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Farm Wars

The same species that brought to life Chernobyl, Fukushima, Agent Orange, 2 world wars, mass genocides, and planetary death via poisons and genetic manipulation, now thinks it has the expertise to “remake the world from the atom up,” and actually get it right.

The plan? World domination, of course! What else? Let’s see, if I was a psychotic megalomaniac with oodles of spare cash just lying around, and a bit of time on my hands, I just might concentrate on my favorite pastime. And that is…. ruling the world, of course! But I would need someone to rule. How about say…… this scenario:

The degredation of the human species into two categories: A “higher” order of transhuman created by designer life technology, and a “lower” order of man fit for certain mundane tasks, created through atmospheric poisons and genetic manipulation at the molecular level. 

Remaking the world from the atom up

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Nanotechnology is a powerful new technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology embodies the dream that scientists can remake the world from the atom up, using atomic level manipulation to transform and construct a wide range of new materials, devices, living organisms and technological systems.

And we are surrounded. Yes, nanotechnology is here, live and in person. Has been for years. We’ve all seen what the world has made of other such scientific dreams, and I shudder to think of what is coming with this one due to our inability to know our own weaknesses. Especially with that other sticky little problem of greed always seeming to enter into the equation.

…”bottom-up” nanotechnology is closely associated with developments in genetic engineering and the creation of biocomputers. Medical research in nanotechnology is already also fairly advanced.

Future biocomputers will have living microprocessors, possibly crafted from synthetic DNA.”


Will future transhumans be the ultimate biocomputer with intelligence derived from microprocessors using synthetic DNA and “human modification and enhancement technologies?”

We favour allowing individuals wide personal choice over how they enable their lives. This includes use of techniques that may be developed to assist memory, concentration, and mental energy; life extension therapies; reproductive choice technologies; cryonics procedures; and many other possible human modification and enhancement technologies.

Will a future sub-species of non-enhanced humans be phased out as more useful and compliant forms of synthetic life that have been manufactured to feel no pain, or lift 400 pounds, or stand in one place for hours and not need a break, or work waist deep in an open pit mining operation become the norm?

Factors that should be considered when you alter life in this manner are:

  1. Where does the human begin, and the machine and synthetic life end?
  2. Will transhumanism eventually phase out the human race if allowed to continue unabated?
  3. What percentage of “human” will it take to be considered an organic life form?
  4. And the biggest question of all…. where is the part that makes us truly human – the soul? Are we really that arrogant to think that we can create an artificial soul, or simply do without?

Understanding Synthetic Biology

“Synthetic biology either builds new life using standardized genetic building blocks, or makes radical changes to existing life forms.” Christopher Barnatt

Synthetic – That means no soul, no spark of intuition or artistic intelligence. Nothing resembling ‘humanity’ or real life at all. A lump of artificial matter, designed for a particular function, that’s it. Point and click, and the designer DNA takes over.

Future Shock

As this world becomes more and more polluted and uninhabitable for the rest of humanity, those that can afford it will be able to upgrade. Those of us who can’t will undergo a genetic hailstorm designed to lower our I.Q.s, stunt our growth, sterilize us, and turn us into a good little slave race of sub-human troglodytes, ready, willing and able to do the dirtiest of tasks that the “super race” of genetically superior transhumans wouldn’t think of doing. Not a pretty picture, but one worthy of a psychotic megalomaniac with oodles of spare cash just lying around, and a bit of time on his/her hands.

So, before we go down this road, think of this: No one snowflake is alike, and no one man is alike. A higher intelligence than man designed it that way. We do not have the knowledge nor the ability to arrogantly take over creation and remake the world in our own image without messing it up. We are simply not that damned smart.

Technology is good. Technology is fun. But there is a line that should never be crossed. And that is the line that exists between dominating our technology and letting it dominate us. Do we really want this kind of future? Do we really want to fulfill some oligarch’s demented dream of Utopia, and lose our humanity in the process? If the criminal oligarchy and technocrats get their way, we won’t have a choice.

© 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

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8 Responses to “Creating Designer Life and Remaking the World from the Atom up”

  1. Andy says:


    Barbara, divine intervention may be helping us on this, surely hope so!!
    The following has been channeled from Montague Keen! <–

    I think most of you folks here will know, which poison is most effective, in suppressing the pineal gland!
    Part of The Plan also was to destroy the right side of the brain and the pineal gland, with all sorts of poisons and medication. Foolishly, people believed the propaganda which stated that what was being done was for their own good. All this is being exposed. Good people are now providing the correct information so that mankind can step into the Light. Both sides of the human brain will work in harmony once more and will reconnect with their spiritual side. You are powerful Beings of Light who have been tampered with. You have been manipulated without mercy into believing that you are helpless. Nothing can be further from the truth. When Beings of Light come together, they create an energy so powerful and exhilarating, such as at David Icke's gatherings, that it opens minds to how it will be when the Dark have been removed. I urge all those who seek the light to take every opportunity to experience this energy for themselves and David's inspiring words of truth. No man has done more than he, to move your world out of the darkness into light and love. He is much admired on both sides of life.

