stop this insane bullshit and start doing things the right way.