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Chemtrails Project: Order a Free Chem-Web Kit


When taking samples, please adhere to the following protocol by Carnicom:


Wear gloves for collection – preferably nitrile gloves (available in all drug stores, better than latex)

If you don’t have a kit from us (which comes with a label to fill out on the sample container), then please include the below information with the sample when you send it:




Collection source area (example – tree, grass, ground, etc)

If you don’t have a sample container from us, and want to collect in your own container, please use an airtight plastic or glass container.

1. Take initial photo – approx. 2-5 ft from the web to show the “collection source area” as well as the “Web.”

2. Take 2nd photo – “Web” close-up

3. Take 3rd photo – “Web” sample being bottled in the container

4. Take 4th photo – of the sealed container

5. Video is also acceptable. Please email photos or video to:

6. Mail the sample container to the below address:

Carnicom Institute

P. O. Box 23721

Santa Fe, NM 87502


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8 Responses to “Chem Webs USA: Order your testing kits!”

  1. I exposed chemtrails at this link:
    and give people the ability to end them and all other government control of the weather at this link that is at the end of the first link:

    Chemtrails are sprayed worldwide. They are even sprayed out of passenger planes departing Gatwick Airport outside of London, England. You can most likely google that to get the link where I published it.

    They are composed of the following elements:
    aluminum oxide
    sulfer hexafluoride


    Arlene Johnson
    To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  2. Abia The Cat says:

    Last week, in Jackson, MS, two days of spraying noticed over the city. On the second day, I noticed a faint odor of plastic resin. Also had a spontaneous nose bleed that bled heavily the day after the spraying. Today, 11/21/2011, noticed only a few tracings of chemtrails over Jackson, MS. Right nostril acts like it is getting inflamed again and wants to bled. Haven’t had nose bleeds like this in years.

  3. Glenn Boyle says:

    I have been sick ever since the chemtrail spraying started back in 1997. Currently I have symptoms of MS most likely caused by the barium, also brain fog, hair loss, skin lesions, Morgellons, chronic fatigue high blood pressure, heart and lung problems. I agree they are trying to kill us but not before they have squeezed every last dime out of us for medical care and pharmaceutical drugs that we will buy hoping to be cured.

  4. Abe says:

    Great find! Subbed to both of Roxy’s sites! Great that someone is collecting this garbage, and WILL test them! A few years back they sprayed some white corpuscles in Washington State! A lot of people got sick from this!The gooberment claimed it was jelly fish that were blown up in the sea and road the winds! lol Youbetcha! Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re figuring out a way to start a plague this way! I don’t put nothing past the gooberment these days! Lots of reports of living fibers too!

  5. Mia says:

    Where I live in London, United Kingdom we are heavily sprayed every day. I recently cleaned my windows, and the outsides were coated in this stuff.

  6. irene says:

    We got sprayed with a bacterium or virus last week. Everybody turned sick after the sky was crisscrossed and the stuff fell as wet fog 18 hours later. Several of my neighbors had our well water tested in the past few years, it’s high in only one substance. BARIUM. Upper respratory infections and nose bleeds are happening all over the school and where office workers gather. We’re being gassed with chemicals like Iraqi kurds here in the rocky mountains of Montana. I suspect the barium provides a side effect of high blood pressure, hence the nose bleeds and hypertension. When we do rain gauge tests the water turns up high in barium also. This is war, and depopulation on a grand scale by our own governing bodies against it’s own population.

  7. LOL!!! Will – that is fiberous material magnified, not a Halloween decoration. Although I’m sure your explanation will suffice for those who choose to believe that nothing is happening…. criss-crossed skies are normal, and excess Barium, Aluminum and Strontium just happen to appear after heavy spraying – oops! I mean heavy cloud formations that just happen to come from the trails left when certain planes fly by. Don’t be concerned, it’s only a series of coincidences…

  8. will says:

    That is most certainly the kind of ebbing sold as spiders ebbing to decorate homes during Halloween.