If you don’t think a global crime syndicate of psychopathic, paranoid, parasitic, perverted, bankster funded, corporate control freaks, along with numerous appointed administrative bureaucracies of pencil pushing, paper shuffling, tax consuming, non-productive 14th amendment corporate plantation slaves are in the process of destroying what is left of the united States of America, just look in the district of corporatism. (Mynewspage)

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2 Responses to “Why PIPA/SOPA and the DNS are a Joke!”

  1. These FIENDS will stop at nothing! Who really doubts the evil technocracy won’t mandate microchips implanted in our bodies to control us, as the Holy Bible refers to the “Mark of the Beast”. They already call for an implanted rfid chip for Obamacare, and there is talk of implantable micro-cellphones that would force us to be constantly available and GPS trackable. TYRANNY! We are faced with the decision: Live free or die trying!

  2. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    SOPA and PIPA are smokescreens giving only a public excuse AND LENDING LEGITIMACY TO WHAT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. They will not stop.

    The NDAA of 2010 declares the Internet an “operation domain” in the war on terror allowing for the Pentagon, “upon direction by the President [to] conduct offensive operations in cyberspace.” The authority goes even further than passive Internet censorship.

    The Pentagon also claims the authority to use military force as a response to serious cyber attacks. In preparation for the new authority in the NDAA, the Pentagon announced their efforts to recruit and train an army of cyber soldiers as funded by the 2011 (and addition monies in 2012) NDAA. Most of what they want to do is possible now.