    Yes, the fat-cats will get their share!! Others are exposing them too!! ⇦

    It's up to all of us 99%, to make a change and to help rid the world of the 1% (The Psychopaths).

  2. Avanti says:

    All webs this level know what system that killed JFK, Luther King Jr., Lincoln; man didn’t step on the moon; Federal Bank is a Privite Bank, pay tax is unconstitutional; all wars were criated to benefit bankers, defense industries and then, later, pharmaceutical industries.
    We clearly can think that this is Crime.
    — When ants are poisoned and when they return to the nest make the queen dies.
    — One might think that one day, perhaps, Builderbergs suffer due punishment — before that they kill us.

  3. Hello Barbara,

    This was a great article, with some super comments.

    If I could, let me add this: having read quite a few of the Genome Project white papers, and having met with several working committees, I believe that the project has uncovered some inconvenient truths that support what has previously been viewed as ” fringe science”….that is to say, some serious gaps in the evolution of man that cannot be explained away, particularly with the precision of the Genome Project data.

    Did you know that aerosols were invented as a biological weapon? And perfected as a means of administering certain pharma drugs in the 70’s? Specifically drugs to treat gay, predominantly white men in San Francisco and New York. For anyone who has studied the HIV Aids conundrum of immuno tox and health cascades this is all very telling. Add to this the advent of aerosol vaccinations, the failed Vit A Global initiative and the continued poisoning of the global population with mercury laden vaccines… the way the WHO wants to label mercury as the single MOST toxic substance and is meeting huge resistance from ” science” who considers this then the possible death knell to the vaccine movement….but I digress !

    When one looks at all the unrelated(?) issues, and has studied the facets of this puzzle, one sees some very startling patterns.

    1. Science is hurtling forward recklessly without having perfected even the basics, merely because they can!
    2. There has been, nor is there, ANY accountability on any level.
    3. Simply because they can, they have, see #1 and 2 !
    4. This is history repeating itself, over and over, except that the experiment is getting bigger and bigger….
    5. This is NOT an experiment any longer….
    6. The calamities of previous years and by gone eras were the experiments, the trial runs…. THIS, what we have now, is the end game.
    7. The events unfolding on all fronts have been plotted, planned and are in play.

    It is no accident that the highest incidence of autism is in the UK, particularly amongst families indigenous to the UK over many generations. Nor is it any accident that autism rates are skyrocketing in European countries where gene pools have been preserved over generations. The single biggest hurdle for the Autism Community to overcome is their lack of vision and insistance in lumping autism under ONE umbrella diagnosis. To this end they have been conned into thinking it a victory that the Disabilities Act will give them more clout, when in reality it is serving to mask the diversity of the onslaught against our future ( generations).

    Those in power are seperating the ” wheat” from the ” chaff” in remarkable, diabolical ways, while employing them to work harder, for less and under more and more dire conditions, while extracting more and more of the hard earned money from the ” chaff” !

    Honey Bee Coloney Collapse was an intruiging experiment into pushing a vital species to the brink, and was extensively studied by the very criminals responsible for the collapse. These same people ALSO hold the patents to Functional foods, Nano delivery systems for novel foods and medicine, and of course, seeds AND glyphosphates! The bees represented humans, and the colonies were are our social groups and infrastructure…. an enormous study in Southern Africa was shut down mere weeks before the end of a 3 year Bee Study, why? Because they had the data they needed, and had NO intention of publishing any results….the scientists and field workers were paid, threatened and offered further employment far away from Southern Africa and any connection with the (non) Bee Study !After signing a non disclosure of course.

    The very foundation of Science/ Medicine is based on fraudulent erroneous findings and hypothosis, and the general population is too far down the road of ” contamination” to truly rise up en masse and overthrow this relentless end game. Of this I am now quite certain. It remains for the few to do the part of many.

    Warm regards

    Dinah Everett Snyder
    ps…I have an e-book on the Bee Study/s coming out very soon and will keep you posted.

  4. mothman777 says:

    Regarding Google’s Sinister DNA Plans
    You have hit the nail right on the head this time Barbara. I think these so-called scientists are Godless zombies, with no conception of the actual existence as such an entity as a soul, and even less idea of what might constitute an objective spiritual reality. The proposed use of satellite technology to map and rewrite individual DNA from a great distance above the planet seems now to be a technology available to those who think themselves God (or gods) above us all.

