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5 Responses to “Replacing A Smart Meter With A Safe Analog Meter – DIY”

  1. Andy Rooney says:

    What would happen if folks walked around and just smashed every smart meter they saw, in every city of every state, all over the country?

  2. Just posted your vid to Facebook, Abe. Thanks!

  3. Abe says:

    Just a heads up people, they have smart parking meters in San Fran and I think maybe Portand Oregon! And yes they do emit!!!

  4. cheri tips says:

    Please read this excellent article on Smart Meters that we published in the National Health Federation’s quarterly magazine, Health Freedom News on the many negatives of Smart Meters http://www.thenhf.com/article.php?id=3127. Monetary charges of having a smart meter are not the only issue with Smart Meters.

  5. amicus curiae says:

    thanks heaps Barbara!
    I copped a smart meter without knowledge of what it was OR my permission for them to do so,the aus meters are a lot different, It would be great if> I can find a way to remove mine like this clip shows.
    what always irks me is: we pay for the meter and the box and the installing of it when we build a home.
    the power co has the locks on it, and charges us a fee for it..
    as well as service charges for maintaining lines etc which is fair enough.
    however my 3 mthly power bill is fully one quarter in those charges ie a 230$(my highest) account has some 59 in service fees! we pay 28c a kwh and its going UP by 25% due to the Liar Gillards new carbon taxes. they propose closing this states largest power gen using coal, if they do so our bils will rise even more and outages will be the norm, not the rare event.
    all this due to idiots who belive in AGW and greed and use of same BY the GE and other conmen.
    solar pv and feed in tariffs at subsidies higher than the cost of supply,(ie they get paid from 40 to 70c? per unit returned) mean were all paying for the well off who can get the loan or have cash to install them.
    every way you look the average persons screwed repeatedly, while the well off gain.