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Corruption never has been compulsory.”
Anthony Eden

Recently, California Governor Brown vetoed a mandatory ski helmet law. The Governor stated that the “State was over stepping its bounds of control.” In stark contrast, on October 9th, Brown signed AB 499 into law which provides that the Merck manufactured, Gardasil, designed to prevent cervical cancer, can be administered to children 12 years old and up without parental consent.

Government should not be in the business of mandating personal choices and government should never be allowed to legislate choices which should be reserved for parents with regard to their children’s health and welfare. At least the notion of wearing a helmet while skiing makes sense on the surface. Yet to Governor Brown, saying yes to the deep pocketed interests of Merck makes more sense to the financial well-being of the Governor’s future political campaigns than it does to the welfare of the children that he is constitutionally sworn to protect. This travesty will soon become the poster child for America’s increasing incidences of corporate fascist cronyism courtesy of people and organizations such as Merck, Governor Brown and the rest of the California State Assembly.

The passage of AB 499, sponsored by Toni G. Atkins, D-San Diego, begs the question of who has the ultimate authority of the welfare of our children. Is it the state or is it the parents? Well, if you live in California, the nanny state purports to have the final say. At least ski helmets would have promoted some measure of safety, while Gardasil has resulted in needless tragedy for over 40,000 children who have been vaccinated by well intentioned doctors who are ignorant of the side effects [1].

The American public should remember Merck, the creator of Vioxx. This is the same Merck, who only after intense pressure from the medical community and the media decided to pull the dangerous drug, Vioxx, from the market after an estimated 140,000 adverse reactions had already occurred. And the pulling of Vioxx occurred only after a safety trial was stopped because there was an undeniable and increased risk for serious cardiovascular dangers such as heart attacks and strokes from using the drug [1, 3].

Merck has been no less reckless in their administration of Gardasil as they were with Vioxx. First and foremost, Merck and the Food and Drug Administration’s clinical trials have been called into question for blatant fraud committed during the required FDA testing period. Both the control group and the experimental group, in the clinical trials, were given the aluminum adjuvant contained in the Gardasil. Control group and experimental group comparisons are done to ensure public safety from adverse side effects as much as possible. In this case, it would have be standard practice to provide the control group with a saline solution instead of the aluminum adjuvant in order to determine the risk posed by the adjuvant given to the experimental group. In failing to follow these research norms, Merck and the FDA have endangered the public health. These research protocols violate every known tenant to proper research; it represents an air of unprofessionalism that demonstrates collusion to commit fraud against the general public on behalf of Merck as sponsored by the FDA. In fact, Judicial Watch was forced to file a lawsuit under the Public Records Act in order to obtain the obfuscated side effect results as the FDA tried to cover up their own complicity in this research fraud by refusing to release the relevant documents [1].

Gardasil is marketed as a vaccine that prevents cancer, but the drug has not been evaluated for the potential to cause cancer or genotoxicity [1]. Gardasil is a prophylactic, preventative vaccine and is of absolutely no value in the treatment of a pre-existing HPV infection. It is neither a cancer vaccine nor a cure; yet, the public has been led to believe that this is the case. The New England Journal of Medicine found that there remains no conclusive proof that Gardasil altered the course of HPV-16 or HPV-18 infection for which the patient was symptomatic prior to the administration of the first dose [2].

Gardasil is the most costly vaccine ever to be approved by the FDA. However, its long-term effectiveness is not known and several estimates state that Gardasil’s life as a vaccine could be only two to three years [1]. This opens up the distinct possibility that a Gardasil vaccinated child will require several booster shots which will undoubtedly increase the bottom line for Merck, but the risk for side-effects among the vaccinated could increase exponentially with each successive vaccination.

The VAERS reports show that as many as eighteen people have died after receiving Gardasil. The VAERS reports document identifies 38 reports of Guillain-Barre Syndrome among juvenile females who previously received the Gardasil vaccine. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a catastrophic illness that attacks the nervous system which can and often does result in paralysis [3, 4]. Ironically, Gardasil is being developed against four types of HPV. However, there is over 100 strains of HPV, 30 of which are transmitted sexually [4]. Just what could have Governor Brown been thinking?

Do you not think that this is the first time that this kind of dangerous medical fraud has been and will be visited upon your children for profit and political career advancement? Think again!

Undoubtedly, school districts will be provided incentives as they were during the TeenScreen scam five years ago as another Big Pharma giant, Eli Lilly, attempted to entice every school district in the country to test pre-teens and teens for suicidal depression. The diagnostic instrument devised by TeenScreen produced a false positive rate of 84% in comparison with other tried and tested diagnostic instruments. TeenScreen, just as it is with Gardasil, is a scam designed to get the children hooked on psychotropic drugs through the use of a bogus screening instrument and it was done without parental notification and permission in the same manner being implemented in California. As was the case with TeenScreen, your children will be bribed with movie tickets and coupons for pizza in order to get them to line up for their Gardasil vaccination. And of course, as was the case with Governor Brown and Gardasil, the government lent their support to the TeenScreen effort as well when President George W. Bush issued an executive order which sanctioned this insanity [5]. Bush, Brown and every other Gardasil endorsing politician drink from the same troth and your children need you to protect them from people and organizations such as these.

Unfortunately, Merck has its long financial arm in many state legislatures and soon every child in the country, both boys and girls, is going to be at risk thanks to this unholy partnership between the school districts, Merck and the politicians who are all too eager to curry favor from this pharmaceutical giant.