    The mapping of the world’s DNA by satellite, and proposed reseeding of the world’s species, as mentioned in the video ‘Google’s Sinister DNA Plans’ by Leuren Moret and Jeff Rense, must make us ask; where are these scientists coming from and where will they take us?

    The soul in this material world is able to adapt to almost any new type of dwelling, whether it be in the body of an insect, a fish, a plant, or a human. The individual spirit soul carries with it a basic template in the form of a tiny subtle material body called the linga sarira, to generate a pattern of experience according to it’s desires and their effects on the rest of the cosmos, it is then clothed in the DNA of it’s next host species and the DNA within that host embryo then produces a physical body, and associated subtle bodies and chakras and so on spring up as a consequence of the vibrational field of that material body. The subtle and gross bodies offer the soul a cosmically balanced path which gives the soul a better chance to optimise their happiness according to their preference, also at the same time shielding them rather like a set of blinkers on a horse, from interference by an infinity of extraneous wavelengths of dimensions of perception that would be superfluous to their focussing on their ideal spiritual path, this being governed by the communal higher self, or God.

    The soul itself is not encased in gross matter even when incarnate in a physical body, but rather suspended in a stream of subtle energy, or prana. The quality of nutrition, including prana intake through energy rich foods such as spirulina and raw milk or other raw state foods greatly affects the vitality and function of not only the gross physical body, but also that of the chakras within the subtle bodies, which are themselves organs of perception in varying dimensions.

    Absorption of material nutrients is not merely a chemical process, but rather an electro-chemical one; if we accept prana, or chi as a form of electricity, damaged foods stripped of prana have very little nutritional value as the body cannot assimilate them. Consciousness itself is vastly modified not merely by neurotransmitters in the brain, but by differing quantities, qualities and directions of prana flow within the body, there being many chakras in the body rather like windows to different dimensions of God’s creation.

    Yoga techniques, including spiritual belief systems, foods and even natural plant based drugs have all been traditionally used to modify consciousness, and to clear the senses enough to allow the spiritual aspirant (as every single soul in the cosmos is, in all species, including even the elements and the microbes) to consider whether of not they as a soul exist, and whether a higher self, a God, exists, and what to do about it. In China, every morning, many spiritual practitioners meditate under the trees at the break of dawn, when the flow of chi, or prana through those trees is very high, and to be situated under trees at that time brings about a massive extra influx of this energy, producing a surge in physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

    Yogis can determine which species they will incarnate in, and on what planet, and in what dimension, or even to discarnate completely and attempt to merge in the Brahman white light, which from their particular viewpoint of perception, spans the entirety of infinitude, though other different percepts can also be readily achieved where one can enter into different relationships with God, in spiritual realms with form in the Vaikuntha and Goloka planets, where the soul can come to dwell once again in it’s original and eternal natural Krishna-like form, for this is the actual nature of the soul, free now from any external body or veil of mayic material substance, far above the subtle material astral plains and so on.

    We are reaching the point now where technologies can also profoundly affect and even determine our consciousness, and it is now forseeable that technology itself will be used to usher us all into new types of body with modified DNA, and this is very concerning, viewing the callousness and callow mindedness with which today’s scientists casually regard the existence of alternate dimensions of experience beyond the merely physical as simple aberrations of mental function. They mistake consciousness to be a consequence of DNA; it is not, it is pre-existing. By yoga or spiritual experience it is a simple thing to experience expanded awareness beyond the confines of one’s skull, and also to experience the reality of meeting people who have long since left their mortal bodies whilst they await their next incarnation, or await merging in the Brahman light, or await ascent above to the spiritual world proper.

    The scientists currently redesigning DNA will have to become properly aware that the limitations of their awareness of knowledge such as this will dictate what DNA and associated subtle bodies and chakras will be generated, with corresponding limitations on perceptual ability of alternative dimensions, and interrelated thinking processes. They will also need to fully consider the spiritual consequences to both those they experiment on and themselves.

    We must also bear in mind that some measure of all dimensions permeates all the others, so some spiritual experience of the spiritual worlds and relationships with God can be experienced even in this world alongside our gross material senses, as we ourselves of course, are spiritual in substance.

    Whilst it is true that God can step in and elevate the spiritual perception of any soul, no matter what the DNA of their vehicle is, it needs to be considered by these scientists that the system of gross and subtle bodies already designed so carefully, is made so that the soul can travel along a very well planned path to full spiritual cognisance, whilst yet still accepting that the DNA is ultimately not required at all for spiritual perception in the setting where DNA does not exist, namely the spiritual world itself.

