Smart utility grids are only one portion of a larger, more complex Smart City grid.

Source: Postscapes

Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

A nation’s pulse can be felt through the real estate market. That is one reason I subscribe to Trulia. Trulia is an online service for people looking to buy and sell real estate. Properties are listed on the site for sale and updates are sent to subscribers whenever new properties are listed. This afternoon I received an email with the following trend forecast:

…when it comes to looking forward in the real estate realm, it’s most interesting to wonder: where will the market be bright in the coming year? We posed precisely this question to Trulia’s Chief Economist, Jed Kolko. His answer was concise and provocative: “Smart cities are hot.” (Trulia 2012 Predictions Newsletter)

The question begging to be answered is – just what is a Smart City?

Anatomy of a Smart City

The dramatic shift of the world’s population into urban areas is encouraging citizens, city planners, businesses and governments to start looking at visions of ‘smart’ cities. Below we look into what is driving the need to establish these networked environments, how smart city concepts and projects are different in the developing world, and what technologies and systems are needed to make them a reality. (Postscapes)

As we can see in a portion of The Anatomy of a Smart City Infographic from Postscapes, smart utility grids are only one portion of a larger, more complex Smart City grid, which includes: 

  • Smart Environment: Monitoring and management of all environmental elements such as pollution levels, wildlife counts, and water runoff.
  • Smart Safety: Safety monitoring for buildings, bridges and dams.
  • Smart Transportation: Monitoring and management of all transportation systems, which includes the management of fuel consumption.
  • Smart Utilities: Smart Grid technology, which is currently being implemented in the form of Smart Meters to monitor and manage all electricity and water usage.
  • Smart Buildings: Office buildings that monitor all energy consumption of every single employee.
Source: Postscapes

Download Anatomy of a Smart City – FULL Infographic PDF

Can we spell AGENDA 21 Human Settlement Zones? And according to Trulia’s Chief Economist, investing in properties set up for the collection of people into sections designated as human habitats according to Agenda 21 protocols is a HOT ITEM for 2012!


A Smart City is an environment where literally everything you do and say can and will be monitored because everything and everyone will be attached to a complex grid of sensors and wireless networks, with your particular Smart City acting as the platform on which the grid is maintained.

Stack and pack is on its way, folks, and people will flock to these Smart Cities in droves. Why? Because they will be touted as ecologically sound – “green” if you will, when the only thing green about them is the amount of greenbacks it will take to live there. Contrary to the hype, these are not cool places to live. These are techno-traps loaded with all the gadgets one could possibly want right at your fingertips, put in place specifically to lure one into the trap. The only thing you won’t have is your freedom. But who needs that if you have the latest iPod, eh?.

So, what do we actually gain by paying for the privilege of allowing someone to monitor our every move and every bit of energy consumption and decide when we’ve simply had enough and are cut off? You tell me. I can’t think of one good thing.

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12 Responses to “Agenda 21 Total Surveillance Smart Cities are HOT Investments”

  1. Nelson M. says:

    I can tell you who is funding UN Agenda 21. It’s central bankers. The Bank of International Settlements (a private corporation) is comprised of 57 of the most prominent central banks worldwide. There are more than 150 central banks worldwide, one in nearly every country. All of these central banks are privately owned corporations.

    Some of the thinktanks sponsored by these central bankers are the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and dozens more. Always check to see which of these groups a politician belongs to, before you vote for them!!!!

  2. DarkStarAz says:

    Sounds alot my HOA in right here in Arizona…

  3. Pascal says:

    Remember who profits. Always follow the profits. To understand more see an excellent article on the Enron web of deceit and just who the players are. It is posted at Remember elected officials are being bought off like any product on the shelf with a benefit for the consumer. Think about cushy do-nothing board jobs for their spouses. And think about how they retire into the lap of luxury with lobbyist positions and speaking tours. Enron helped pave the way for what is now taking place in the energy sector. Other off-shore corporations are doing the same in other areas. Money is the motivating force for the murder of our nation, and our way of life. Corporations are the monster leaches and vampires of our fictionalized system of government and justice. No matter how fast you run they still catch you in their spider web and drain you of life. A spider after all, is designed to make a living one way. Vampirism. Also, if you wonder who is connected to these multinational corporations, look up a website called muckety. It draws the connections out for you so you can see just how far down the rabbit hole we have already gone. The matrix is real. Its all around you. You can’t see it or touch it but you can feel it closing in.

