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One Response to “The Drugs I Need”

  1. Abe says:

    Great video and cute too! The sad truth is in a majority of cases the cure is worse than the disease. When people are sick with something like cancer, they’re made to take these chemical coctails! Alot of times a large portion of these drugs is to counter act the effects of several drugs reacting in a dangerous way. Even when prescribed I rarely take drugs with the exception of anti biotics, and even then thats rare. I’ve had a good talk with my Dr. and friend of over 50 years about the drug industry. I gave him my thoughts or theories (LOL) and he agrees. He knows I wont take drugs unless I’m going into surgery or some thing like that. He does agree with my ideas, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t pushing on his other patients. They (Drs.) get a piece of the pie. I’m sure most here are quite aware that Big Pharma and the Gooberment are in bed together! Like a lot of the gooberment agencies, big business has there insiders inside all of the US Depts. I hope people do there home work before blindly taking any drugs or vaccines! “Because I said so” never flew with me!