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New Zealand gets hit with NAIT – National Animal Identification and Tracing. Looks like they are down for the count. This legislation is so oppressive that even moving a pet cow to a 4H show, or whatever equivalent they have in New Zealand, requires copious amounts of paperwork as well as an RFID chip.

Note from Darol: New Zealand livestock producers, even deer breeders, are being forced to drink the government Kool-Aid.  Although the cost is candy-coated to “only” be $2.45 per animal for a levy that will last for ever, be assured it will become more costly, more enforcement officers and more fines and levy money in the future.  That is the way government works. New Zealand is an island with the healthiest cattle in the world and they are told NAIT is for disease traceability — do any governments every tell the truth? The NZ government is sucking $7 million from the producers the first year….it would be nice in the USA to only think ADT would cost $7 million.  Our bureaucrats get paid much better in the US, so brace yourself if ADT becomes toilet-plunged mandatory.  Darol Dickinson 


The company running the new National Animal Identification and Tracing scheme expects to recover $7 million in costs in its first year of operation, by levying farmers.

It expects the annual cost to drop below $6 million after that.

NAIT will take effect for cattle in July next year. Deer will be included from March 2013.

Cattle and deer farmers will be required to register their animals and fit them with radio frequency ear-tags.

The Government is funding the NAIT computer database and start-up costs.

But farmers will pay the on-going costs through levies.

NAIT chief executive Russell Burnard estimates it’s going to cost cattle farmers about $2.45 per animal, through ear-tag and slaughter levies.

Cattle and deer owners have until 23 December to make submissions on the proposed levies and methods of collection.

Radio New Zealand

Not only are you not able to move a cow off your ranch to SELL unless it is chipped, but you cannot move that cow off your ranch PERIOD. Even if you are simply raising it as a pet, you can’t even take that animal to a show without an RFID ear tag.

NAIT will be mandatory for cattle on 1 July 2012, and for deer from March 2013, pending the passing of new NAIT laws.

If you are responsible for cattle or deer, you will have obligations under the NAIT scheme.

Lifestylers have an important role in the success of the NAIT scheme.

You will need to:

1. Tag your cattle and deer with NAIT-approved RFID ear tags – you can do this now.

2. Get your NAIT number by registering yourself and your farm or property with NAIT – you can do this from February 2012.

3. Register your cattle and deer with NAIT – you can do this from mid-2012.

4. Record all off-farm movements of cattle and deer with NAIT – you can start doing this from July 2012.

5. Record all deaths, losses or exports of live cattle or deer with NAIT – you can start doing this from July 2012.

Once NAIT becomes mandatory:

1. Any cattle you buy should have NAIT-approved RFID tags and an official secondary tag.

2. You will need to record any off-farm cattle movements with NAIT, unless they are to a NAIT-accredited meat processor or a NAIT-accredited sale yard.


Here is the key wording: “If you have responsibility for cattle or deer, you will have obligations under the NAIT scheme. Anyone having “responsibility” for cattle or deer must comply. But don’t worry, you can already tag your cattle and deer with NAIT-approved RFID ear tags and we will let you know in good time when you can start carrying out your other obligations.

I’m sure you will.

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