This is wonderful news, I hope it makes all readers as happy as myself. There is a warm glow, knowing that at long last, Monsanto has been propped on it’s corporate tushie!

What the German courts had to say is what so many people have been saying for many years. This time, however it has been said in Court: “Poses a risk…as laid out in Genetic Technology Law”

I have been conversing with people over the “horizontal transfer issues” and the fact that IF as Brad Mitchell replied to a Question of Monsanto , I asked on another site recently(amicus curiae Oped news) Brad’s response was very enlightening, he said Farmers in some countries were allowed? to keep and replant, whilst paying a fee for use. However plants lost?? traits over time, and people wanted to also get Traits where possible.. At the time I thought it odd, very odd in fact!

As the whole issue of Plant Variety Rights, hinges on the fact that the NON hybrid plants that have been GM’d are SUPPOSED to be Stable, and to consistently BREED TRUE! As do the Heirlooms seeds hundreds , if not thousands of years, old.

SO? a possibility of a loss of trait? in maybe 4 generations? Rather makes a mockery, of the Patenting and PVR issues. But as nobody is allowed to do any research, without Monsanto’s supervision? oversight? and using their supplied seed, that also is a farce of a high order!

If they do not like your results?, Well if you are a Land Grant College or University, it appears funding and “educational assistances, suddenly dry up..and People loose tenure or they tell you, you got it wrong, and they wil help you “interpret”? what you found correctly.

I really like the German Court saying the ONUS was NOT on them to prove it unsafe, but On Monsanto to prove otherwise!

Monsanto loses German GMO court case


One Response to “Germany WINS the NO GMO Court case”

  1. john says:

    How unfortunate that the Congress of the United States and the Courts due to bribes, blackmail or who knows what, nolonger have appear to have either the iltellectual capacity or freedom of choice to do the right thing and ban such here in the US.