By Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars

August 29, 2011

As I sit here thinking about Fukushima, I wonder what the people who caused this calamity to escalate into what, in essence, could very well be the final end game, are thinking. It seems clear that there is no running, and no hiding. Only a delay in the inevitability of an end to life as we know it. The bottom line is, we will have to live with the repercussions of this disaster… forever. We, and our progeny are quite literally, dead men walking.

Try as I may, I cannot think of one thing that is headed our way via corporations banded together by a common bond of greed and lasciviousness, that does not spell death and destruction for life. This includes government corporations, who have simply grown too “big” to be of any use to the people they are supposed to be serving.

So, what do we do now? In my mind, there is only one thing to do. Make peace with yourself, and those around you. This is your, no, our last stand. Make it count. Do it right. Do it with love, not hate. Stand your ground, and face what is coming with courage and love. Help those around you, because one of those people that you help just might be me…. or you, if the cases were reversed.

This is our last chance to stand up for what is right, not what is convenient and comfortable. I want to go out knowing that I did all  I could do to help myself and those around me. But most of all, I want to live. Really live. We have no choice over when or how we die, but we do have a choice over how we live. We can work towards death, like the rulers of this world, or work towards life. What do you think is the better choice? I know that I’ve made mine… choice that is. I will work towards life. I will plant a garden just as long as I can, and live until it is time for me to say goodbye to this existence and move on to the next. Yes, I believe that this earthly existence is not all there is. If it was, it would be too depressing to bear. I choose to believe that life exists beyond this veil. I choose to take this time to appreciate the beauty of creation.

So, in this most perilous of times, maybe we can just experience what it means to truly live, even in the wake of impending disaster.

For information on radiation mitigation please see “Feel like a radiated sitting duck? Things you can do to mitigate the problem.

(C) 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

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5 Responses to “Dead Men Walking – Update on Fukushima”

  1. Doug Girard says:

    YES! I can’t help but marvel how now that we are in the midst of this chaotic and disastrous endgame…….that I find myself happier than in many years. And, that is because happiness and contentment comes from within, these are not external forces, and truly need not even be challenged or pitted against external events happening all around. Yes, Barbara, I too choose to LIVE, regardless of the actions of the warmongers and moneychangers to foment death. Whatever time is left is preparation for the next stage, but is lived for NOW!

  2. Annette Saint John Lawrence says:

    I was so happy to read what you wrote. In most respects aspects you hit the nail on the head. Yes
    the world as we know it will indeed be changed. As I have seen it in visions which I’ve had all
    may life although I didn’t always understand it. Our inner and outer world has always been evolving. The time is upon us when the deeply embedded darkness has is close to its pinnacle where
    all that has been hidden will be exposed completely. Our planet will continue into it’s higher frequency where our civilization will be living together in harmony, caring, sharing. Those whose
    consciousness has not evolved to the higher frequency will not be here. Yes, people need to be looking for the good in all things. So while for some, the shift may be frightening, the blessing
    is the infectious disease that has taken over is coming coming to a head and will be no more. As
    for an afterlife, I can assure you there is one. I am one of those that has more than one near
    death experience. Your attitude my dear, is completely in alignment with what humanity is arriving to. I am an activist and will continue to work toward those things that strengthen the
    principles of loving, caring, sharing as well as doing my part of planting the seeds of our connectedness – we are all one. And if you are open and willing to look we can see aspects of ourselves in everyone.

    One more thing, for all who say we want peace: Peace is the cessation of againstness. That encompasses every thing inside ourselves (are you at war with the way you look, what you think you lack, your insecurities, fears, judgments ) etc, as well as conditions and people outside.

    Although unlikely that we will ever meet physically, I know you in Spirit. This world needs as many more of you as we can get. I do acknowledge that there more of us out there lighting the way.

  3. James says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I was not living my days any longer like I used to. The entire world around us is being devoured by these people in these out of control corporations and the same goes for these out of control governments. They too believe in an afterlife, but not the same one that you or I are looking forward to. We can see each other online through articles and from the comments section, but when I go out and discuss any of these things with my neighbors, they are all ignorant of the things going on right in front of their face. And some that do know are so gung ho for taking the opposite view that now I still have to be alone in all of this so as not to get that one person that would turn me in for having a different view then that of the government and the big corporations. Thanks Barbara, I needed your words for today and the rest of my life. I hope to meet all of you someday in that world beyond this one.

  4. nedlud says:

    Yes, very well said.

  5. Lisa says:

    Lovely Barbara, and WISE.