Greetings Members and Friends!

Please be aware of our last show of 2011, coming up with 8 past guests and one NEW surprise guest! This will be a 2 hour presentation, and each guest will be speaking for 15 minutes with a special message for the audience, a message that you don’t want to miss! So who are the guests?



We are proud to present:

  • Michael Murphy from “What in the World are they Spraying”
  • Mark McCandlish : Aviation expert and chemtrail Activists
  • Dennis Whitney: UFO researcher
  • Howard Stein : TTD’s new political commentator & Correspondent
  • Barbara H. Peterson : Owner of Farm Wars on GMO’s and Chemtrails
  • James Gilliland : Owner of the Ranch, Ufo’s and Spirituality, chemtrails activist
  • John Whyte: Chemtrail Project and activist
  • Tom Lescher: Astrologists from New Paradigm Astrology
  • Bernard Alvarez : owner of the GIC and The JustBernard Show

12:00 Noon (MST) 11:00 AM (Pacific) Friday December 30th !!!!

Show Link click here :

I will be your host, Roxy Lopez so please join us LIVE for a very exciting show with all of your favorite radio personalities who are here to help you all focus on the events to come for 2012. Each guest has a special message, so please don’t miss it!!!

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