Dave Hodges, Annie Deriso and I talk about HR 2749, Monsanto, and CODEX’s parts in the depopulation agenda and what we can do.

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4 Responses to “CODEX and the Depopulation Agenda on the Common Sense Show”

  1. Blighnaut says:

    Jesus showed us the way.
    Gandhi taught us the method.

    Disobey wimps !

  2. Eugene Nix says:

    there is a growing concern in the US that unlabled GMO food are causing un-diagnosed allergies such as Morgellons

  3. laurel says:

    well said Barbara, The NAIS and cloned animal factor had escaped me. holy cow, alright, mark of What? sort of beast, indeed.
    You manage to sound so calm,
    stuff like this makes me want to yell:-)
    and then no one listens, they all duck and run..sigh.
    You know our society has all these stupid time wasters , games, tv,movies.hours of travelling, meaningless tasks to fill in the time we used to have to garden,talk to the neighbours, sew knit cook, whatever, the things that got replaced with freezer and takeaway, and bought clothes, and furnishings etc.
    Makes me realise how lucky I was to grow up with a mother who did all that, and taught me.She could skin a rabbit ,with one sharp flick of the wrist,

    I never did manage to learn that
    She learnt during the Depression here in the 30’s and 40’s.
    Mon Mob are waffling about massive productivity increases and a whole New range of nasties they plan on developing/releasing on the world.
    what a laugh!
    The first 10+ years have shown them to be no better, and usually worse, for land, beast and man,
    but that won’t stop them no sir! they just know they can make it even worse! and get rich doing so. Never mind the damage to the land and the Farmer. Its Agribusiness, anyway, not farming as humans define it.
    I will NOT go quietly! :-)

  4. Good job Barbara!!!