Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

To rewrite history, one begins by eliminating generational knowledge. One way this is accomplished is through economics and social engineering, which combine to force people to struggle to simply survive, isolating individuals so that they are alone, desperate and vulnerable. Families working together as cohesive units are anathema to what appears to be a concerted effort to destroy what we have and rewrite our very existence. But what can we do? How can we reverse this trend and bring history back into focus, denying the falsehood that is being thrust upon us by those who choose world dominance over humanity?

Generational knowledge is passed from one person to another. From one generation to another. It comes from a father teaching a child how to plant seeds and help them grow. It comes from a mother baking bread every day and teaching her daughter or son how to do the same thing – when to put the ingredients in, how long to wait before kneading, how to get the crust soft after baking, and all the things that you just cannot learn from a book. Generational knowledge! This is what is being stolen right out from under our noses. This is our children’s inheritance that they will never get. We are quite literally aiding those who would rewrite history to set up our own demise. We are letting those whose only motives are profit and power steal our collective generational knowledge that is the single most precious thing that we have on this earth. This knowledge lets us know what to do with flour, salt, yeast, water, and sugar to somehow form a loaf of edible bread, or how to collect eggs from laying hens without causing stress, or how to raise healthy animals without hormones or vaccines, or antibiotics.

We used to pass down generational knowledge from parents to children as a family heritage. This is priceless information about cooking, morals, honesty, business dealings, growing food, and whatever else you needed to know to not only survive, but thrive. Instead, the generational knowledge that we pass down today is how to microwave a dinner from the frozen food section of Wal-Mart, get the cheapest gas, and choose the best hair color before we rush off to labor for worthless pieces of paper printed by the Federal Reserve, designed to perpetuate endless debt. Hardly what we need to know to survive. At least not in a post collapse society.

Let’s face it, the days of Mom staying home and teaching the children life skills and values are long gone. The public education system is in charge of that now – our children’s future sacrificed to a debt that we are brainwashed into thinking we need to fulfill our lives. We go to work to earn money to pay our debt, and our children go to public institutions where they are taught the way of the state and learn to become good little cogs in the machine, and earn plenty of money for their masters. Submit, obey, and don’t ask questions.

And we are alone. So very alone. And we depend on the system to tell us what to do, what to think, and most importantly, what people think of us, and what we need to do to gain acceptance. This is anathema to survival. We must take back our lives. We must teach our children how to survive. We must pass on what we know. Because you see, once the generational knowledge is gone, then history can be rewritten. And once that is done, people can be easily deluded into living a fantasy orchestrated by forces they know nothing about.

I implore you. Gain the knowledge that it takes to feed your family and take care of them in hard times. No matter what you lose physically, it is generational knowledge that will get you through it. Pass this knowledge down to your children. Let them learn from you. You can teach them better than any state-sponsored school. I know. My dad taught me more than any school ever did. Generational knowledge. Mother and father to daughter and son. Precious, and irretrievable. Don’t you think the ruling elite know that? The only generational knowledge they want us to have is a sanitized, corporatized, fantasized, totally controlled version of the truth, as approved by the state. To accomplish that, they must convince us to give up our generational knowledge willingly. And we do. Every day. Every day that we place a new car or a bigger house before time spent away from work with family. Every day that we consign our kids to dayschool or camp, or sit down in front of the television for hours instead of playing together and talking, we lose out on time we could be spending with them sharing, teaching and learning. Stop shoving off on others what you should be doing yourself. Stop counting as worthless the things you have learned since you were a kid. Pass that knowledge on to your children. It is invaluable. Give them a chance. Without it, they are lost.

You have a choice. We all do. Fight back against the brainwashing. Think about it. Do you really need a new house, or a new car, or a new $500 pair of boots? Maybe what you need is time to learn how to really, really care for those around you, and pass that knowledge down to your children. This is how we will renew the earth. This is how we will replenish what was stolen. With generational knowledge. Without it, we are all lost. Game, set, match.