    Whilst we all dwell in this material world, we will need DNA of a specific type to offer us paths and windows through which we might have the opportunity to enter into deeper relationships with God. If this is not a realistic consideration of the scientists, currently so intent on rehousing souls in bodies based on DNA of their own design and construction, a great many of us may find ourselves in bodily vehicles that are little more than prisons, just as if we were deaf or blind, or mentally or otherwise handicapped. This may affect our experience of this dimension and limit our access to further dimensions of consciousness that we ought to have access to in order to approach a fuller relationship with God and each other.

    It will not profit anyone to make prison-like bodies to offer merely a bleak material percept and no more to suit some demonic slave driver’s purpose, and I am not being overly negative here, just take a look at how the cows and pigs are being kept now in horrific battery farms where they never see the sky or walk and graze in a field of grass, eating foul artificial GM foodstuff soaked in aspartame that will greatly torture and injure every single organ in their bodies, and also injure anyone who eats that produce as well.

    The scientists and businessmen that produce these horrific torture farms and view this as the rightful and appropriate fate of creatures less well able to express themselves are exactly the same type of scientists and businessmen with the same anti-spiritual and sadistic aberrations of consciouness that are currently wiping out all forms of life in the Gulf of Mexico and Iraq.

    Whatever types of advanced faculties and opportunities are presented to us all by varying combinations of DNA, it still remains incumbent on each individual soul nonetheless to utilise whatever opportunities are presented to the best, and to seek to cultivate a quality of awareness that benefits all other souls in the cosmos.

    Adherence even to advaitism, the belief in becoming merged as one single entity with God as ‘white light’, though it might offer varying degrees of happiness in it’s different grades, is still a vain and unrealistic approach, and does not truly facilitate the optimal degree of spiritual vivification and cosmic interconnectedness, this only becoming truly available with and through God, the communal higher self, the greatest soul in quality of love and beauty and spatial dimension, that alone has the ability to be uniquely attractive to all, that can link all others because of this.

    For the fullest spiritual vivification of each soul to occur, and to increase God’s happiness, each individual soul must always make a little conscious self-effort to discern and choose the association of the highest beauty and love in the form of God as the highest path and goal, such spiritual aestheticism being the highest reality. Every soul in every type of body naturally seeks automatically the vivification that God’s guiding love and beauty provides, to help them come back to understanding how to love and serve the cosmos more fully.

    Once this is achieved, the soul can know it’s timeless, unborn, undying, eternal quality, and explore infinite permutations of experience in the spiritual world proper (viz Brahma samhita, freely downloadable with commentary by Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Thakur).

    We should all do our best to halt the rapid extermination of species on this planet, because most likely the vast majority of us and any other souls newly coming here to incarnate in the future will all be suffering horrific fates in any new bodies designed by these ignorant scientists, judging by the way they are simply destroying the world now. There is no rosy future planned for most of us here, they would not be killing so messily, so slowly and sadistically leaving such massive amounts of depleted uranium to destroy completely the coherence of any future DNA if they were sincere, if compassion was within their purpose; it is not, and neither is the future happiness of most of us intended.

  5. Hadenoughalready says:

    We can’t handle the technology we have now; Love canal, Bhopal, Chernobyl, are the three instances I can think of offhand (and the BP fiasco) and the oligarch that’s stupid enough to think these things won’t affect them, is going to be taught a bitter lesson.
    eventually. Unfortunately, most of us “useless eaters” will be dead by then.

  6. Latierra says:

    I agree with the above comment: We are not advanced enough as a civilization. Look at what happened in Japan and Fukushima! We don’t know how to handle too much technology. I wish I could go live in the 1950’s. Pretty soon we will have robot rights issues. And I wouldn’t doubt there are clones and such in certain places, which is not fair to clones. It is also not fair to us humans to mess with human DNA through food or otherwise!

  7. Barbara Talbert says:

    We are simply not as advanced enough as a civilization to implement these changes but moneyed interests can force implementation as it has with bio-engineered food. Bio-engineered (contaminated) food is the gateway to seeing whether or not civilization will let the wool be pulled over it’s eyes. The US is the big bully on the block trying to force all the European countries to accept bio contaminated food and they are pushing for non-labelling. We are threatening these countries with all sorts of retaliations if they do not comply with things that we want them to do. France is a hold-out though as the people of France know good food very well. I am writing to the Minister of Agriculture in France and voicing the support of myself and many more like me who believe our government is so wrong.

  8. People who have worked to help build the many underground cities and bunkers the military has built claim to have seen clones and aliens working down there. I would not be surprised if there were whole populations of these beings enslaved in those pits. The rabbit hole (apropos term here) probably goes much further down than people guess.