By the end of this present semester, unless this unconscionable law is repealed, every child should be withdrawn from every public school in the state of California which attempts to enforce this profit-driven and stunningly profound violation of the public trust. If your child’s school district insists on playing the role of the nanny state and attempts to usurp the authority of you the parent, then change schools. If every school district in your State is hell bent on risking your child’s health through the implementation of this legislatively sponsored medical fraud, then home school your child. If the Department of Education outlaws home schooling, then be willing to go to jail. News flash: Your children are not the property of Eli Lilly, Merck, Governor Brown or any of the other political prostitutes. Your children look to you, their parents, to protect them from evil 1% such as the ones discussed here.

Perhaps what we need to do in order to best protect our children is to begin an “Occupy Big Pharma” movement. Until that day arrives, and in the meantime, what will you do when the Gardasil fraud debuts in your community? I can unequivocally state that organizations like TeenScreen and the Big Pharma will never get their hands on my ten year old son. Not now, not ever! Can you say the same for your child?

For the good of your children, distribute this article to your family, friends, neighbors, local school board members as well as your elected representatives.

Dave Hodges



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6 Responses to “Guard Us All Against Gardasil: The Evil 1%”

  1. Dan Kegel says:

    Thanks, I will.

    Here’s another interesting source of facts for comparison:
    lists the top causes of death during 2007 for Americans by
    age group and gender. Here are the results for girls 10-14:

    1 Accidents (unintentional injuries) 455
    2 Malignant neoplasms 235
    3 Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal
    abnormalities 81
    4 Assault (homicide) 69
    5 Diseases of heart 61
    6 Intentional self-harm (suicide) 52
    7 Influenza and pneumonia 28
    8 Cerebrovascular diseases 25
    9 Chronic lower respiratory diseases 22
    10 Septicemia 17
    10 In situ neoplasms, benign neoplasms and neoplasms of uncertain or unknown behavior 17
    12 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease 7
    12 Meningitis 7
    14 Anemias 6
    14 Diabetes mellitus 6
    … All other causes 282

    Vaccines don’t make the list. It might be more worthwhile
    to work on suicide prevention or car safety than to worry about

    While I agree that vaccine safety is a very important issue, that we should monitor closely for adverse affects, pull vaccines that cause more trouble than they’re worth, hold vaccine makers accountable, require them to use the safest possible techniques (e.g., avoid using mercury)…
    that doesn’t mean that every scare story you read about vaccines
    is true.

    Skepticism is a good thing. One should be moderately skeptical of everything one reads – not just of things the government says.

  2. Barbara Talbert says:

    Another outrageous law. These children have not even reached the age of “informed consent”. There is not a looming epidemic but there will be a transfer of taxpayer money to Merck. This is what OWS is all about.

  3. Take mine please, Dan. I wouldn’t get another vaccine if you paid me. Tell the gals at Vaccine Liberation Army how “safe” it is. http://vaccineliberationarmy.c.....v-vaccine/

  4. Dan Kegel says:

    Question: I looked at your reference [1], and couldn’t find
    the 40,000 adverse affects number anywhere.
    says “As of September 15, 2011, approximately 40 million doses of Gardasil® were distributed in the U.S. and VAERS received a total of 20,096 reports of adverse events … 92% were considered to be non-serious, and 8% were considered serious.” That’s about 2000
    serious adverse effects reported.

    And not all of those 2000 were tragic; that number includes
    reports of hospitalization even if the patient turned out ok.

    Finally, it’s not even clear that these 2000 were caused by the

    So, after careful consideration, your warnings seem excessive.
    I’m going to be taking my son to be vaccinated when it’s time; it seems safe enough to me.

  5. Dan Kegel says:

    Actually, AB 499 isn’t specific to Gardasil; it says

    “(a) A minor who is 12 years of age or older and who may have come into contact with an infectious, contagious, or communicable disease may consent to medical care related to the diagnosis or treatment of the disease, if the disease or condition is one that is required by law or regulation adopted pursuant to law to be reported to the local health officer, or is a related sexually transmitted disease, as may be determined by the State Public Health Officer.
    (b) A minor who is 12 years of age or older may consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.
    (c) The minor’s parents or guardian are not liable for
    payment for medical care provided pursuant to this section.”

    (See )

    So this could potentially cover hepatitus vaccination,
    condoms, or HIV testing.

  6. As a reformed medical provider (Women’s Health NP/CNM) who has awakened from her coma, and who has a daughter already injured by vaccines why would I (or anyone else who has woken from a deep hypnotic sleep) want to expose loved ones to this danger? I implore all parents to stand near (not on the school grounds- for legal reasons) their children’s schools and pass out flyers, leaflets and yes, even healthy non-GMO foods if necessary to educate these kids on this issue. Lets get involved with Parent/Teacher groups, churches, Sunday School Classes, Gyms, Movie Theaters whereever children frequent and educate before anyone thinks of vaccinating! I work with those trying to reverse the damage of vaccine injuries, and all I can tell you is that its really a lot cheaper to invest in health and prevention than reversing post injury treatment or disease. But wait, that’s where the income is right? No money to be made in staying healthy. How stupid (not) of me…..its all part of the big pharma/government plan right? Any parent wanting to work with me in N. Calif feel free to call to discuss this further: 707-474-9670