But maybe you think that you are somehow immune. That somehow, things will go on like they have for years in your little neck of the woods, and learning and passing on generational knowledge is not important. Think again…



© 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

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8 Responses to “How to Rewrite History”

  1. Sage words, Barbara. I will be sharing this widely!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Barb, another excellent article. I’d like to add some of my thoughts, and experiences. I’m 48, grew up in the Bronx, NY, was born to parents whom also grew up in NYC, as well as 2 of my grandparents also having been born and raised in NYC. City dwellers know NOTHING. We know how to: shop; withstand tight crowds; frequent loud noises (at all hours); are taught how to notice people aroundus without looking like we’re noticing people around us; withstand extreme temperatures while navigating a series of buses, trains, and multiple differantly curtured neighborhoods. We learn how to painfully ignore homeless people (as children) because they could be dangerous (many were). We never learn how to survive OUTSIDE the city. We cannot make a fire without matches/lighters/etc., we cannot opperate machinary (except a vacuum cleaner), we cannot manage without electric without feeling the world is ending. We are (almost all of us) raised in an unnatural environment of concrete and steel, where wildlife is a thing of ONLY movies. We cannot hunt, we cannot gather. We know nothing of natural plant medicines, because we can only identify lawn grass. We are taught to live and survive the activities of the city. That’s it. There are 8 million people in NYC. How many large cities are there in America? Multiply that number by say 5 Million. This number will reflect the HOPELESSLY IGNORANT masses. Survival depends on the other persons in America, those OUTSIDE the cities and even their suburbs. I have more to say, but I have to run now. Happy Thanksgiving Barbara. You have SO MUCH to be thankfull for! :0) (sorry for bad spelling)

  3. DDearborn says:


    This is exactly the reason that researching the holocaust or even voicing publicly concern about the details of the the Holocaust has been made illegal all over the world. In another couple of generations the current “version” will become excepted as fact. Of course the Jewish version of the “holocaust” has so many problems they had to make it illegal to question it. Any time a country or group makes questioning something illegal it is a sure bet that it is a lie. And the lie can only be perpetuated by making sure no one can question it, or verify the facts. The other more recent attempt at conning the world at large is of course 9-11. Almost none of the physical evidence and factualy information coming out of 9-11 supports the “official” version. So they made sure to wait a year before even starting an investigation and then gave it a budget of less than that spent investigating Clinton’s indescretions. After that they just kept repeating the same lies over and over and over.

    The problem right now with the rewriting of history is that the internet is a public forum that provides everyone with access to lots and lots of information that the bad guys don’t want you to see. Which is why powerfull groups and countries are having a bad time of it rewriting history. But not to worry these same groups are behind all phony wars on drugs and terror and anything else they can think of to distract you. And using these phony “threats” they are busy shutting off the internet little by little. And in a couple of more generations it will be effectively nuetered. At which point history will again become whatever these sorry scumbags says it is……..

  4. Barbara Talbert says:

    What a thoughtful observation. I thought it was just because I was getting older that young people do not listen any more. But you are right. Generational knowledge is not prized any more. Nor are many wise observations gleaned over hundreds of years. We are like a ship without moorings without generational knowledge.

  5. irene says:

    I am a founding member of a cheese making club. Except for me all the other members are either menonite or amish… That alone says volumes about modernity. I was recently voted president because I am willing to go on the internet and buy lippase and presses, renet and ….. DIRECTIONS!!!

    We’re writing our own menonite amish cheese recepie book that I’m considering publishing as an E book. The favorite activity is to take an old recepie and tweek it new; predictably altering the texture or flavor of the chees and calling it “”MONTANA styled {colby, peppered or gouda, X what ever} and sell it to tourists making a feature of the black market illegality of the whole thing… A teachable moment to the unninitiated.

  6. Great work, Barb! You hit the nail on the head identifying the obliteration of generational knowledge and cohesive family units.
    I grieve deeply for the pitfalls I see humanity falling into, the loss of family life, spontaneous natural communities and local culture, small-scale free enterprise destroyed by huge corporatist empires, small family farms, homesteads and ranches,being swallowed up by big conglomerates. As the Lord said, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” God help us!

  7. Janet says:

    Awsome article. Thank you so much for this good advice!

  8. Doug Girard says:

    Good piece Barbara. My kids all raised and on their own, I did what I did, and they will carry out with whatever knowledge was passed down by way of our time spent as a family. Now, I stand at the edge of another precipice. I see a crumbling world on many fronts, and therefore it is time to take a stand against the corruption and inner dealings of those who would do us all harm. I am searching for my way to make such a stand. I have skills, a soul, and the heart of a nomadic vagabond. I am good with children, can cook and garden, and know how to build a house, the cabinets to fill it, and how to maintain a proper structure. More importantly, I know how to throw a Frisbee, how to rollerskate, and how to scale a mountain. I am searching for the next stage in an interesting and evolving life. It may be that things do not get easier from here on out, but they sure as hell won’t be boring. Can’t have that.