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Farm Wars

Here we go again folks. It’s that time of year when we show our holiday spirit by plunging headlong, eyes wide shut, into personal debt to support China and other countries while our own America slides further into economic chaos. But don’t let that stop you. By all means, go out and spend that last dime on the credit card for a Taiwan trinket. The credit card company will probably be more than willing to increase your limit. Just don’t miss a payment. Can’t pay? Too bad. We’ll simply increase your interest rate and tell all the other credit card companies so that they increase your interest rates also.

So, at this time of year especially, not only do we actively support the economy of other countries at the expense of our own, but we also support the bankers. And we LOVE the bankers, don’t we… at least we do at this time of year. I call it the Holiday Banker Bailout. Without these corporate holidays, life would be a little less opulent for these parasites – parasites that delude the host into consuming what is good for the parasite, while killing the host.

But what if we just shop local and American Made?

We went to Home Depot last week to buy some needed items. I wandered down the aisle and found the hardware guy. I asked him if any of the stuff I was looking for was American made. He told me that almost NOTHING in Home Depot is made in America, and definitely NONE of the hardware I was looking for. I had no choice. If I was going to get hardware, it was going to be foreign-made. And that is the way it is with almost all of the mega-corporate businesses in America. And we pay for it. And the money goes overseas to support another economy, while we drown in debt. Happy Corporate Holidays, America.

But you like celebrating the corporate holidays you say? Okay, how about this: What say you give the gift of time such as home cooking with ingredients NOT purchased one week before the holiday and mass-produced by the likes of Cargill or any other mega-corporate whorehouse of crooks and con-men. How about sewing something up, or carving something out of wood. How about a game of one on one at the neighborhood hoop. How about bartering one homemade item for another with your neighbors or local craft shop. Be creative! If you must celebrate corporate holidays, do so without buying ANYTHING.

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13 Responses to “Happy Corporate Holidays, America!”

  1. Copper Magnate says:

    For years now during this time of year my standard greeting has been,”HAVE A MERRY CORPORATE STOOGE DAY”. I refuse to celebrate and actively boycott all corporate sponsored holidays including thanksgiving or as I like to say “HAPPY STAB THE INDIANS IN THE BACK DAY”. I give and am thankful all year except on those days set aside by “the man”. While the world of zombies feast upon the carcass amidst the corporate sponsored orgy of consumerism, I refuse to become a part of the mindlessness. I fast on the feast days and refuse to eat anything connected including leftovers.

  2. Latierra says:

    Well, I stayed home on Black Friday. It was so nice…and the first time in six years that I didn’t have to work around a mad crowd of shoppers! Working in retail cured me of wanting to shop or have any desire at all to celebrate a “Corporate Christmas.”
    I do not have anything to do with it(except work around it and listen to the ongoing drone of “Christmas Music” for hours at a time). We prefer to celebrate a simple Hanukkah by lighting candles and that is it. I am turning into a minimalist. I want to find another job because this one doesn’t line up with my values…practically everything where I work is made in China or some other country (no, I do not work at Walmart but what’s the difference?!)- stuff made in China is mostly made with slave labor.

  3. Lynn says:

    I wouldn’t take their flu shot (or any other vaccine) for 1 BILLION dollars worth of coupons. They can inject THEMSELVES with their diseased monkey puss, aborted fetal tissue, formaldyhide and mercury. Rember that this is ultimately a SPIRITUAL war between good and evil and the in the spiritual realm the evil ones must get you to use your free will and agree to let them do what they want. God gave you free will to choose and they can’t override that! Remember that.

  4. Scott says:

    NEWS FLASH !!!!! I was just in a Rite Aid in Stone Ridge NY

    Rite Aid is offering a $100 coupon book IF YOU GET YOUR FLU SHOT !! They MUST be getting some gov incentive to do it–that’s how much they want us to put that shit in our body.
    Imagine how many ignorant folks will jump on that offer ??!!

  5. Scrooge says:

    Yeah, me too. It reminds me of that Far Side cartoon I love, with armed deer making a circle around a hunter. I will take this opportunity to say that only pussies kill deer. Real men do not kill these gentle beautiful creatures.

  6. Bobby says:

    What todays’ Wall Street is about, is outsourcing whole factories, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FEW, and what Congress and the Senate are about today, is INSOURCING, engineers, nurses, and even believe it or not, hotel help. This is what the elite in America are up to Today. Americans have been warned. Keep voting for the same empty suits, and keep getting it where the sun doesn’t shine. Time to wake up and vote for other people. It really doesn’t matter who, just get rid of the traitors that are now in office.

  7. Lisa says:

    Hahahaaaa! Love the picture of the goose in warfare gear!

  8. irene says:

    The FDA is paun structure enabled by the government who receives money from the very entities that the FDA is supposed to regulate. This disgrace is happening in the banking system and in the education system as well. We have been overtaken by a banking oligarky that gives money to those groups that destroy national soverignity. Why do you suppose monsanto is receiving help from the CIA to push GMO foods on India, Europe and The americas. How is it that Codex alementarius can mandate that water has no medical value ?? Even a dog can choose not to eat and my chickens will starve and loose feathers rather than eat GMO grain. I keep telling folks it’s a soft war on the whole population of the earth but I’m labled as Exagerating… Am I exagerating? How is this not obvious to simply EVEryboDY that we are inside of WW3 and it’s the aristocracy against the rest of the world. Eutopia is when machines do all the work and there are no neighbors to contend with. As Bill Gates said at a recent party among WHO medical experts,…””Let the food and vaccine sterrilization begin so that we may have a better world tomorrow”” And you can’t find an american made hammer? I have one.. It’s called a ROCK!!!

  9. Pierre says:

    Unfortunatly christians-zionists in Washington put the state in that position were we are right now and will getting worst!

  10. jon says:

    do everyone a favor this year buy american,and i maen any item! even if its a wrench, candy anything! lets face most people you buy things for really don’t need , junk from china!

  11. Scrooge says:

    There is no set legal minimum wage in China. Meaning the CEO’s of mega Corporations DECIDE what dollar amount to pay Chinese workers hourly. And believe me, they pay them cheap. That is why there are so many poor people in China. This is why so many products are made in China to. To save corrupt billionaires millions of dollars. It is also these no good American Companies that do their manufacturing and producing in China so they can commit mass murder in America by putting toxic chemicals in food and pet products and blame the Chinese at the same time, even though it is the evil left wing Americans who are doing this. Those initiating the NWO want to wipe out large groups of people at a time to make it easier for them to institute their immature plan. Less mass resistance. So they make toxic pharmaceuticals that kill 30 thousand people at different intervals, poison milk, poison baby food, well, everyone knows the drill. This is a very good article Barbara. And I agree buy American made, but I loathe the idea of buying Corporate America made. I wish we had thousands of small businesses run by people like you and me so we would benefit and they would not. And so we could protect ourselves and our animals from these monsters who breathe only to make chaos.


  13. Dutch says:

    Here’s what we’re doing this year. We are going to garage sales, flea markets, Goodwill and recycling those items into homemade/crafty things to give out as Christmas gifts. Sound cheap? Well, we’re probably spending about the same maybe a little less, but the items we buy are either NIB, (new in box), or show no blemishes. We then take the items, combine them, add a little craft magic and voila! A hand made, one of a kind gift.