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The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges.

On Sunday night’s show, Dave Hodges and Annie DeRiso welcome Aaron Klein in the first 20 minutes to discuss his new book, The Red Army, in which he alleges that the Obama administration is filled with communist activists and sympathizers who are trying to “fundamentally transform America” as Obama had promised in the 2008 Campaign.

Listeners will also learn how The Common Sense Show was infiltrated in an attempt by the establishment to discredit their investigative journalism with regard to the main topic of tonight’s show, transhumanism. 

Dave and Annie will be joined by Barb Peterson from to discuss how the global elite are poisoning our food and morphing human DNA. These allegations are quite unbelievable until the facts and the science are presented. This show will not favor the timid and Americans who just want to be left alone. Dave, Annie and Barb believe that this is the end game for the globalists. The facts behind this agenda are stunning and the implications are frightening as this could prove to be humanity’s greatest threat, ever!

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One Response to “Common Sense Show – Transhumanism: Globalist Endgame?”

  1. Barbara Talbert says:

    I sent an e:mail to the forestry gal asking if she knew anything about the collaboration between Delta and Pinelands (a Monsanto subsidiary) and the US Forest Service to plant forests of trees bio-engineered with a rabbit gene and I have not heard from her. Is she a reliable source of information?
    The agenda of morphing DNA now extends to trees and I believe many do not know about this.