I have tried repeatedly to get this info out. I wish t thank Barbara very much for the opportunity to air my thoughts, and at least make the details available for others to decide if they think there IS reason to doubt the truth of what we are all being told!

Both myself and Barbara were refused publication , within 3 days of each other, elsewhere, on sites that are Supposed? to be free speech , and to tell the stories MSM will not!

I believe that Dr Horowitz was correct in his linking Novavax with some less than correct dealings.

I also believe he actually pulled his punches a bit.

I believe that this company, NOVAVAX , in truth,

IS the SOURCE of the Flu strain that is causing the world so much grief at present.


I went and started digging on Novavax and their Flu Vaccinations, trials and available data.

What I found not only corroborated what Dr H said , it opened up a whole new series of nasty details.

They are! using Human, Swine and H5N1 Bird Viruses in a combination Vaccine.

They are not only using these in human trials, they are up to Phase 11b

Doc H, mentions their Bethseda Lab as receiving H5N1 from CDC for use

Well , what he did not mention is WHERE they have been trialling this “wonder” Vaccine for the last few months,

San Antonio! Very close to Mexico, and I strongly suspect they chose to use Mexican people for their trial population. They would be glad to be paid to participate, think that they will get some free health care, via blood tests and follow ups and probably did,nt understand the agreements they signed on Informed consent.

There is a discrepancy in the amount of initial numbers and later figures given, from 300 down to 160 in the final totals .

Where 140  vanished to?- is open for a guess. It is a very large drop out figure however!

Their method of creating the Vaccine is “Unique” they say, well it sure is,

Somehow they are removing the DNA, they tell us, also in the fine print and bragging, they mention that they are using an INSECT VECTOR to grow the virus ..yes correct, though what insect and how? are glossed over smartly! as opposed to standard Viral cultures done in eggs


What they say, they have is a “viruslike particle” that stimulates the immune response, dose dependant,  to a titre in bloods of up to FOUR times a normal vaccines results.

They have trialled 4 different dosages, and now aim to use ELDERLY people, using the highest dosage previously tested, as they say older people have a lessened response, due to age. hmm?

Also means they could be made a lot sicker too, I think!

Their Target age group so far, from 18 to 40 year olds..How very ODD? that , that is the same age group now showing the worst signs in Mexico.

Personally I bet no one has asked or mentioned if the sick or dead folks were maybe? the same 140 that were either in the trials, or family of those people?

The CDC knew of these trials well in advance of the outbreak too. Yet can stand there on TV and say it is unknown combo of strains never seen before??? sure?

It would appear some people consider Dr H less than credible, however all his data is factually correct, and I have read another Dr. who also supports his claims,while not being connected to him.

see Dr Tenpenny,

Swine Flu in Mexico: The “New” Bird Flu

I will be openminded to the reason it has happened, and suggest maybe? it was an unplanned side effect, rather than a deliberate release, but it is open to both interpretations.

They also amazingly in the history of the world, say they can go from the ID of a strain, to being able to produce a Vaccine in 10 to 12 weeks! as  opposed to the usual 6 to 8 months required by standard labs. And then testing time..

They also have coincidentally just opened a facility in…Mexico!

And they have ties to GE Health and a very large Indian Pharma group, and also Addis Ababba. They also claim to working on an AIDS vaccine too.

So a LOT of very large money and influential companies are all rolled into this, plus the CDC itself!

So they all stand to make obscene profits worldwide from now on, as the populace worldwide is being primed for panic and to be fearful of a bigger nastier return next Flu season in Nth, Hemisphere, and Now, for us in the Sth! and will mindlessly submit to any vaccination they are told is a cure.

I also see the CDC has announced they will fast track!! approval for this as yet NOT FULLY TESTED Vaccine for use.

This!! on the basis of only one! series of trials, not completed, with NO data published or peer reviewed or any other means of knowing exactly what the results were. ALL on the limited data published by the makers.

It may come as a surprise to some readers to know that already, in USA if you are damaged,harmed or killed! by a vaccine, drug or medical appliance, that FDA has approved, you have NO comeback! you can sue IF you can find a lwayer who will go against the FDA… and be prepared to wait years for it to come to court.

In this instance even that slim hope is taken away by the fact they can say it is a bioterrorism, homeland security response, mandatory vaccination can also be forced upon you, and you will have NO redress what so ever.

A lot has been said about CAFO’s being the vector, but there is no way that Smithfield or anyone else could hide so many dead pigs if it were so, and there are none! I would like to see those operations everywhere, halted, due to cruelty and contamination of soil and water,  but I cannot say I believe they are the source in this instance. The facts are not stacking up.

I believe this, is a  smoke and mirrors ploy to distract us from looking elsewhere.

Go to the Novavax site and really take a little time to read the pages well, also read the transcripts of their conference calls, they are enlightening indeed.

I know some of you will call me a conspiracy theorist, fine! you go read and consider, and make up your own mind.

BUT that IS what I ask you to do! USE your intellect and consider- How many lies and untruths that Many Pharma companies have told about safety and efficacy of their meds, that then went on to kill thousands!

Vioxx, Cyclamates,Statins, there is a long list.

WHY? should and would we ever trust any of them? Baxters live H5N1 contaminated vaccines is a very recent case also, if it had not been found , accidentally, That would have ended up in a vaccine- given to many thousands in Europe , Imagine that result.

From Aus all I can do Is wake you up, you need to decide, and IF you think I am possibly correct, share this page and get the info out to all and sundry.

If I am wrong, well, at least you got an education:-)

And if I am right, I hope I can save some lives.

2 Responses to “Suppression of info Re Mexican Flu Outbreak”

  1. Paul Turner says:

    Thank you for posting this information. And yes, considering past deceptions of transnational pharmaceutical companies and the government protection provided to them it is easy to see how they would also put this latest virus out. Paul Turner

  2. Sherry says:

    Alan Stang did an article on newswithviews.com about it being
    a combo of 3 different flu’s too. About a week ago I believe.

    There have been various articles on Alex Jones web page too.