  4. Der Furor Anyone? says:

    When a person, group or nation wants deception, they will have it in full measure. Does anyone really think our elected officials are here to help us or do our bidding? How is all this happening? Who is implementing these policies that are designed to herd us into cities? The article mentions Agenda 21. If you have not googled that, please do so at this time. Sustainable movements are part and parcel of this wide-sweeping plan to control all people under one uniform governmental body. Public-private partnerships and privatization of public property are two more parts.

    And to think so many people laughed at the Bible and its prophecies about the end times. God is not mocked and His word is coming true before our eyes.

  5. John T C says:

    This stuff is already being cultivated in towns all over the US with a seemingly innocuous program called Transition US. It masquerades as a “grass roots” effort talking about green sustainable living and community projects but in the end what should be noble efforts begins to be forced upon you. Inevitably followed with guidelines on water and resources in a given area. Before you know it, you’re being fined for using too much on your own property or accusations of not being “green” enough according to someone’s standard. The Transition Movement started in England and has ties to the UN.

  6. Nick brown says:

    Dont forget about the “smart drones” to enforce all this.

  7. Abe says:

    Thumbs up to Wilbers interpitation of smart! Love it! Them Shylocks are really clever aren’t they. Kind of reminds me of one of those X-Files episodes where they were undercover in that gated community. When some one didn’t comply with the rules a slude monster will come out and take you out! I guess I’d rather be stupid than smart! Give me my back yard that I can till up and plant what ever I want. Pop an occasional rabbit squirrel for dinner. It isn’t heaven, but it’s far from the stack and pack! I’m sure in the big picture those that have been making fun of us “conspiracy theroist” and the herd mentality will rush in droves!

  8. Barbara Talbert says:

    They may be going to “collect us” like pets or like people who get too many pet animals on their property. Wonder if it will include euthanization if we don’t follow the rules? You can be sure if it says smart it is for dummies. Maybe they will start calling us the dummies (the ones who let our freedoms be taken away).

  9. MPG says:

    Do you know that smart community includes smart roads? Transportation Sec. LaHood is paying to test GPS tolling. Some university in Iowa is doing the testing. They will track your vehicle. They will know where you go, how often and when. They will know what route you take. And they are planning to charge tolls on every road! Late night would be less than drive time. Surface roads cheaper than highways, and fewer miles per year cheaper than more. IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT PEOPLE!? WAKE UP. You are their cattle, they your masters.

  10. hiding in plain site says:

    If I tell you to shut off the air conditioner you paid for and supply with electricity you’d say I was nuts. If I told you to give me all your electric consumption data so I could figure out a way to charge you more you’d say I was nuts. If I sent all your data to the government so they could tax you more, you’d say I was nuts. If I said Google would handle all this information and be able to sell it to marketers so they could manipulate you, you’d say I was nuts. And you’d be correct. The smart grid does all of that. Now what are you going to say about it? What are you going to do to stop it?

  11. whiskeytangofoxtrot says:

    This push to the technology running our lives is on the fast track. No one seems to see it coming. Smart grids of any sort are only smart for the controllers of the New World Order. The benefits do not accrue to the average person.(see why lawsuits against smart meters have been filed in ca and tx). We are treated as if we are owned by them. In reality they do.

  12. amicus curiae says:

    I can’t think of much worse except a FEMA Camp, and i guess those who dont like packnstack living will be fema material.
    real good way to increase disease risk, and pschycotic behaviours as already proven, jam a lot of folks into a small area and watch it fall to bits ie the hirise slums in uk and usa.